Best States For Single Black Moms

Best States For Single Black Moms

Not every state in the USA is equal for black women to thrive. There are many factors to consider before relocating to a new state. This is especially true for single black moms who must choose a state with economic opportunities, a safe locality, and access to good education for their children. No place is perfect. However, some states in America are better for black single moms than others.

Where Can Black Single Moms Flourish Financially And Feel Supported?

It is no secret that single moms have to lead a difficult life full of challenges. This is more true for single black mothers who are financially penalized. Most of them have to take up multiple jobs to provide for their families and children, which may make the life of black women difficult, unlike other white men and women. As per the American Association of University Women, it takes 19 months for black women to earn what a white woman or man earns in the same position in 12 months. In a nutshell, the life of a single black mother is quite pricey. Black single mothers living alone with their children are not only concerned about finances but also about their safety and security. They run the risk of being victims of crime, racially charged crimes, and intersectional risk of an intimate partner. If you are concerned about which is the best place for black single moms to live in America, then the following mentioned state will help you to live safely and affordably. Some of the best states for black single moms to flourish financially are Texas, California, New York, Massachusetts, Southern Virginia, Georgia, Michigan, etc.

What Are The Economic Realities That Black Single Women Have To Face?

Black women contribute $3.8 billion to the American GDP annually; therefore, they play a critical role in the growth and development of the American economy. The breadwinners for the families have the maximum labor force participation and make up 21% of overall women-owned businesses in America. Even after making a significant contribution to the American economy, most of them experience gender and racial bias. This results in a wealth gap and low-wage jobs. Black single moms work full time to provide for their families to earn only $0.62 year-round for every $1 owned by white men. Black women have less access to good economic and financial opportunities, and this is the reason why most of them are living below the poverty line. As per reports of the FDIC’s Survey of Household Use of Banking and Financial Services, around 13.8% of black Americans are unbanked, while only 2.5% of white Americans are unbanked. The unbanked black households do not have a credit history to take advantage of credit cards to purchase a home or manage cash needs. Many black women experience healthcare disparities, victimization from violence, higher rates of poverty, and less access to suitable employment and homeownership. Black women can overcome all these unique challenges by choosing a livable city with access to good healthcare, education, employment, homeownership, health insurance, and other facilities.

Best Places For Black Single Moms To Live

The state where you live significantly impacts your overall quality of life. If you’re a single mother, you need to relocate to a state which provides you with a good standard of living. Fortunately, there are plenty of places that help black single moms combine good living standards with affordability. If affordable childcare, good schools, possible property prices, abundant amenities, and suitable employment prospects are on your wish list, then the following places will be excellent choices for single black moms.

1. DMV And Southern Virginia

Single mothers looking to relocate can consider the DMV region, which includes Washington, D.C., Southern Virginia, and Maryland. These states are the top and best places for women to live. Virginia and Maryland rank high in work and family life, employment, and earnings, including health and well-being. Black single moms are excelling exceptionally in the state of Virginia. For instance, around 92% of black women in Alexandria are living above the poverty rate, while in Virginia Beach and Hampton, 91% and 85% of black women are living above the poverty rate.

2. Massachusetts

The population of black women, including single mothers in Massachusetts, is only 9%. However, the city which puts Massachusetts on the map is the capital city of Boston, which is a good place for single black moms to live securely with their children. Massachusetts is an excellent place for women in terms of work, safety, family life as well as employment opportunities. Economically, single black women in Boston are living above the poverty line, as per recent data.

3. New York

New York and New Rochelle are two unique cities where black single moms live above the poverty line. Although there is still some work that needs to be done when it comes to suitable employment and earnings for women, however, New York is a good place for black single mothers in terms of health and well-being. The cost of living in New York can be pretty high; however, New York City and New Rochelle rank high for homeownership among black women. New Rochelle is one of the best cities for black women as they feel safe to walk at night and have lower rates of crime. This is a sound city for single black women to thrive financially and has access to beautiful beaches, a culinary scene, and parks.

4. California

Moreno Valley, Inglewood, Compton, Hawthorne, Palmdale, Rancho Cucamonga, and Fairfield are a few cities that make the state of California a fantastic place for black women to thrive. Around 80% of California black women live above the poverty level. This makes California a fantastic location for family life, balancing work, and above average in terms of health and well-being.

5. Texas

Some cities in Texas, like Austin, Grand Prairie, Missouri City, Dallas, and Houston, have a large population of black single mothers. These five top cities in Texas consist of more than 70% of black women who are living a good lifestyle and are above poverty. Texas is in the top nine states regarding good health and well-being. Around 21.3% of residents in Texas are identified as black people. One city in Texas, Grand Prairie, is a highly diverse area for black single moms to live with their minors. This place is just a six-mile drive from Dallas and has proximity to international airports or those who like to jet off often. The crime rate in most of the cities in Texas is lower, which makes it a safe and secure place for black single moms to live. Like other states, there are few neighborhoods where black residents get a welcoming environment and feel safer. For instance, Flower Mound and Highland Park are desirable suburbs with affordable lifestyles, low cost of living, and lower crime rates.

6. Georgia

Georgia is a diverse and vibrant city, and around 21.6% of Georgia’s businesses are owned by minorities. It is one of the best states for black single moms to become entrepreneurs. Augustine, Georgia, has a nationally recognized culinary scene and unique outdoor spaces like the Augusta RiverWalk and the Savannah River. This city has low rates of crime, while the metropolitan area has lower rates of crime compared to the national average. Georgia is also an affordable place for black single moms to live, and a single person can live on $30,000 per year after taxes. The average cost of houses in Georgia is $169,707, and the average rental cost for one bedroom apartment is $950.

7. Michigan

The state of Michigan is a good place for women to live alone as it has lower rates of crime compared to other states in the USA. Lansing is just an hour and a half drive from Detroit, and single black women craving to live in a bigger city can relocate to Lansing in Michigan. Around 23.35% of Lansing residents are black population. Single black women can enjoy this area as it has a lot of city offerings with a slight town feel. For instance, there are plenty of museums, beautiful parks, art galleries, shopping spots, and restaurants.

8. Florida

Florida is known for its sandy beaches and bustling nightlife. One area quite popular among black women is Pembroke Pines, where 22.3% of the population are ambitious black women. There are lovely museums, nature preserves, and other attractions and sports in Florida. This state is very high among black women in homeownership, and around 88% of black women here live above the poverty line. Pembroke Pines residents agree that the Southwest Ranches, Cooper City, and Pine Island are few safer neighborhoods than others.

9. Maryland

The state of Maryland has the highest number of black-owned businesses. Few cities in Maryland such as Baltimore is, a fantastic location for single black women. And 47% of the state’s business belongs to black entrepreneurs. The cost of living in most of the cities in Maryland is lower than the national average of the United States. Baltimore is one hour drive from Washington DC and has access to unique cultural and career opportunities.


Black single mothers who are looking for a livable city that has access to plentiful job opportunities, good schools, short commuting time, and high median income can find a lot of States to get started. While housing costs and crime levels in the states may vary by neighborhood, single moms need to invest time and effort to locate plenty of areas that can provide them with a decent standard of living and affordable housing. When choosing the best state for single black moms, the abovementioned states cannot go wrong. With abundant education and employment opportunities, recreational facilities, shopping opportunities, eco-tourism experiences, themed cars, dining options, and low crime rates, neither you nor your kids will face significant difficulties.

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