Best Places For Single Moms To Live In Texas

Best Places For Single Moms To Live In Texas

Texas being the second largest state in America, comes with vibrant cities, diverse landscapes, and a small town charming atmosphere. This state is an ideal place for a lot of single moms who are looking to purchase their dream home in the state.  Single moms who want to settle in Texas and are looking for a location that fits their budget, lifestyle, and needs have several options.

What Are The Best Places For Single Moms To Live In Texas?

Being a solo mom is no easy feat. You must provide for your family and fulfill all work and parental obligations single-handedly. As a single mom finding the best city in Texas to call home can be challenging, and you need to consider many factors like median income, affordability, cost of living, child care, housing costs, access to quality education, and job opportunities. Location significantly influences one’s lifestyle. Finding a suitable place in Texas should match your family’s living standards. Fortunately, Texas provides a lot of affordable and safe cities to families.

List Of Best Places For Single Moms To Settle In Texas

The best cities for single moms in Texas provide a combination of quality education, low cost of living, community support, strong job markets, and thriving culture and art scenes. Some of the best cities in Texas to call home address follows.

1. Frisco

Frisco is one of the best places for single moms to live in Dallas. It is a thriving city in Texas in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Frisco, Texas, is home to over 200,000 people and is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Frisco stands out from the rest of Texas because it provides abundant job opportunities, the best school systems, and other amenities to single moms. Single moms can access many career opportunities and get stable employment. Frisco prides itself on having many educational resources and excellent schools.

2. Sugar Land

Over the recent years, the city of Sugar Land has emerged to be a top destination for solo parents who are planning to put down roots in Texas. The robust economy, excellent income opportunities, and other quality-of-life metrics are why Sugar Land has received high rankings to be an ideal destination for active families. From playgrounds and parks to cultural centers and museums, there are immense educational and fun activities that single moms can plan with their kids in this city. Not only entertainment, but the city also boasts of having top-notch healthcare facilities, schools, and community support services that make it an ideal place for all types of families to settle.

3. The Woodlands

Woodlands has a well-planned community situated in Montgomery County in Texas. This is an ideal location for single moms to raise and nurture their children. The Woodlands is well known for its excellent schools, large green surroundings, and many family-friendly amenities. The Woodlands is one of the best locations for single moms to live and thrive in Texas. A primary reason why this city is an attractive spot for a lot of single moms is because of its convenient location. It is only 27 miles north of Houston and offers easy access to cultural activities and job opportunities while providing a peaceful suburban atmosphere. There are top notch schools in Woodlands that cater to different age groups starting from pre-K to high school. There are also a lot of extracurricular activities like music lessons, sports leagues, and art classes which provide children with opportunities for growth and development.

4. Flower Mound

One of the top lists for single moms looking for a safe, affordable, and nurturing environment to raise their kids is Flower Mound. It is situated in Denton County and boasts of having the best schools in Texas, with excellent academic progress and high graduation rates. The city has large recreation areas and outdoor activities for families to spend time together. The town provides affordable housing options to single moms so that they can purchase or rent a home. This can be significant for single moms, the family’s sole breadwinner. Moreover, the city is situated in proximity to major cities of Texas like Fort Worth and Dallas, which makes it easy for residents to commute conveniently and get a small-town charm.

5. Austin

Austin is comparatively a cheaper place to live for many single moms in Texas, unlike other major cities. The economy of Austin is still growing and comes with an affordable cost of living. Single moms can access a lot of good schools for their children and plenty of jobs to get a stable income for their families. The famous live music scenes and many outdoor activities in Austin ensure your kids do not get bored. Austin is a fantastic place for solo moms looking for a diverse and lively place to settle down. This is also an excellent option for single-parent households as it provides a strong employment sector, good schools, and cheap housing. The friendly and welcoming people in Austin make it easy for newcomers to put down roots here.

6. Coppell

A hidden gem for solo moms looking to settle down in Texas is Coppell. A compelling reason why this picturesque city is attractive to a lot of single parents is because of its excellent and robust school system. The public school of the city ranks among the top best schools in the state, so you can make sure your children access good quality education and successful careers later in life. The city boosts different recreational areas and parks where single mothers can spend time with their children and build everlasting memories. The thriving job market of Coppell makes it a good place for single moms to nurture their families.


Single moms in Texas have a lot of places to choose from, which provide immense amenities and resources they need to lead a complete and fulfilling life. These cities provide health care, financial assistance, supportive services, and daycare for single moms. Irrespective of whether you are looking for job opportunities, entertainment activities, or affordable housing, Texas has everything to offer you.

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