Best Place For Single Mom To Relocate

Best Place For Single Mom To Relocate

Single motherhood is a challenging and daunting experience especially if you are alone. This is why living in a secure and supportive environment will make a significant difference in the lives of a single mom. The daily life of a single mother isn’t easy even when she has to move to a new city or state. Relocating is altogether fearsome even for individuals who are not raising kids alone. Single mothers have to perform the formidable task of looking for the best cities where they can raise their children properly and also plan their move.

How To Relocate As A Single Mom?

Relocating as a single mom can be a difficult decision. Following are the tips that can help single mothers to learn how to relocate properly and make them moving easier and simpler.

1. Plan Your Move In Advance

A key to moving successfully with your kids as a single parent is to plan in advance. Typically three months or more time is required to locate reliable movers, pack your items and prepare your new home. Relocating always entails unpredictable happenings therefore it is good to have ample time in hand so that you can sort everything. As a single mom, you need to arrange all the paperwork that will be required when moving to a new school district.

2. Travel Light

Single mothers should start their move by decluttering their home and this will help them to carry less stuff in their move. Things are expensive to relocate to a new place, therefore you need to have less stuff so that you can transport them easily to a new place. You can contact the charity organization for donating your reusable items and making yard sales for the things you want to give away. Many charities provide pickup services for household goods, donated clothes, and furniture.

3. Open Communication

As you have decided to move to a new city make sure to discuss things openly with your children as they are more attentive and sensitive than parents imagine. This will help them to freely share their feelings and thoughts. They can be fearful or resistant and apprehensive about the move. Framing optimistically and being honest and open about the movie help them to come to terms with it.

4. Include Your Kids In The Move

Including your kids in the moving process will help them to maintain a sense of control. Depending on their age you can include them in the moving tasks. Older children can help you arrange the furniture, and take part in school and neighborhood research, and younger kids can help you in decorating boxes or making crafts for your new home.

5. Save Money

Moving can bring financial attention to single mothers and dads. Try to cut back on unnecessary expenses and stick to your budget especially if you have only one source of income. For instance, you can use crumbled-up socks, newspapers, towels, and T-shirts for cushioning your boxes instead of using bubble wrap or purchasing packing peanuts. You can reuse the cardboard boxes from your grocery store or office instead of purchasing new ones. Try scheduling your move for winter, spring, or autumn as summer is the costliest and busiest time of the year for moving.

6. Hire Help

As a single mom, you have to fulfill endless obligations. This includes managing jobs, children, household, and parenting duties. DIY moving can be a difficult process for you therefore you can go for a full-service moving company that will be professional in their work and you can have peace of mind. If you think hiring help will be expensive for you then you can reach out to your circle of support like friends, neighbors, uncles, aunts, and colleagues. Although they may not help you in packing the whole house for you, they can help you in babysitting or running household errands.

7. Online Research

While researching a new city, school, or neighborhood you can take the help of the Internet. There are a lot of websites with information about the list of top neighborhoods, school ratings, parent and student reviews, education, crime rates, and prices that will help you to compare and search for a new community as per your needs.

8. Keep Things Positive

Relocating to a new city can be overwhelming and strenuous especially if you are a single mom but you have to keep a positive attitude to make it easier for your children. Keeping positivity will make your moving easier and will help your children to adapt to a new environment quickly.

Best Cities For Single Moms To Relocate

Raising kids single-handedly is no walk in the park. Financially, commercially, and logistically single moms need to choose a place where they can enjoy feasible parenting and optimize immense opportunities. The following are the best cities for single moms in the United States that offer them a financially feasible and kid-friendly location to move to. Choosing the right city will help you and your family to grow and feel supported. When it comes to choosing the best cities for single moms to relocate you need to consider affordability, community support, childcare facilities, health care, high-quality education, decent work-life balance, and safety in consideration. Following is the list of best cities for single moms to relocate and start a new life with their families.

1. Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale in Arizona is a fantastic option for single moms because of its pleasant climate. Single mothers can take their children outside to play on any day of the year. This city has received high scores in terms of social well-being and kid-friendly. The earning potential for women in this city is quite decent and an average salary of a female is down $43,716. This city boasts lots of access to community centers, greenways, and community centers to enjoy the community while feeling safe, and has also low crime rates. The schooling system of this city is ranked top notch therefore single mothers who are looking for a place where they can provide high-quality education to their children will find this city to be a good choice. It may fall a little flat in terms of public transportation. For instance, the bus system is decent here however you may likely have a car to transport quickly.

2. Fort Wayne, Indiana

Another best city for a single mother is Fort Wayne, which is an amazing place for single moms to relocate with their children, so here you can find affordable housing choices and your children can choose the latest accessories and gadgets at cheap prices. You have to spend only 18% of your income on housing. Fort Wayne, Indiana, is an affordable place to relocate and comes with a lot of opportunities for single mothers. Single-parent families can grow and thrive in Fort Wayne, due to the low cost of living, operated schools, and the broad job market. The town area has lively long past art scenes and a lot of family-friendly events. Residents of Fort Wayne, are friendly and welcome new families.

3. Rochester, NY

This city has received high scores in terms of a strong job market and affordability. Strong Memorial Hospital, Wegmans, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Rochester are other reasons why the economy of this city is strong and offers a plethora of solid job opportunities to its residents. This city has the lowest percentage of single moms lacking in healthcare facilities and the gender gap is also narrow. The average income of a woman here is around $32K. Rochester has to offer a lot to single moms in terms of kid-friendliness. The Rochester Museum, The Strong Museum, Science Center, and local libraries are a few places where your kids can enjoy. Single moms can also connect with other families during the warm winter months at community-focused events and visit museums to keep their children entertained and engaged in the cold months. There are a lot of free options for families with a tight budget to stay entertained.

4. Berkeley, California

This city in California is renowned for providing top-rated schools, after-school programs, daycare, and a supportive community so that single moms can go and try. There are family-friendly neighborhoods for recreation facilities and parks where single mothers can raise their kids in an engaging and safe environment while building long-lasting connections with local families. Berkeley in California is a diverse, more vibrant, and youthful city for single moms and is home to 119,607 residents. It is a top United States city for single moms and their children. The supportive community of this city emphasizes tolerance, diversity, and social justice. You can also access financial aid, career counseling, and housing opportunities here. All these characteristics promote the professional and parenting success of single moms.

5. Port St. Lucie, FL

Single mothers can relocate to Port St. Lucie in Florida where they can access events and get a house at a reasonable price. Single mothers and fathers consider this city to be an ideal choice because of its affordability and you can get a house for at least $106K. Apart from low housing costs the city also provides a low cost of living compared to the rest of the country. Single mothers have good earning opportunities in this city. You can access Savannas State Park, 40 public parks, and a lot of recreational opportunities and coastlines to enjoy with your family. Children around the city are a bit easier as here you will get a lot of benefits without the traffic. The bus system is available but not extensive in its range.

6. East Lansing, Michigan

Single mothers who are looking for good opportunities for their children so that they can learn a lot and get a kid-friendly place to enjoy will find East Lansing in Michigan a good place to relocate. East Lansing is a great place and one of the best cities in Michigan to raise families single-handedly as it puts a lot of emphasis on cheap housing, academic excellence, and job opportunities. The MSU Museum and Impression 5 Science Center are some places where your child can enjoy themselves. The high wages and low cost of living are two factors that make it an amazing place for single moms. There is always something fun and engaging to do in this city because of its culture, family-friendly events, and thriving arts. The friendly people of this city make it easy for single moms to relocate and settle down.

7. Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

The Durham Chapel Hill metro is a good choice for single moms in terms of access to childcare, income potential, affordability, and housing prices. On average single moms earn $26,132 here and house rental for a two-bedroom apartment is as low as $922. You can take advantage of economic areas located in the city which is home to universities, tech, and research focused organizations with lots of companies. In other words, single mothers relocating to this city can get huge educational and employment opportunities. If you are looking for a kid-friendly place then Durham Chapel Hill metro will be the right choice as here you can access the planetarium, the Kudzu Children’s Museum, the Botanical Garden, and lots of recreation centers, and public bars where you can keep your children connected to the community.


It can be challenging for single mothers to find the best city that they can call home. This is why it is important to consider factors like median income, cost of living, childcare, and housing costs. Location can influence your lifestyle therefore it is essential to locate a suitable place that can match the living standards of your family. The above-mentioned top cities provide immense opportunities, support, and a thriving environment for single moms to relocate.

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