Best Jobs For Single Moms With A Degree

Best Jobs For Single Moms With A Degree

Working as a solo mother comes with great challenges. It’s on single mothers to figure out all the household responsibilities and child care without the backup of a facility or support from a partner. As a single mom, you can reduce your pressure and stress by finding a good job and an employer who is understanding and accommodating. Not everyone is available during business hours especially when it comes to single parents. While hunting for a job with a good educational degree consider opting for roles that are single-parent friendly and can give you a flexible schedule. The best job for single moms with a degree is one that comes with a positive company culture and family-friendly policies. This guide will help you to learn about the top single-parent jobs with a degree that is conducive to providing and raising a family single-handedly.

What Makes A Good Job For A Single Mom?

Single mothers in the United States holding educational degrees and reentering the workforce need to find jobs that can provide them with work-life balance, flexibility, and accommodation to be productive on the job and be present in their children’s life simultaneously. Single mothers have less support system in contrast to other workers therefore they require special accommodation. Few careers for single mothers are an ideal option due to the nature of work. An important consideration for single moms is to select a supportive employer while looking for single-parent-friendly job opportunities. Fortunately, there are many careers and job options today which offer workplace flexibility and remote work. While searching for a job as a single mom it is essential to look for rules that can enable you to maintain a cordial balance between your responsibilities and job. For instance, job opportunities that enable flexible working hours or remote work will be a nice fit for single moms with minors. In addition to flexibility, job perks, and salaries should be reasonable to meet your expenses and bills. Single moms are the sole breadwinner of the family and they need to get a job that helps them to expand their career.

If you want to save money to sponsor your college or buy a home as a single mom then locating a job with fair compensation and work flexibility is the key. Irrespective of the type of job position you are deciding to pursue, in-depth research about the potential employer and the company is necessary so that you can make sure you are joining a parent-friendly organization. Do not forget to read the company reviews and seek recommendations from your network who have previously worked or currently working for the company. Checking the website of the company will help you to look for signs to learn whether the policies and culture are family-friendly.

Tips For Single Moms To Find The Best Job

A single mother looking for a new job opportunity with the right qualifications can find a good employer by following the below-mentioned strategies.

1. Pay Attention To Your Experience

Single moms need to research the prospective employer’s flexibility while interacting during the interview process and hold a strong check of whether they are flexible in setting a date and time for the interview round and how they are responsive to their answers and inquiries. Potential employers who respect your schedule can be a good sign of things to come.

2. Go For Family Friendly Policies

The best company for single moms is the one that provides them with hybrid or remote work arrangements. Family-friendly policies are the ones that enable employees to start their work earlier or later unlike the originally set time and also provide vacation policies to full-time employees. Single mothers should opt for jobs that include family-friendly policies such as childcare stipends, on-site daycare, discounted rates for childcare facilities, and after-school programs.

3. Focus On Your Skill Sets

Single moms looking for a good company and a flexible job should share their career highlights and qualifications on resumes and cover letters. You can discuss your needs and preferences as the conversation progresses and seek accommodation requests.

List Of Best Jobs For Single Moms With A Degree

1. Blogger/ Editor

The national average salary of a Blogger in the United States is $45,658 annually. The job role of a blogger is a right fit for single mothers who wish to work from home so that they can better manage their children and parental responsibilities while earning to provide for their families. As a blogger, you need to curate online content through articles, blog posts, and so on. Bloggers have to write on a variety of topics related to their personal activity, skills, and experience. Blogs are in high demand for news sources, and businesses. If you have experience in journalism or writing then you can also become an editor or proofreader. Blogging and editing are single-parent-friendly job opportunities that can be done from home. The median annual salary of an editor is around $63,350 however the salary will vary depending on your experience. These professionals can find freelancing opportunities if they’re not willing to work full-time. While you may have deadlines to meet you’re not required to work nine to five and can work at your own pace.

2. Customer Support Specialist

If you’re a single mom then you can look for a customer support specialist job role as this job will enable you to work remotely. The job role of customer support requires single mothers to answer questions, and doubts, provide relevant services, and complete transactions by email, phone, social media messaging, or through chat. Depending on the organization and the employer your working hours can be flexible as businesses and companies today provide 24/ 7 support to clients. The entry-level position of a customer support specialist on average is $36,920 annually or $17.75 hourly. The earnings may be higher if you can provide support for technical products, complex services, and so on. You will be required to undergo job training to learn the details of the services or products and the system that you will be working on.

3. Bookkeeper

Single mothers holding a bachelor’s degree in financial and business major can occupy the job of a bookkeeper. For financially minded individuals, the job role of a bookkeeper can be a perfect match as they can fulfill their work obligations from the comfort and convenience of their home. You can choose flexible hours that can fit your tight schedule. Single moms need to be well-versed in using bookkeeping software and gather relevant experience working with financial files and records. The median annual wage for a professional bookkeeper, auditing clerk, and accounting professional is $45,560. With higher experience, you can expect a hike in your salary. Depending on the organization you may have to showcase prior work history and experience in the field. Due to the sensitive nature of handling financial documents, professionals have to pass a background check and even follow protocols to keep company data secure.

4. Graphic Designer

Single mothers holding a bachelor’s degree in graphic design can put their skills as professional graphic designers. The graphic designer job role is a good choice for single moms as they get an opportunity to work from home or on flexible hours if they have a software and computer to work on. Graphic designers can also work on a freelancing basis. The median annual wage of an experienced graphic designer is around $50,710. You need to be well-versed in graphic design and in using major graphic design programs to get a job. Be prepared in advance to showcase a portfolio to employers regarding your graphic design work.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are appealing to single moms as virtual assistants can work from their homes. This way they can manage their children and fulfill their job obligation at the same time. Administrative assistants have to perform secretarial work like typing up reports, fielding emails, sending out memos, keeping appointments and calendars, and so on. A lot of virtual assistants choose to work on a project basis or freelancing basis so that they can work as per their schedule and choose to work as little or as much as they want. Administrators assistants and secretaries earn a median average salary of $39,680 or $19.08 hourly. As a virtual assistant, you need to be skilled at using spreadsheets, word processing, and scheduling software and will also be given training on the job. Advanced executive-level positions at large companies require a bachelor’s degree in a VA job role.

6. Marketing Representative

If you are a single mom then the job role of marketing professional may be attractive to you. The national average salary for a marketing representative in the United States is around $48,121 annually. As a marketing representative, you have to use a wide range of strategies and techniques to create customer awareness about the services and products that you’re hiring companies to provide. You have to work collaboratively with the development and sales team and decide on the right pricing and even decide on effective sales and marketing channels for promoting the company’s production services. A large number of companies, businesses, and organizations are hiring marketing representatives who have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Single moms who have relevant bachelor’s degrees in the marketing field, as well as previous experience with sales or marketing can expect a good remuneration.

7. Real Estate Agent

The report says that till 2020 there were around 1.46 million real estate agents in the United States and this number keeps on growing with each passing day. Choosing real estate services is a popular choice for a lot of single moms due to freedom, flexibility, and high potential earnings. In the United States, Realtors earn an average salary of nearly $80K which is quite high. There is no cap on how much earnings you can make in a year. Single mothers who love guiding people can navigate the exciting process of selling, buying, or renting properties and can help them to choose a property. Single moms can rock as real estate agents if they have prior experience in this field. To become a realtor you need to get a real estate license and work on your client base. The sky will be the limit once you get your license.

8. Tax Preparer Jobs

Single moms who have relevant qualifications and experience in the tax field and tax software can apply for numerous tax preparer jobs. Even though the tax season starts from first January to 15th April tax preparers have to work even outside the peak season. You have to prepare state and federal taxes for individuals and businesses. Single moms hopefully have the job role of a tax preparer to provide advice, explanation, and guidance so that customers can fill out the tax forms during the demanding tax season. This type of job can be part-time or full-time. Struggling single moms can opt for part-time job roles during tax season if they’re looking for work-from-home opportunities. Beyond the tax season, you can also work by providing other relevant services such as payroll processing, bookkeeping, and financial planning.


Single mothers should know the right job opportunities that enable them to maintain a healthy balance between personal and job responsibilities. Single mothers can find rewarding careers in different industries and can work remotely or get flexible working hours if they have a relevant education degree. They can stand out in the crowded job market and land their dream job by investing in their certification, education, and skill development. As a single mom, it is important to find a family-friendly and well-being job that can empower you and help you get a full-time career.

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