Single Mom Truck Driver

Single Mom Truck Driver

A lot of single mothers wonder whether they can become truck drivers in their careers. The short answer is ‘Yes’, truck driving is a challenging profession however a lot of organizations support single-mom truck drivers and schedule training programs. This guide will help you know how to become a truck driver and what single-mom trucking companies are employing mothers.

Can A Single Mom Become A Truck Driver?

Yes, single mothers can become truck drivers. Even though they have to overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges in life to achieve their goals, with good work ethics and determination it is possible. If you are a single mom and interested in acquiring a well-paying job then becoming a professional truck driver will be the right choice. In the US the trucking industry is in high need of CDL-trained professionals. There are plenty of jobs for CDL-trained qualified individuals in America.

Mothers With Kids Moved Out Or Living Separately

Trucking is a good way to start the next phase of your life as a single mom. Being a truck driver you can experience a sense of freedom as you get an opportunity to travel and see the country. Single mothers can go alone and have time for themselves. Mothers who have raised their kids wonder whether there are any age limits to becoming a professional truck driver. Luckily there isn’t any maximum age restriction to become a truck driver. Moreover, the median age for professional truck drivers for both women and men is 46 years old as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This report consists of 825,000 drivers who are 55 years or older and 203,000 drivers who belong to 65 years or older. The only requirement for single mothers to become truck drivers is to be in good health and also pass the DOT or Department of Transportation physical and drug test.

Mothers With Kids At Home

Another group of mothers in trucking comprises women who have young children at their home. The younger the children the bigger the challenges for single moms. Trucking offers drivers a good way to move from the unemployed or under-employed stage to a better lifestyle quickly and can prove to be a good incentive for moms who are trying to provide a good standard of living to their kids. However, there can be logistical problems that they have to address. Single mothers with kids at home who want to overcome their logistical problems may need help. Single mothers who have children without a support system can start with over-the-road or OTR trucking. This will require you to head out for many weeks at a time and once you get the requisite experience you can switch to trucking jobs that will help keep you closer to them so that you can reach back to your kids at night.  Having a close family or a spouse who can take care of your children when you are out on the road will help make driving a truck a doable job. Acquiring experience will give you the flexibility to switch to a schedule but you can have more home time and this will make the temporary sacrifice all the way more easier.

Transition Into Training

One more diversion which can be tricky for single moms to become truck drivers is to acquire training for commercial driver’s license tests. Work training is the first step to making your transition into trucking possible and this may require you to be away from home every day. This can be a whole new experience for you therefore it is important to locate a CDL training school that provides flexible scheduling so that you can do the training while handling family responsibilities together. Acquiring training while taking care of children and managing family responsibilities helps you to adapt to your new lifestyle.

How Can Single Mothers Become A Single Mother And Many Children?

Single parents are aware that raising a child comes with a unique set of challenges and is a full-time job. For mothers with jobs that keep them occupied on the road, maintaining a happy and healthy family can sometimes feel like a huge burden. Distance, salary, and variable schedules again pose obstacles for truck drivers who want to raise their children. Having a healthy and happy family life while being a part of the transportation industry is doable. Becoming a truck driver with a family to take care of requires juggling life on the road without putting your kids or family in the back seat emotionally or physically. You can achieve these goals confidently without any guilt by following the below steps.

1. Make The Most Of Your Time At Home

Separated or single parents must show up emotionally and physically for their kids or other family members to foster a good relationship. Single mother truck drivers may feel additional societal pressure to manage work-life balance. Spend quality time to have a good relationship with your kids. Spending quality time with kids and family should not be taken lightly and this may be difficult if you are working on the road. Similar to military parents, truck-driving parents spend most of their time away from their kids daily. You can set aside some time to provide undivided attention to your children and family members.

2. Take Advantage Of Different Methods Of Communication

Driving schedules may be flexible however truck driving can make it hard for single moms to make consistent communication with their loved and dear ones. However, it doesn’t mean you will let your relationship fall to the wayside or miss their important milestones. It is easier to stay connected to your loved ones while on the road. Single mom truck drivers can make use of phone calls, video chatting over Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, sharing pictures on social media, watching movies together on Netflix, playing virtual games, and sending old-fashioned postcards to stay in touch.

3. Engage In Self-Care While Using Time On The Road

Truck driving teaches reflection, adaptability, and independence. This profession requires strong knowledge of mechanics, technical components of vehicles, physical stamina, and a lot of mental strength. Spending a huge amount of time on the road and driving trucks can become overwhelming at times, especially for single mothers with kids at home. You can use your time away from your loved ones to manage your expectations and be kind to yourself. You need to constantly remind yourself that you are doing your best to strike a good work-life balance and provide for your family. It is normal to feel lonely sometimes but you can engage in self-care by listening to your favorite music or enjoying the chance to travel, meet new people, listen to podcasts, spend downtime on trips as a part of your hobby, etc. Getting an opportunity to fulfill your dream and pursue your interest will build your confidence and self-esteem and will eventually make your homecoming all the way sweeter.

4. Realize That Your Profession Requires A Different Type Of Stability

Truck driving is a lucrative career that allows you to earn and provide for your family. Being a single mom driving can take you away from your family sometimes however you can provide a good living for your children. You need to constantly remind yourself that you feel grateful and secure in your career and you have the support of your loved ones and little children.

Single-Mom Trucking Companies

Following is the list of companies that are employing women including single moms and giving them a chance to become successful truck drivers.

1. 4Refuel

This company strives to provide equal opportunities to women in terms of promotion, hiring, and pay. The company has practices and policies in place to provide an inclusive and safe environment of dignity that values diversity and also helps women to ensure work-life balance. The diversity, inclusion volunteer committee programs, professional development opportunities, and flexible maternity paid leave promote gender equality through collaboration, open communication, and recognition of single moms’ contribution to the company.

2. America’s Service Line

This organization supports its employees both men and women, in every possible way. The company is equitable and fair in its policy and makes no favoritism. Employees are encouraged to contribute significantly to the workplace or must speak up openly. The organization understands the importance of family, work, and life. It also promotes the notion of safe driving.


This is a good place for single mothers to work due to its commitment to gender inclusion and diversity. This company has a strong leadership team that includes women and seeks out for talented women to join the workforce. The company provides flexible work arrangements, opportunities for career advancement, and equal pay regardless of their gender. Besides the company also provides a collaborative and supportive work environment to single mothers where they can thrive and also reach their goals.

4. Arrive Logistics

This company provides mentorship groups, flexible work experience as well as professional development opportunities to women including single mothers. The company has a large number of women in the logistics employee resource group that aims to ensure women’s empowerment and women’s inclusion in the logistics industry. The women’s group comprises more than 260 members striving to be a resource and get development opportunities. Arrive strives to grow a sense of belonging in women so that they can positively impact the industrial community.

5. Covenant Logistics

The company is dedicated to diversity and inclusion, different career growth and development opportunities, and supportive company culture. Covenant Logistics is creating an equitable and welcoming work environment where women can occupy leadership roles and receive recognition for their achievements and contributions. The company provides competitive compensation packages, and flexible scheduling options thereby making it an ideal workplace for single moms and other women who are looking to grow and thrive in the present transportation industry.

6. Armstrong Transport Group

To increase the participation of women and single moms in the workforce this transport group company provides a lot of benefits and competitive pay. Armstrong Transport Group mainly emphasizes and provides equitable hiring practices. They support women in their careers and offer them advanced learning as well as training opportunities. The company fosters a familiar and collaborative culture and encourages women so they can express their ideas and opinions freely.

7. Boyle Transportation

This company strives to provide equal opportunities to professionals irrespective of their creed, race, and gender identity. The company is dedicated to diversity and inclusion and provides an opportunity that welcomes all high-performing individuals. Around 40% of professional drivers in the company are female and the company is constantly looking for ways so that females can get a welcoming atmosphere. The culture of innovation and progress enables women to feel proactive and reactive to every situation and brings abundant opportunities for growth and support to them.

8. GLT Logistics

The company promotes gender equality and diversity by providing humans with equal job opportunities, a collaborative work environment, and fair wages. The company has 61% women participation and empowers them so that they can contribute their opinions, voices, and ideas in all company events, activities, and decisions starting from executives to specialists. GLT Logistics values as well as acknowledge human contribution in the transportation industries and they’re committed to providing them respect for their contributions.


A career in the trucking industry brings a lot of benefits in terms of salary which is a compelling reason to pursue truck driving. As per reports of Indeed, a truck driver in the United States earns around $70 to $80k which helps them to support their family financially. The trucking industry provides single moms competitive compensation, career advancement opportunities, flexibility in work, and is supportive of gender diversity, safe equipment and facilities for drivers, training, continued education and development, and other quality benefits.

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