Best Online Degree Programs For Single Moms

Best Online Degree Programs For Single Moms

As per the United States Census Bureau around 15,000,000 children in the United States are being raised by single-parent families headed by single moms. This statistic represents around 20% of households across the country are heading toward single parenthood. Stay-at-home moms and single mothers are struggling in the trenches and also feel that they have limited options when it comes to acquiring higher education and leading a comfortable life with their children. However single moms today can access plenty of resources, programs, and degrees that can help them acquire higher education despite the demanding roles of raising kids and juggling parenthood alone. Online degree programs have made it possible for single mothers to study in the comfort and convenience of their homes. This guide will help you to learn the best online degree programs for single moms.

What Are The Different Types Of Online Degrees For Single Moms?

Single moms with a GED or high school diploma have two options when it comes to pursuing an online college degree: an online associate degree program and an online bachelor’s degree program.

1. Online Associates Degrees

Single moms can go for an online associate degree if they want to opt for higher education. An associate degree is one of the best credentials for working single moms who wish to return to school. The online programs require roughly around two years of study and can help you to earn a good-paying job in a technical or career field or lay the foundation for future study in a bachelor’s degree program. Opting for an online associate degree in an accredited school or college requires around 60 credit hours of coursework. The salary of single moms is quite high if they can invest in an online associate degree program. As per the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals having an associate degree earn around $150 every week on average compared to those with a high school diploma. The wage gap is quite significant in highly demanding fields. Single mothers who want to boost their earnings can go for an online associate degree and can use the additional weight towards groceries, grants, childcare, and other expenses.

2. Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

An online bachelor’s degree program is a popular option for single moms who wish to return to school. A bachelor’s degree is generally a 4-year program that requires 120 credit hours of study and can be completed online. An online bachelor’s degree requires twice the investment of tuition and time, however, the rewards are much more significant than you can expect with an online associate degree. The reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that an individual with a bachelor’s degree earns $1305 weekly in 2020 compared to $938 weekly for those who hold an associate degree.

What Are The Easiest Online Degrees For Single Moms To Get?

Deciding on an easy online degree for single moms depends on their unique skills. You should not be discouraged if you are coming across challenging coursework and make sure to use the ample resources of your degree program or your school to help you along the way. No college or degree platform will advertise the particular major since the level of difficulty of a major is always subjective. Single mothers who have a knack for STEM fields will thrive in math classes but might struggle with English papers. While deciding on an online degree platform and field you need to consider your strengths, interests, weaknesses, and determination. Few programs have a reputation for being difficult such as engineering, computer science, architecture, and physics. An easy online degree program must align your interests and skills. However, the coursework may get challenging as you progress through the program. Single mothers face a hard time obtaining a college degree in person therefore opting for self-paced online programs will help them to complete their education while raising their children as well as other obligations on time. Choosing an accredited online college degree will help single-mom students complete their coursework faster and reach their career goals soon.

Best Fields Of Online Study For Single Moms

If you’re a single mom eager to continue your education and pursue a degree but concerned about how to balance everything simultaneously then you can pursue an online degree in your field of study. Single moms can offer online degrees that will help them to find a high-demand academic discipline that satisfies their interests as well as salary requirements. The following are the best fields of online study that can prove advantageous for stay-at-home and single mothers.

1. Financial And Business Studies

Single moms who are willing to get a corporate job can focus on post-secondary studies in the discipline of financial and business studies and can earn a business degree at the undergraduate level. Business is a good major for a lot of single moms and stay-at-home moms who want to reenter the workforce. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is growing rapidly and will be creating around 700,000 new job opportunities by 2030. Professionals working in finance and business sectors can earn around $72,000 annually. Single moms who have a knack for problem-solving, critical thinking, and math skills can opt for an online business administration degree.

2. Social Work

Many single mothers in the United States wish to enter a career to help other single mothers and needy individuals. Social work is a low-stress degree and a solid choice for mothers. You can go for an online bachelor’s degree in social work and gain in-depth knowledge about how to perform compassionate and competent social work. Many online schools are providing specialization in areas like mental health, substance misuse, aging, community advocacy, public health, and so on. An online degree in social work will help you to fill popular job roles like community health worker, social worker, community service manager, human service assistant, and so on.

3. Sociology

Are you looking for an easy online college degree while exploring essential topics like human behavior, social justice, and diversity? Then a bachelor’s degree in sociology will be the right match for you. Single-mom sociology students have to complete school classes and take specializations in areas like popular culture, mass media, social change, and social welfare. Sociology graduates can acquire popular job roles like sales manager, social worker, market research analyst, financial analyst, and so on.

4. Humanities

A bachelor’s degree in humanities is one of the easiest and quickest online degrees that single moms can opt for. Humanities is a part of an interdisciplinary track that covers areas such as philosophy, history, literature, and religion. These areas will help you to develop critical thinking, effective communication, and research skills, and apply them to countless professional sectors. Humanity graduates can become writers, technical writers, human resource managers, public relations specialists, and other graduate-level professionals.

5. Computer and Information Technology

This occupational field provides high-paying jobs even at entry level and the demand for computer and IT professionals are growing rapidly in the marketplace. Single moms interested in business and technology can make a lucrative career in computer system analysis. You can fulfill the job role of computer system analyst, database administrator, database architect, information security analyst, software developer, web developer, and so on. These professionals make a decent salary and can also get an opportunity to work from home.

Top Online Schools For Single Moms

Single mothers have unique preferences and needs when it comes to choosing an ideal online program. Following are the top schools imparting online programs at the undergraduate level for single moms that can help them to achieve success in their careers.

1. Eastern Kentucky University

This university is home to a plethora of online degrees for single mothers including bachelor’s and associate degree programs. The stand-out options for education include an Associate of Science and Paramedicine, a Bachelor of Science in Health Service Administration, a Bachelor of Business Administration, and an Applied Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies. Single moms can find some of the best online degrees from Eastern Kentucky University. Busy single moms and working mothers can find these degrees at affordable prices and can also access career, personal and academic support from the university.

2. Metropolitan Community College

The Metropolitan Community College in Omaha NE offers more than 20 online degree programs for single mothers and is home to the most effective programs for busy mothers. Additionally, you can access plenty of resources to gain academic success such as Single-Parent Homemaker Service Programs where you can apply for financial aid support, tutoring help, educational workshops, career resources, and many more support. Working single moms can choose from a wide array of online associate degree programs such as Associate Medical Office Management, Associate of Science and Management, Information System, Associate in Database Management and Data Analysis, and so on. The Accredited Metropolitan Community College awards online degrees and certificates to single moms and dads at a reasonable price.

3. Texas Woman’s University

Single moms in Texas who are desiring to return to college and require a college degree can apply for online certification degrees from Texas Woman’s University. Here you can get the best online college experience and resources through the Campus Alliance For Resource Education Office. Trying to get services, personal support, social network opportunities, and many more programs provided by the university. Online bachelor’s degree programs by Texas Woman’s University for single parents include online Bachelor of Science in child development, Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics, and Bachelor of Business Administration Human Resource Management.

4. Salt Lake Community College

The Salt Lake Community College in Utah is renowned to be a popular online college for single moms and working women and provides a plethora of resources so that they can enroll in an online degree program. Some of the resources include a dedicated Single-Parent Scholarship Program, child care, counseling services, a food pantry, and others. Some of the best degrees single moms can access from Salt Lake Community College are an Online Associate of Science and Criminal Justice, an Associate of Science and Business, an Online Associate of Science and Computer Science and Information System, and so on. The college is accredited to provide the best online credentials at the institutional level.

5. Idaho State University

Located in the state of Idaho, Idaho State University is a leading online college for single moms and stay-at-home moms who are looking for achieving a degree and climbing higher ladders of success. The university collaborates with the Centre For New Direction and the College of Technology to provide a single-parent assistance program. Through this program, single parents can access funds to sponsor their education and get academic awards, childcare payments, emergency assistance scholarships, and many more. Idaho State University offers some of the best and most effective online degrees for single moms and stay-at-home moms such as bachelor’s degree and associate degree in the field of Associate of Arts and Criminology, Online Associate of Science and Civil Engineering Technology, Online Associate of Science and Health Information Technology, Online Bachelor of Business Administration and so on.


Single moms have to perform the enormous responsibilities and pressure of child-rearing, despite providing for the family and balancing other obligations. It is no wonder that single moms get less time to invest in their studies and higher education. With just a high school diploma they lack the education and skills required to get a high-paying job and lucrative career path. Higher education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment and give a better life to children. This is the reason why single moms are returning to school and willing to fulfill their education goals by getting academic credentials.

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