Stay-At-Home Jobs For Single Moms

Stay-At-Home Jobs For Single Moms

Working from home comes with a flexible schedule therefore it is an easier employment option for single parents. Single moms need to know the different work-from-home job options that are available for them and then decide the position that they can qualify for. Read on to know the list of stay-at-home jobs for single moms and how to qualify for them.

Are There Jobs For Stay At Home Single Moms?

If you’re a single mom of little kids then you have to stay at home to take care of them and keep an eye on them however you need to earn income to provide for your children and raise them properly. If you want to know whether there are jobs for stay-at-home single moms in the United States or not then the answer is definitely yes. This guide will help you to learn the best stay-at-home jobs for single moms and how you can get an opportunity to work remotely or start your online home-based business. Gone are the days when an individual has to take up sketchy jobs that come with stuffing envelopes for hours. As a stay-at-home single mother, it may be initially challenging to find a good-paying job, single-parent-friendly policies, and flexible hours. However, by investing your time and effort and researching thoroughly you can get the best home jobs and take better care of your children. Whether you want to start your brand or business or join an online home-based job with no fee there are plenty of options for you.

Tips To Get The Best Job For Single Stay-At-Home Moms

Although remote jobs for single moms come with a set of employment benefits and advantages they can also present unique challenges like traditional jobs. This is the reason why planning it effectively and managing your day-to-day activities as a single mother is important. Stay-at-home single moms operating from work can follow the below-mentioned tips and strategies to manage their workload.

1. Create A Plan

Irrespective of whether you have minor kids in school or at home during the day it is imperative to plan the work day and make the most of your time. Having a planner by your side will help you to track your duties, child activities, school schedule, office meetings, and so on. Work-from-home single moms sure plan important tasks ahead of time.

2. Seek Help

While remote working as a single mom do not hesitate to ask for help and support if you need it. Try to seek help from your friends, family members, parents, and neighbors if you want them to watch your children while you are busy with work. Getting help for just an hour can go a long way to increase your work productivity. If your budget allows you can consider hiring a babysitter or a nanny.

3. Develop A Quiet And Peaceful Environment

It is essential to have a designated place in your home where you can concentrate and work. Developing a quiet work environment in your home minimizes loud noises and distractions throughout the work day. Invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones to boost your productivity. If you have minor kids to take care of then consider creating your office set up near the playroom.

4. Set Boundaries

Work-from-home single moms should make sure that their children are aware of their work schedule. Try to make them understand that you need time to devote to your job to provide for your family. This will address the value of dedication and hard work you are putting for the family and they will feel encouraged to give you the space you require for working.

Remote Jobs For Single Moms

Single mothers who want one additional income or to re-enter the workforce can opt for a stay that allows them to earn while fulfilling parental obligations. When it comes to remote jobs for stay-at-home single moms you have many options across diverse industries. Knowing the right option will help you in determining a perfect remote career and gain success. It is important to compare different single-parent work-from-home jobs, their duties, national average salaries, and parent-friendly policies. Take time and brainstorm ideas that will help you to have a lucrative career. It is possible to earn income while being a stay-at-home mother. Ensure to have a financial plan and saving goals to make the most out of your money.

1. Freelance Writer

Stay-at-home single moms can become freelance writers if they’re looking for work-from-home jobs. A freelance writer is a person who can write engaging content for businesses and companies. As a freelance writer you need not work directly with the organization instead write blog posts on behalf of the clients. The writing job of a freelancer comes in different forms such as fictional novels, plays, journalism or news articles, ghostwriting, copywriting, creative nonfiction, blogs and magazine writing, and so on. Single moms who have a knack for writing will find the job of freelance writing a perfect option.

2. Sell Printables on Etsy

Single mothers who want to start a side hustle can consider selling printables by creating an Etsy store. Stay-at-home single moms can sell printables on the Etsy platform and earn extra money every month without doing a hectic work schedule. Many single moms have reported making earnings more than $6000 from this side hustle. Digital downloads that a person can buy and print at home are known as printables. Few things like printable checklists and trackers have a huge demand online. People nowadays purchase printables as they get them instantly and can print at their ideal time. Moreover, they are also cheap to buy compared to paper products. A great thing about selling printables on the Etsy platform is that you can create them in the comfort and convenience of your own home and in your free time. This is the perfect side hustle for stay-at-home single moms with young kids. You can work when your children are sleeping.

3. Teaching Courses On Online Platforms

Looking for single moms who have stay-at-home computer jobs? An easy way to earn money with no prior experience is to teach different courses on online platforms that require you to have a computer/ laptop and a stable Internet connection. There are many online platforms such as Udemy through which you can teach courses and topics and earn money. Single moms can earn passive money in the comfort and convenience of their own. Teaching courses on online platforms is a good way for people with little or no experience to earn money online. If you’re an expert in a particular topic then you can share your knowledge with the world, get feedback from others and earn money simultaneously. Getting testimonials is an amazing way as it provides you with social proof that you are helping people to enroll in your course.

4. Virtual Assistant

People who are looking for work-from-home jobs for single moms will find a job as a virtual assistant to be perfect. Virtual assistants are professionals who complete different assigned tasks on behalf of the company or clients such as creating social media posts, making videos, promoting products, and so on. You might assume that working as a virtual assistant requires talking too much and this may be challenging for a single mom with little children. However in reality you have to make little voice interaction during business hours. As virtual assistants stay-at-home single moms have to perform duties like completing paperwork through email correspondence, managing meetings remotely, and so on. Other tasks include sending emails, editing documents, coordinating meetings, making social media posts, editing websites, managing schedules as well as appointments, and so on. This is a good side hustle for stay-at-home single moms that can help them to earn lucrative salaries and even work part-time.

5. Online Customer Service Agent

Online customer service agents are hired by many companies worldwide to help answer their support tickets. The job of an online customer service agent is essential as they act as a middleman between the organization and the customer. Stay-at-home single moms who want to become online customer service agents should have computer knowledge and communication skills to talk over the phone. You can find plenty of online customer service opportunities on job boards and on sites like Amazon which often hires online customer service agents. Single moms who are professional and friendly can become excellent customer service and get good salaries. Your job as a CSR agent is to help customers answer their questions related to the company’s products or services.

6. Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer is not easy to break into however it is a viable online business for people who gain success. Influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms are earning more than $10,000 per month by promoting brands online and by posting photos. Single mothers who are brand ambassadors can work with online companies and encourage people to follow them or buy their products. One of the easiest and simplest ways to get started as a social media influencer is to expand your online presence. Try growing your followers on social media platforms and start looking at other influencers in your niche and learn how they are pitching brands. Single moms can also choose to start their own YouTube channel, product reviews or earn money from brand sponsorship.

7. Event Or Wedding Planner

If you’re looking for fun and good-paying stay-at-home single mom jobs then you can become an event or wedding planner. Single moms who have a knack for organization and have planned parties or events before will find this to be the right gig for them. The median salary of event or wedding planners is around $50,000 per year and is an excellent job if you have the right communication, creative and organizational skills. You have to plan events to make sure that everything works out according to plan. As an event or wedding planner, you have to make phone calls and meetings online or over the phone. To get started with an event planning career you need to build a network and portfolio.

8. Interior Designer

You need to have a sharp eye for becoming an interior designer and build your own interior design business which you can operate from your home. This work may require you to do home visits to accomplish the task however you can also consider conducting video consultations. As an interior designer, you help people set up their homes to monetize functionality and get an appealing look. The typical pay scale for interior designers in the United States is around $60,000 annually which is appealing for single moms. If you are creative and wish to help others with their home then you can choose to become an interior designer. Single moms who have already obtained a degree in this field will get good job opportunities. You can create a portfolio and acquire work experience. Stay-at-home single moms can have interior design careers without a degree and just need the right skills for designing and decorating.


There are many good-paying jobs for single moms which you can acquire if you have the right passion and skill sets. As a single mom, you are juggling many responsibilities and duties. The last thing that you want is to commute to a job that adds more stress to you and leaves no time to spend with your children. The best thing about the stay-at-home single mom employment job option is added flexibility. With the right determination and hard work you can easily locate a job that matches your income needs and fits your work schedule.

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