Best Degree For Single Moms

Best Degree For Single Moms

Single mothers in the United States look for better-paying jobs to provide for their families. This can be done by enhancing your education so that you can present an outstanding resume. The good news is that there are many degrees single moms can earn to get a good job. Being a single mom it is probable that you have a busy schedule and juggle household responsibility and child-rearing. The idea of enhancing your education to your tight schedule may seem daunting. The thought of returning to college might seem an impossible achievement but with online degrees and the assistance of your family members and friends, you can achieve this goal. Opting for the best online degree programs for single moms means that you can further your education in the comfort and convenience of your homes.

Why Should Single Moms Opt For A Degree?

Going back to school and getting a degree can be a helpful and positive way for single moms to further their careers and boost their earning potential. Being a single mom is tough especially if you are juggling all the responsibilities and duties. Following are the positive reasons that will help you to know why opting for a degree and returning to school is a good idea for you.

  • Earning a degree will help single moms to increase their earning potential and fulfill a personal goal
  • A degree program will provide professional opportunities and help them to provide a better life for their kids and family members
  • Returning to school will provide them with career satisfaction since college graduates earn higher than high school degree holders and they can fill up entry-level jobs in any profession
  • Acquiring a degree will teach you relevant skills to join the workforce like dedication, time management, dependability, perseverance, organizational skills, and so on. You gain confidence and list the in-demand skills on your resume.

Single moms may face emotional struggles, financial challenges, and criticism from others while attending a degree and fulfilling other responsibilities. Returning to school and acquiring a degree will help you to broaden your career path and will make you attain financial stability.

What Are The Challenges For Single Moms To Earn A Degree?

The initial thought of earning a degree and pursuing higher education while being a single mother may seem exciting however it can sometimes be challenging and daunting as well. This is because you have young children to look after and managing them while attending college on campus may be demanding. Single mothers have to depend on daycare solutions for their children. A lot of single moms wish to earn degrees online so that they can complete their children at the same time. Following is the list of challenges single moms can face while earning a degree online or on campus.

1. Motivation

Single moms need to have the right motivation to attend on-campus or virtual classes even if they don’t feel like it so that they can gain success in their degree programs. Fortunately, a lot of online classes provide a flexible time for single mothers so that they can still earn a degree while being at home with their kids. Single mothers without a strong support system in the form of friends, family members, or relatives do not get the motivation to continue their education and earn a degree.

2. Work

Single moms who are employed somewhere to make ends meet find it challenging to earn a degree or continue their education simultaneously. Single moms are recommended to select a degree program that enables them to complete the schoolwork in their leisure time and is not much demanding.

3. Time

Being a single mom you might feel that you do not have much time left. It can be challenging to make time for completing your school work, your studies while managing your children’s homework and other tasks. Avoid overloading your busy schedule with other activities. Start practicing time management skills to balance your studies and your parent’s responsibilities simultaneously.

Earning an on-campus or online degree as a single mother can be difficult however the rewards which come along with it are indescribable. Advancing or rejoining the workforce is difficult. After years of staying at home and raising a child as a single mom, you have put much focus on your family and children and now it is time to focus on yourself and complete a degree program.

What Are The Best Degrees For Single Moms With No Support System?

An educational degree is an excellent way for single moms who are working and cannot afford to go back to school while fulfilling their work obligations. This is also a great option for unemployed people. The best degrees for single moms are those that prepare women for lucrative careers and come with flexible schedules. Following is the list of best degrees that single moms can opt for to land their dream job.

1. Interdisciplinary Studies

Single moms can pursue a degree in interdisciplinary studies which combines multiple skill sets and interests to develop a custom degree program. Single mothers having a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies can find endless career options after graduating.

2. Data Science

Single moms who are interested in working with mathematics, algorithms, and processing data will make a lucrative career in the field of data science. Single moms who help their children in doing math and are interested in the subject will find data science to be a rewarding career option with plenty of remote work jobs. With a bachelor’s degree in the data science field, single moms can fulfill the job roles of a mathematician, data scientist, database administrator, financial analyst, and so on.

3. Accounting

A degree in accounting opens immense educational options for single moms with multiple career opportunities. Single moms who want to work as an accountant can earn a six-month certificate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or an associate degree to embark on their journey in the accounting field. It is one of the best degrees for solo mothers as it can be earned online and there are different job opportunities available in this field. Earning a degree in accounting opens doors to different job roles like a bookkeeper, assistant auditing clerk, financial analyst, financial clerk, accountant, accounting clerk, and so on.

4. Computer Science

A degree in computer science often appeals to single moms and individuals who are interested in computer science. The field of computer science is quite vast and if you enjoy working with computers then a computer science degree will be a perfect option for you. As a single mom, you can benefit from this degree since you can get well-paid job opportunities in the job market and can also work remotely when taking care of your children at home. As a single mom with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you can fill the job role of a software developer, network and computer system administrator, data scientist, web developer, database administrator, cyber security analyst, software engineer, information system manager, computer programmer and so on.

5. Marketing

Successful businesses and companies require a team of skilled and professional marketers. The demand for marketers is constantly increasing in every organization. Marketers combine psychology, research, and testing to decide what advertisement will catch the eye and will increase sales for the company. As a single mom with children, you can opt for a digital marketing degree to boost your career prospects. A bachelor’s degree in marketing is appealing to women as the digital industry is booming as a career option. A marketing degree will help single moms to prepare for jobs as marketing analysts, marketing managers, marketing specialists, social media marketing coordinates, content marketers, SEO specialists, etc. There is a need for marketing in every sector and marketing duties can be easily earned online.

6. Journalism

Single-mom graduates can find immense career opportunities depending on the degree level of English or journalism they choose. If you want to become a reporter or journalist then you need to have an associate or bachelor’s degree while choosing the career of a photographer requires you to have a high school diploma with relevant work experience. Journalism degrees are quite popular among single moms with children and provide a plethora of job opportunities irrespective of whether you are wishing to work with a traditional newspaper, online journal, or other forms. Possible job roles include journalists, reporters, photographers, editors, news analysts, and so on. Single mothers worldwide are taking their advice and experience about family online through monetized blogs. If you want to get a step above and expand your earning potential then you can get a communication or journalism degree which will help you to learn the tricks and tips to make money while writing. Single moms can opt for an online journalism degree and you can work entirely from home.

7. Software Engineering

Single moms who are looking for ways to get a degree online and work remotely so that they can raise their children while earning money at the same time can consider opting for a software engineering degree. Being a software engineer you can spend a lot of time on computer designing, maintaining, and creating software programs. Single mothers who are interested in the idea of developing online games or web pages can go for a degree in software engineering. This is an amazing career option for single mothers as they can work as a freelancer and finish their job at their convenience. Software engineering is a highly lucrative field that requires candidates to have a bachelor’s degree. Once you have earned this degree you can acquire potential job roles of a software developer, game developer, software engineer, web developer, computer support specialist, cyber security analyst, and so on. With so many software engineering degree options single moms can also find high salaries and other perks.

8. Business Administration

Single moms can never go wrong with a bachelor of business administration. Opting for this degree will help them to open doors to self-employment via business ownership and jobs in the corporate world. Single moms can earn high-paying salary positions by emphasizing management degrees. You also do not require a lot of work experience to land your dream job and a lucrative salary. Single mothers are experts in managing a household therefore applying their management skills to a business will not be a herculean task for them. A business degree is an ideal option for many single moms who are looking to boost their career opportunities and earned a degree online. A degree in business administration or an MBA will help you to get jobs in the field of marketing, healthcare management, human resource, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, and so on.


Single moms who are juggling the responsibilities of two parents and thinking of getting an education simultaneously to provide a better life for their children can take the help of the above-mentioned degrees. Single moms should research and find out flexible degree options in their preferred field of study. Additionally, you can look for scholarships on grant programs that will help you to reduce your financial burden and enable you to broaden your career path. The length of a degree will depend on whether you’re attending the classes full-time or part-time. The pay ranges for the above-mentioned fields vary greatly depending on the city and state you are living in the USA. As a single mom, you might feel you do not have the right education or qualification to get a high-salary job. If you’re not sure what type of degree you want that can help you land your dream job then consider looking for a career in the field of health care, education, social work, remote work, and so on.

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