Single Mom Cruise

Single Mom Cruise

Single-mom cruises are popular because of a lot of reasons. This guide will help you to know cheap cruises for single moms and kids that will be about trips at sea including onboard water parks, children’s clubs, and staterooms with lots of space, food, and entertainment. Single moms can enjoy themselves with their kids without being concerned about the intricacies of the vacation budget. Some cruise lines are family-friendly and offer promotions that enable children to cruise free at a special rate for a third or fourth guest on one booking. This type of cruise deal will help you to save money without sacrificing any funds.

How Can A Single Mom Choose The Right Cruise?

Choosing the wrong cruise line for single-parent cruises will make the entire trip go wrong and give you a miserable experience. Choosing the right cruise line will make your journey relaxing and enjoyable.  Just like with any other vacation, there are certain factors that single moms have to plan to make sure everything runs smoothly while cruising with kids. Following is the list of things that single moms need to know before choosing the right cruise line.

1. Cruise Lines With Onboard Activities

Few cruise lines are more children friendly compared to others. These cruise lines are tracked by mature clients and so they have fewer children-focused amenities and activities on board. Single parent cruising with kids should avoid such cruise lines and should choose cruises with kid-friendly events. Some cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, and Disney are explicitly family-friendly cruises and have a wide range of activities and onboard events for youngsters as well as adults. In other words, choosing these family-friendly cruise lines will help single moms and their kids to do a lot on days at sea. Such family-friendly cruise lines for single moms come with a nice range of budgets. Single parents have to pay a premium for the Disney name. Generally, Carnival tends to be a budget-friendly option. Even Royal Caribbean and MSC provide significant discounts or run promotions so children can sail free.

2. Destinations And Itineraries

Single parents’ cruises enable single moms and their children to travel to incredible and exotic destinations which would otherwise have been an impossible task to get on an ordinary vacation. The Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and some destinations in and around the Gulf of Mexico are packed with rich history, tropical fun in the sun, and culture. These destinations are family-friendly, unlike others. If your budget allows and you wish to be more adventurous then you can also travel to any part of the world with the help of a cruise ship. Asia, Australia, South Pacific, and Europe have lots of ports on cruise itineraries each year.

3. Choose The Right Cabin

Every cruise ship has a lot of accommodations available at different price points. Starting from small inside cabins with no windows to luxury suites. Single mothers who are budget conscious need to plan meticulously about whether they will spend most of their time outside the stateroom. In such a situation choosing an inside cabin will be a good option. If your budget allows you can consider a balcony room where you get more options to enjoy yourself even without leaving the room.

Is Single Parent Cruise A Perfect Family Vacation?

It may be challenging for single moms to travel with young kids as they have to be responsible for everything alone and be careful every minute of each day. Meticulously planning the logistics can be a challenging task for them. Moreover, if they have multiple kids then it can be difficult to identify the activities that will appeal to their kids in different age groups or if they have different tastes and temperaments. Moreover, single moms have to pay for it all. Add to it the expenses for flights, hotels, activities, meals, and so on. A family choice will be an ideal option for single parents that will answer all their vacation dreams and will help to save money. Getting on a ship with children for a week or more seems intimidating and daunting for single parents, especially single moms. However, a single-parent cruise is one of the best and most effective ways to travel with kids and have a fun time. Single parents cruise is one of the safest and best ways to celebrate several occasions with the whole family.

As a solo mom Disney cruise vacation is one of the ideal locations which means your children are happy and can make special and favorite moments. It may be tempting to jam as many events and activities into one day as possible, however for single parents cruising with kids, it will be a big mistake. Try to leave time in between activities for bathroom breaks, naps, and snacks, therefore do not overschedule your activities. Traveling with kids on a single-mother crew requires a lot of flexibility for instruction. Sometimes your little one may need a nap while you or your elder kid may wish to explore. Single mothers can avoid stress and frustration by accepting things that are not going according to plan. You can have a list of backup options such as dinner at a buffet, a couple of hours of screen time in the cabin, and morning poolside to make things easy. Single mothers should read all the excursion details carefully before booking especially if they’re planning a trip with multiple children or young children.

Top Single Mom Cruises

Being a single mother traveling with your kids while they are young can be full of challenges and struggles. For a lot of single parents cruising forms to be one of the best vacation options that helps them to have fun and enjoy themselves. Disney stands out because of its structured and strong program for single parents. The objective is to help single-parent families feel welcome and included while taking into consideration that many parents travel solo to enjoy some time. Following are the best single-mom cruises.

1. MSC Cruises

This is one of the biggest cruise lines located in Europe and the cruise offerings are becoming quite popular in the North American market. One main reason behind the popularity of this cruise is because of the incredible rises which MSC provides on family cruises in the Caribbean and also because of the glamor and plates on the vessel. MSC ships have beautiful interiors with intricate details that will provide a luxurious cruise experience. MSC Cruises allow children below 18 years for free throughout the year on eligible itineraries. Children should be traveling in the same cabin as their parents. Not only MSC Cruise has enabled kids to sail free on voyages but has also provided a lot of leisure activities and amenities that kids can enjoy with their families. Youngsters can enjoy water parks on board with slides, swimming pools, dinners, and many more. While youngsters can remain engaged in kids club parents can enjoy by taking advantage of myriad amenities.

2. Holland America Line

The Holland America Line also provides kids cruise free promotions at times. This free promotion applies to cruises that visit the Caribbean, Mexico, and other regions. Single mothers who want their children to qualify should make sure they are 17 or younger and traveling as a 4th guest in the same cabin as adults. Similar promotions, support fees, and taxes are required for the sailing of each child. Single-parent families with kids will find a lot of entertaining things to do on Holland America ships. It provides family-friendly amenities such as youth programs, shore excursions oriented to families with small kids, and kids clubs. There are a lot of stateroom options to accommodate large bookings. Do you know where children can cruise free with Holland America? Few popular itineraries take place to watch the Caribbean and many eligible cruises depart from Florida Fort Lauderdale. Some itineraries come with special savings on dining packages, discounted drink packages, onboard Wi-Fi access, and short excursions.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

Special deals are provided by Norwegian Cruise Lines which enable third and fourth guests to cruise free on specific itineraries. The promotion applies to cruises that are offered throughout the world in destinations like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, and many more. New cruises which qualify for free 3rd and 4th guests come with free onboard amenities such as specialty dining, Wi-Fi access, and shore excursions. Few itineraries provide free airfare for second guests when booked through the line and discounts as low as 40% off on the overall cruise fare. The kids clubs of Norwegian Cruise Lines are open for all ages and entertainment, fun activities, and family dining are included in a single rate. Single moms can easily plan a kid-approved vacation with this cruise line. A lot of Norwegian ships feature a wide range of family-friendly staterooms such as two-bedroom family suites.

4. Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean does not allow children to sail free however the cruise line provides occasional promotions at specific times throughout the year and enables children to tag along for free with adults. Single mothers who are applying for the Royal Caribbean cruise should check back periodically to catch the next promotion and pay attention to the blackout dates. While booking you will find that this cruise line has everything which a dream cruise comes with such as onboard water parks, kids clubs, and family-friendly amenities. Royal Caribbean private island Perfect Day at CocoCay in the Bahamas is quite popular among young passengers due to splash areas and water slides.

5. Disney Cruise Line

Single moms on Disney cruises can participate and explore a new destination with their children. Disney Cruise Line offers special promotions for 3rd and 4th guests on select sailings however you need to be a subscriber of the Disney Plus streaming platform for applying. This is a limited Disney cruise single-mom deal that allows 3rd and 4th guests to cruise free with two full-fare passengers in the same cabin on the Disney Dream, Disney Magic, And Disney Fantasy ships. Each of these Disney ships will help to make an ideal family trip for single moms and their children. The Disney Magic ship has a lot of pools, splash areas for small children, a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique dress-up shop, and an AquaDunk waterslide on board. Children can also participate in meet-ups and greetings at sea and enjoy dining experiences.


Cruising the sea is a perfect opportunity for single moms who want to engage with their children and have a fun time with them. Children get a perfect opportunity to enjoy a wide array of onboard activities and explore a new destination every day. Planning a single-mom cruise vacation is better as kids can come along for free. Before booking for your next trip to the sea you need to make sure to check for kids sail free deals as well as special promotions which can make your family travel more affordable and accessible. You can also reach out to an experienced travel agent for help if you’re not sure about the deals that will work the best for you

Cruising as a solo mom is an amazing way to take a vacation and get an opportunity to enjoy and relax with your kids without worrying about planning the details of traveling. You get to explore new places and have fun with your family and create memories for yours to cherish.

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