Single Moms Grants For College In New York State

It is no secret that parenting can be challenging and problematic, especially for single mothers, as they have to perform all responsibilities alone. Although raising children single-handedly includes a lot of workload and financial pressure, many single parents go back to college and pursue higher education to attain financial stability. A higher education degree can open many doors to increased salary and good job prospects throughout a lifetime.

With the rising costs of education in New York State, acquiring a college degree is becoming more expensive for low-income students and single parents. Finding additional cash to cover the cost of education can be a significant obstacle. The good news is that the state of New York has a lot of scholarship programs and college grants for single moms so that they can get back on their feet and acquire higher education.

How Can I Pay To Go Back To School Or College As A Single Mother In New York?

As a single mother, you can apply for numerous college scholarship programs in New York State to fund your education. There are college grants and programs that are reserved exclusively for single parents so that they can pursue higher education and can attend self-sufficiency. These programs award them a few hundred to thousands of dollars. You can use this free money to put towards professional training or education. The best way to start for single mom scholarship programs and grants is to fill out the FAFSA form and search for financial assistance programs and educational grants from state, federal, and local organizations. The FAFSA will help you to unlock many need-based financial assistance programs and get assistance to pay for your college. Every single mom willing to return to college must apply for financial aid programs with the FAFSA. This will also enable them to combine need-based grant awards with other merit scholarships.

Different Single Mom Grants For College In New York State

Pursuing higher education as a solo parent can be expensive and daunting. If you’re a single mother and unable to pay the hefty costs of your education, then you can quickly attend college or university in New York State by applying for many college grants and financial assistance programs. Following are the best scholarship programs and college grants that are designed by governmental organizations, nonprofits, and charitable institutions in New York to lighten the burden for single parents and help them to become financially stable.

1. TAP, New York State Tuition Assistance Program

This need-based grant enables eligible students and single parents in New York to pay tuition fees at an accredited post-secondary institution in NYS. The annual scholarship award of this program will depend on the academic year you are applying. This program offers financial assistance of $5665 per academic year to eligible candidates so that they can pay for their tuition costs and acquire higher education. You can use the New York State Tuition Assistance Program award estimator to calculate the grant amount you may receive through this program. The first and foremost type to be eligible for this program is to file out FAFSA.

2. APTS, New York Aid For Part-Time Study

This program offers grant money to eligible part-time students enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program in New York State. Single mothers who are facing financial difficulty and are unable to pay for their undergraduate studies can apply for this program. Eligible part-time undergraduate students can receive an award of $2000 per academic year that they can pay toward tuition expenses. To qualify for this program, you must meet all the eligibility requirements of the New York State Tuition Assistance Program and adhere to the income limit stated in the APTS program.

3. New York State Educational Opportunity Program

The New York State Educational Opportunity Grant assists underprivileged students and single mothers and helps them to pursue higher education. Eligible students can receive assistance through this program based on financial need or academic results. There is an Opportunity Program Admission Office in every college or university in New York State that students and single parents can contact if they are looking for financial aid and know how to apply for the programs.

4. New York State Scholarship For Academic Excellence

Single parents and students who graduated from high school with good grades can be eligible to apply for this scholarship program. The program requires them to be admitted to an approved study program at a college or university in New York State. Applicants of this program are required to be in good standing academically and should not default on a HESC loan to get financial assistance from this program. Around 8000 New York students receive this award, among which 2000 of them receive a grant of $1500 depending on their situation, and 6000 receive a grant of $500. Top students from every high school in New York, are given the first preference, while the remaining scholarship awards are given to exceptional students.

5. The New York State Math And Science Teaching Incentive Scholarship

Single moms and students in New York who want to become math or science teachers and teach in accredited secondary schools are eligible to receive this financial award. They can seek financial assistance through this program, provided they must sign a contract and agree to work for at least five years as a secondary science or math teacher. To be eligible for this program, candidates are required to be a resident of New York and must attend New York college or enroll in a program that will lead to a science or math teaching career.


According to statistics, the number of single moms going back to college has almost doubled between 1999 to 2012 in the United States. Single mothers have to face the unique challenges of taking care of their kids, maintaining childcare costs as well as paying for their college degrees. Fortunately, there are many scholarship programs and grants for single moms in New York City that help them to pay for their education without increasing their financial stress.

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