Grants For Single Mom In Massachusetts

Grants For Single Mom In Massachusetts

Life can sometimes throw various issues and unexpected challenges which people have to deal with and overcome all the obstacles.  Many people struggle and overcome these difficulties; however, some disadvantaged groups face more issues and challenges than others. Single mothers are one of these groups, as they are the sole bread earner and providers for their families. Single moms in Massachusetts deal with many financial struggles and the emotional stress of dealing with problems alone.

What Kind Of Financial Assistance Can You Get In Massachusetts?

There are a plethora of financial resources, grants, scholarships, and supportive programs in Massachusetts to benefit single moms, who are the most disadvantaged groups in society. Both government and nongovernment bodies in Massachusetts strive to support single moms so that they can raise their children and provide for their families without increasing their financial burden. To be eligible for financial aid for single moms in Massachusetts, you need to be a citizen of the United States, a resident of this state, or a qualified non-citizen. It would help if you are underemployed, unemployed, or belong to a low or moderate-income group to qualify for the programs.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts cares for its residents, especially low-income families and single parents who require assistance to pay their monthly bills. If you need financial help, you can count on the following programs and resources.

1. TAFDC, Massachusetts Transitional Aid To Families With Dependent Children

This financial aid program is designed to offer temporary cash assistance to pregnant women, low-income families living with children, single moms, elderly, and disabled Massachusetts residents. Candidates with little or no income are eligible to apply for the TAFDC program, provided they can participate in work-associated activities. Eligible recipients can get cash assistance for up to 24 months in a lifetime. If you’re a struggling single mom looking for cash benefits, you can contact your neighboring Transitional Assistance Office and apply for the program.

2. SNAP, Massachusetts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Massachusetts SNAP program, formerly known as Food Stamps, is designed for low-income residents and single-parent families living in Massachusetts who require financial assistance to get healthy food. Single moms seeking assistance to get a nutritionally adequate diet for their families can apply for this program. The SNAP benefits depend on the applicant’s household income, size, and expenses. An eligible household with children can get a monthly food stamp benefit of $343.

3. Massachusetts MASSGrant

This is a need-based award program for low-income undergraduate students in Massachusetts. The grant award of this program may vary depending on the EFC of the applicant and the type of educational institution they have enrolled in. Single mothers in Massachusetts who want to afford college and pursue higher education can be eligible for MASSGrant by filling out the FAFSA form. Low-income Massachusetts students attending any one of the 15 approved colleges in the state can also be eligible for MASSGrant Plus, which is a new initiative designed to offer financial support to the neediest students of the state.

4. LIHEAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program in Massachusetts is a federally funded program that is available to low-income households who are unable to pay for their heating costs. Single moms seeking financial aid to meet their home energy bills can apply for this program. The LIHEAP in Massachusetts will evaluate an applicant on a household income basis.

5. WIC, Massachusetts Special Program For Women, Infants, And Children

Massachusetts WIC program offers nutrition education, supplemental food, and healthcare referrals for free to qualified Massachusetts families. This short-term program enables recipients to receive benefits from six months to one year. The program covers single mothers, infants, pregnant women, breastfeeding and postpartum women, and children below five years of age at high nutritional risk. To apply for the Massachusetts WIC program, complete the pre-application process online and contact your neighboring WIC agency to schedule an appointment.

6. MRVP, Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program

The MRVP program offers rent assistance to low-income Massachusetts residents, including single mothers. If you are a struggling single mom facing difficulties and unable to pay your rent, you can be eligible for this program, provided you can meet all the eligibility criteria as required. Single mothers whose household income is less than 50% of the median revenue of Massachusetts are eligible to apply for the program.

7. Massachusetts MassHealth

The Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicaid are combined into a single program known as Massachusetts MassHealth Program. This is a public need-based health insurance program for low-income residents and single mothers in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is now expanding medical coverage, and so this program is available not only to low-income residents, single moms but also to children with household incomes below 305% of the federal poverty level and adults in age 19 to 64 with incomes below 138% of the federal poverty level.

8. Massachusetts DTA Child Care

Single mothers can avail of child care assistance in Massachusetts through DTA Child Care Program. This program offers low-cost or free childcare assistance for current and former TAFDC families. The priority for childcare support is given to current recipients of the TAFDC program. Former TAFDC recipients can also get child assistance right away. However, they have to pay fees based on their family income and size. You can contact your neighboring Department of Transitional Assistance Office to get an application for child care assistance. This program is provided by the Department of Education and Care and is limited to low-income families whose income is below 50% of the state’s median income.


Single mothers need to invest a bit of time and effort in locating and applying for state grants and financial assistance programs that are available in the state of Massachusetts. Applying for grants and programs is worth it as they are free money and need not be repaid, unlike loans. From food and housing assistance to cash benefits and medical assistance, the state of Massachusetts ensures that no single mom is left behind in their hardship.

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