Single Mom Support Groups Dallas Tx

Single Mom Support Groups Dallas Tx

Support groups for single moms bring together people who are going through or have earlier gone through similar struggles and obstacles. For instance, a few common grounds might be divorce, grief, caregiving, chronic medical conditions, separation, abuse, addiction, etc. For many people, support groups fill the gap between emotional support and medical treatment. Support group for single moms sharing experiences and struggles serves as a bridge between emotional and medical needs. Fortunately, in Dallas, TX, there are immense opportunities for single mothers to share their feelings or personal experiences, first-hand information about diseases, and coping strategies through support groups.

What Is The Structure Of Support Groups For Single Moms?

Hospitals, nonprofit advocacy organizations, community organizations, churches, and clinics offer support groups for single parents. They can also be independent of an institutional organization and run by a group of members. The format of support groups for single moms may vary, including teleconferences from online communities and face-to-face meetings. While some support groups are led by professional facilitators like social workers, psychologists, or nurses, some are led by group members who share experiences first. A lot of support groups in Dallas, TX, provide educational opportunities and come with doctors, social workers, nurses, or medical health professionals to talk about topics that are related to the needs of the group members.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Dallas, TX

Playgroups, preschools, birthday parties, and many more events help children to socialize with other kids from an early age. As a single mom, you can make your social calendar flourish even during your motherhood journey. There are a lot of mommy groups in Dallas, TX, that help single parents connect with similar geographic locations or parenting backgrounds. From play dates to hiking and mom’s night outs, many activities are included in Dallas single mom support groups. No matter whether you are a first-time mother or a seasoned mom, the following groups will help you to locate an ideal support group.

1. Child-Parent Relationship Training

The Child’s Parent Relationship Training is a ten-week therapy group that helps single moms regain control as single parents and develop self-control in their children. If you want to discipline and limit the inappropriate behavior of your children and understand their emotional needs, then joining this program will help you to see notable differences in your relationship with your child as well as your child’s behavior. Within ten weeks, you can respond effectively to your children’s emotional needs and develop self-confidence in your parenting skills.

2. Carrollton Early Childhood PTA

This is a group for families, including single-parent families with children below five.  If you’re living in Carrollton or near the surrounding area, then this group will be an ideal choice for you. The main objective of this group is to plan events, play dates, educational meetings, and discussions for families to build a network and socialize with their neighbors. The family membership fee starts at $25 annually and also includes an option to add a family member.

3. Allen Early Childhood PTA

Families living in and around Allen can join the Allen Early Childhood PTA group, where they can access play groups, networking, educational activities, exclusive member events, and many more fun options. Membership in this group starts at $24 annually. Allen Early Childhood PTA group enables single mothers to get an option of a 30-day free meet-up trial to understand whether this membership will be a suitable choice for them.


MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers and is a popular community-based organization explicitly designed for mothers with young children looking for support, friendship, and helpful advice. You can expand your social circle, begin meaningful friendships and share your struggles with others throughout your motherhood stages. This community-based organization has been a meaningful resource for parents for over 50 years and has expanded to many moms with school-aged children. The organization has partnered with multiple organizations and local churches to provide accessibility to families looking for support. There are multiple levels of group membership to choose from. You can visit to learn more information.

5. La Leche League of Texas

This is a discussion-based support group that helps single mothers to solve their doubts, meet new people, and seek emotional support. The topics discussed in this group are related to breastfeeding and parenting. The membership of this group is $40 annually.

6. Mocha Moms Inc.

Moms of color looking for a support group to make renewed friendships and get an opportunity to connect to other mothers going through similar circumstances like them will find Mocha Moms Inc. to be a suitable choice for them. This support group organizes activities like play dates and hosts couples and family activities. You can visit the Mocha Moms DFW South or Fort Worth website for more information. You can also visit the official page of Mocha Moms Inc. on Facebook.

7. Moms Connection

If you are looking for religious fellowship, then choosing a faith-based mommy group will be the right decision for you. There are many faith-based support groups available in Dallas, TX which encourage new members coming from all backgrounds. These faith-based single mom groups will help you to participate in meetings, seek their suggestions, and solve your doubts and questions. One such group is Moms Connection which is a support group for mothers and expectant mothers. This support group is associated with Chase Oaks Church and helps in embracing, empowering, supporting, and educating women through all stages of motherhood. The group members meet twice a month, and childcare options are available. You can contact Chase Oaks Church for more details about the location and membership of the group.


Support groups should not be mistaken to be a substitute for regular health or medical care. These groups are created so single mothers can get a support system, build a network, and understand each other’s problems. This will help them to remember that they are not alone. Even though joining a new support group for single moms makes you feel nervous; however, with time, you can contribute your ideas, struggles, and experiences to the support group.

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