Health Insurance For Single Moms In Illinois

Health Insurance For Single Moms In Illinois

The state of Illinois has a significant unemployment rate in the United States and is considered to be the last state to recover from poverty and unemployment. Single moms are at greater risk of poverty and unemployment unlike married women and are at more risk of experiencing financial pressure and distress. Illinois assists low-income single mothers by designing a wide array of affordable health insurance for single moms which covers essential medical services and reduces their financial burden.

How Can Single Moms Get Affordable Health Insurance In Illinois?

Single moms can avail of health insurance in Illinois by applying to the federal health insurance exchanges where they can review as well as compare different plans or create an account for applying online. You can learn if you can qualify for cost-sharing subsidies or premium assistance during the application procedure. Single moms can reach out to insurance brokers, local healthcare navigators and social service organizations in the neighboring area who can help them understand different healthcare options that are available at their disposal and apply for the healthcare government programs. Although it can be challenging for you as a single mom to afford health insurance it is an investment in your family’s financial security and health. Apart from the federally funded Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicare, and Medicaid program which offers free or low-cost health insurance to single moms and families, you can also apply for the Affordable Care Act marketplace where you can purchase private health insurance plans and be eligible for tax credits or subsidies.

What Are The Available Health Insurance For Single Moms In Illinois?

Health insurance enables single moms to cover the cost of doctor visits, medical expenses, prescription drugs, and many more costs. Single moms on a tight budget need to have health insurance that can give them peace of mind and help them access quality medical services. Following are the available health insurance programs for single moms in the state of Illinois.

1. Illinois Medicaid

The state of Illinois is expanding Medicaid coverage so uninsured Illinoisans including single moms who are in age between 19 to 64 and have income less than 138% of the federal poverty level are eligible to receive healthcare coverage under the Medicaid program. Infants and children born to non-Medicaid eligible moms in Illinois should have income less than 147% of the federal poverty level to get coverage under Medicaid. The Medicaid program offers comprehensive healthcare services such as dental care, doctor visits, immunization for kids, well childcare, hospital care, mental health, substance abuse services, prescription drugs, and emergency services.

2. Medicare in Illinois

One of the largest federal medical insurance programs in the state of the United States which affords coverage to approximately 2.3 million residents in Illinois is the Medicare program. Older adults and disabled individuals are covered under this program. You can get coverage under the Medicare program in Illinois if you are 65 years or older or have a qualifying disability. Illinois residents have multiple Medicare plans to select from. These plans include original Medicare such as Part A and B, Medicare Advantage Plans as Part C, Medicare Prescription Drug coverage plans as Part D, and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans also known as Medigap.

3. Illinois All Kids (CHIP)

The Illinois All Kids program offers healthcare coverage to eligible Illinois kids and includes a wide array of medical services such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, eyeglasses, and hospital stays. Single moms with uninsured children can apply for this program if they want to avail high quality and affordable medical services. The program is available at no cost or affordable rates. Based on your household income you need to copay a monthly premium to receive coverage under this program. Single moms have to pay an affordable premium ranging between $15 to $40. Eligible candidates also have to pay a part of the entire prescription drug cost. Such costs are known as co-payments; however, no family ever has to make a payment for their children’s immunization and regular checkups in Illinois.

4. Illinois FamilyCare

The FamilyCare Program in Illinois offers healthcare coverage to eligible single moms and other parents living with their kids below 18 years including relatives who are taking care of children on behalf of their parents. Illinois FamilyCare is quite similar to the Illinois All Kids program and covers doctor visits, hospital care, medical services, prescription drugs, emergency services, and many more. Families having household incomes less than 138% of the federal poverty level can receive free medical services while some have to copay a small amount ranging between $2 to $3.90 to avail of prescription and doctor visit assistance.


The marketplace also known as the health insurance marketplace is a website where single moms can shop for and select health insurance that aligns with their needs. Residents of Illinois can use to find suitable health insurance plans on the marketplace. While filling out the application form for the health insurance marketplace you can find out if you can receive lower monthly premiums or save amounts in the form of copay or deductibles based on your household income. The health insurance marketplace also helps you to find out if you can qualify for the Children’s Health Insurance Program or Medicaid program in Illinois. Single moms can also qualify for special enrollment while getting married, adopting a child, having a baby, moving to a new place, or losing health coverage.


Millions of people in the state of Illinois, especially single moms, are experiencing poverty and unemployment and 1/3 of Illinoisans belong to the low-income or extremely low-income category. The poverty rate of women in Illinois is 20% higher than that of the male population and this worsens the condition of single moms who have to face worse situations with their kids alone will struggle because single moms are unable to qualify for affordable health insurance plans as they live on one source of income. The aforementioned health insurance plans will help them to access high-quality medical services completely free or at discounted rates.

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