Best States For Single Moms

Best States For Single Moms

There were only 7% of single-parent households with children below 18 years way back in the 50s. However, today, this scenario has completely changed as the percentage of single-parent households is more than 30%.  There is no doubt that single mothers have to go through many financial and emotional struggles while managing their household, job obligations, and taking care of their children all alone. They have to ensure their children grow in a nurtured and safe environment. Given that it is worth seeking the best and most affordable states to live in for single moms. When it comes to researching the best place to live for single moms in the USA, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration, such as childcare costs, commute time, annual median income, safety, crime rates, etc. The states where single-parent families are highest in numbers are Mississippi, the District of Columbia, and Louisiana.

How To Choose The Best State For Single Moms?

Solo parents face unique challenges, which include inter-parent conflict, custody challenges, financial and emotional stress, disruption of extended family relationships, less time spent with children, and others. They must take full financial responsibility for their children and incur household expenses like groceries, electricity, mortgage or rent, childcare, social outings, medical bills, and other extracurricular activities. The state where you live significantly impacts the quality of life you provide to your children. Below are the top states for single moms regarding income, average commutes and hours worked, affordability, and workplace protection.

What Are The Overall Best States To Live In As Single Moms?

Finding a state which offers a good standard of living and access to excellent educational and employment prospects will play a crucial role in your life. If abundant amenities, good educational access, affordable childcare facilities, property prices, and workplace protection are high on your wishlist, do not miss out on the following best states for single moms to live in the United States.

1. California

One of the best cities to raise children as a single mother is California. This state has the highest score of workplace protection and provides eight weeks of paid family leave and 40 hours of unpaid leave every year to attend school activities. California has the sixth highest income score, and average single-parent household incomes have ranked the second highest in the United States. Single moms who earn up to $73,855 per year are eligible to receive childcare assistance. The wage gap between men and women in California is tiny, and houses are affordable for low-income single moms. This provides a good chance for many single parents to score a decent wage. The CalWORKS initiative in this state enables single mothers to access high-quality subsidized child care.

2. Florida

Florida is one of the healthiest and happiest states in the United States with lower than average cost of childcare and lower unemployment rates. Naples is one of the best cities in Florida for single moms to live. Even though housing costs in Florida are higher, so is the median household income. It is the most desirable state in the USA because of its beaches and attractive sports. The Sunshine State of Florida boosts glorious weather with readily available and affordable childcare facilities. Florida has plenty of full employment opportunities, top-quality childcare facilities, and a marginal discrepancy rate between men and women. When choosing the best city in Florida, you can never go wrong with Orlando. Orlando has fantastic theme parks, recreational opportunities, and dining options that will never bore you or your kids. The job market of Florida is booming, and the average childcare cost in this state is a respectable $9018, with affordable property prices so that single moms can keep their housing costs low. Naples in Florida is recognized as the safest, healthiest, and happiest city in Florida and has much to recommend for single moms. This state is an appealing choice for a lot of single moms.

3. Vermont and Massachusetts

Vermont and Massachusetts are the best states to raise a family as a single mom in the USA. The state of Massachusetts offers health insurance that covers 12 weeks of family-associated leave for workers. The average single-parent household has an income of 50% more than the poverty level for single-parent families. The neighboring state Vermont is also one of the most affordable states for single moms to live, where they can access a lot of child care assistance.

4. The District of Columbia

The District of Columbia offers affordable housing and a decent standard of living to single parents who are looking for an excellent place to settle in with their children. Washington, situated in the District of Columbia, has plenty of attractive features for single parents, including paid maternity leave, fantastic employment opportunities, strict child care regulations to protect the safety of children, and many other facilities. Even though the housing costs and crime levels in this state may vary depending on your chosen neighborhood, the District of Columbia is one of the best places for single parents to thrive.

5. Alabama

Alabama has opportunities to offer to single parents. Huntsville is one city in Alabama that embraces the past and the future and comes within credible historical sites of job opportunities, lively culture, and a vibrant environment. Alabama also has a reputation for being a leader in space technology. From the perspective of a single mother, the outlook is quite bright. Single parents living in Alabama have a median income of $35,000 with a beautiful cost of living, and childcare cost in this state is 50% less than the average cost in the United States. Alabama is an incredible option for single mothers looking to purchase affordable properties.

6. Texas

Texas has numerous childcare, job, education, and recreational opportunities. Round Rock in Texas has fantastic job opportunities for single mothers to offer. The single-parent median income in Texas amounts to $48,500. If you want to access good employment opportunities and keep your kids entertained and happy, then Round Rock in Texas will be the correct answer for you. Even though the cost of living in some cities in Texas, such as Austin, has risen over a few years, it is still low enough compared to other States, so Texas is an attractive option for single-parent families. Thanks to its plentiful jobs and booming economy, which provides plenty of opportunities for single mothers to climb the career ladder and provide their kids the best education in this state. There are leading schools available in Texas that enable single mothers to provide quality education to their kids without paying a hefty price tag. Single moms can find plenty of fun places to have fun with their families on weekends. Texas has abundant amenities, museums, recreation opportunities, libraries, and bountiful attraction spots.

7. Indiana

Short commuting time, good schools, plentiful employment opportunities, and high median income are some facilities that make Indiana an outstanding choice for single moms. Fort Wayne in Indiana is an affordable city where single moms must spend only 19% of their household income to meet housing costs, leaving them plenty of resources to indulge their kids in outstanding accessories and gadgets.

8. Rhode Island

Rhode Island appeals to many single moms as they can benefit from incredible childcare facilities, which are inspected regularly to ensure kids live in happy and safe environments. Barrington in Rhode Island is one of the best places for single moms to live. Here they can find abundant job opportunities, low rates of crime, and nationally recognized public schools that ensure their children can access quality education. Rhode Island is known for its bountiful amenities and diverse community.

9. Nebraska

Single mothers looking for a state that can provide them immense access to job opportunities will love Nebraska. The job market in Nebraska is blooming. The median income of single parents in this state is $3951. At the same time, the cost of living is only 7% less than the United States average. Omaha in Nebraska is one city where single parents can find great jobs, and only 4% of single parents are unemployed. The average commuting time in this state is only 20 minutes, with a vast open school system, which enables single parents to choose a desired school for their children based on their needs.

10. New Hampshire

In the present days of spiraling property prices, finding an affordable state to live in so that you do not drain your resources and savings can be a difficult journey. Single parents who want to spend their money judiciously on education, food, and clothes for their kids instead of mortgages and loans can consider relocating to New Hampshire. Manchester is one of the most affordable cities in New Hampshire, and as per the United States News and World Report, the residents of Manchester spent only 23.8% of the area’s median family income on housing expenses, leaving plenty of cash to spend on other necessities. New Hampshire also has access to fantastic childcare and healthcare facilities.

11. North Carolina

For single moms who are looking for a home that comes with low costs and high standards, then nothing can be a better option than North Carolina. This state has attractions, parks, and free museums for recreational opportunities. It is a state where single-parent families can have fun without paying a hefty price tag. Many single moms wish to relocate to where they can access affordable childcare facilities and low-cost housing options. North Carolina has affordable housing and childcare options to offer single parents. The median income for single-parent households is 13.2% more than the national USA average.

12. Kansas

Single moms have to live on a tight budget and manage all the household and childcare expenses on one income. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where they can stretch their dollar further. For instance, Kansas is one of the best places for single moms looking for low-cost housing and childcare. The annual median income of single mothers is $36,700 in Kansas. The average commuting time for single moms is only 19 minutes, and they can access many employment opportunities and low-cost property prices. The cost of living in Kansas is only 11% below the national average.


The childcare costs, as well as housing costs in the United States, are skyrocketing, and these monthly bills eat up a significant portion of a single mother’s paycheck. Fortunately, single moms have many, many ways to make the most out of their time and budget. One such factor is location. Certain states offer more facilities to single parents compared to others. These facilities include job opportunities, schools, workplace protection, commuting times, home prices, cost of living, etcetera. If you are looking for the best places to live as a single mom, then the states mentioned above will help you to get started.

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