College Grants For Single Moms Illinois

The state of Illinois is considered to have the highest rates of unemployment. As per statistics, the unemployment rate is highest among women, primarily single mothers. If you’re a single mother living in the state of Illinois and struggling financially to provide for your family and afford college, then there are several grants and scholarship programs provided by the federal and state government as well as many nonprofit organizations to make ends meet and enable you to get back on your feet.

Are There Any College Grants And Assistance For Single Mothers In Illinois?

Yes, single mothers and low-income students can access many grants and scholarship programs to get a college education in Illinois. Many organizations and government bodies enable single mothers and low-income students to return to the classroom and improve their career prospects. Government, nongovernment, and local charities in Illinois believe that if single mothers can get higher education, such as college degrees, they can acquire better jobs and provide for their families without financial burden. No matter whether you’re returning to college after taking a break or have never taken an admission to college or university, these grants and programs will help you to pursue higher education and overcome all the financial obstacles.

What Are The Different College Grants For Single Moms In Illinois?

The scholarship award received through Illinois college grants and programs can be applied toward the costs of associate degrees, college degrees, post-secondary career training, or accredited vocational programs. Some of these grants and scholarship programs are as follows:

1. Live Your Dream Grant

The Soroptimist Foundation funds the Live Your Dream Grant, which works toward the betterment of single mothers in Illinois. Single mothers who are the breadwinners for their families and have dependent children to look after need not worry about dropping out of college. This grant provides financial assistance to single moms and other women to access better education and employment opportunities. Not only single mothers and noisy women but survivors of sexual assault and domestic victims are also eligible to receive college grants through this program.

2. Illinois Pell Grant

In Illinois, single mothers can apply for the federally funded Pell Grant, which offers financial assistance to undergraduates so that they can hold bachelor’s or graduate degrees and attain self-sufficiency in life. The grant award is high, and the maximum payout can reach $6000 per academic year. One of the best features of the Pell Grant in Illinois is that it can be staged along with other government grants and programs. Eligible candidates can receive financial assistance for up to 12 school years. The eligibility criteria for Pell Grant require candidates to attend a participating school and meet specific financial criteria. The first and foremost step to becoming eligible for Pell Grant is to fill out an application form called FAFSA.

3. ISAC, The Illinois Student Assistance Commission

ISAC connects prospective students and single mothers with scholarships and grants that are available throughout Illinois. If you want to apply for college grants and scholarships to continue your education in Illinois, visit the Illinois Student Assistance Commission’s student portal. Many individual schools provide academic scholarships and need-based scholarships to students. In case you have been accepted into an educational institution, then you can contact the financial aid office to learn how to apply for those scholarship programs

4. Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Single mothers and low-income students who cannot afford school due to financial struggles can apply for the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program. This program covers the entire tuition fees of Illinois students at private educational institutions. The maximum grant amount can reach $13,000 per academic year. Students having special learning needs and requirements can qualify for a considerable sum of money through the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program. The scholarship program for exceptional learning needs students is up to $26,000.

5. WAMS, Women And Minorities In Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics Fields Program

This competitive grant program supports extension and research projects. It enables underrepresented minorities and rural women to continue STEM education in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. This program aims to develop robust collaboration and increase participation, representation, entrepreneurial abilities, and skills of rural women and underrepresented minorities from rural areas to contribute to the economic prosperity of the rural areas in Illinois and acquire STEM careers. Single mothers belonging to rural areas of Illinois and willing to continue their education in STEM fields can apply for the WAMS program.

6. Herman J. Neal Accounting Scholarship

Minority scholarships and grants for college in Illinois are provided through Herman J. Neal Accounting Tuition Scholarship. This scholarship program is a part of the Illinois CPA Society Accounting Scholarship Program. African American accounting students can receive scholarships through this program if they meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria for this program require candidates to be an Illinois resident, a citizen of the United states, or a permanent resident, and students should enroll in an accredited college or university in Illinois. The goal of this program is to promote education among women, primarily single mothers so that they can become self-sufficient. Single moms who demonstrate proficiency in accounting and have a financial need can apply for this program to receive financial aid. The cumulative GPA required by the program should be a minimum of 3.0 or equivalent.

7. WLCI, Woman In The Leadership Of The Central Illinois Scholarship Fund

Single mothers planning to return to school and improve their career prospects can apply for the Women In Leadership Of Central Illinois Scholarship Fund. This program is designed to provide scholarship support and financial assistance to women who are pursuing higher education in the field of business and management. Before applying for this program, it is essential to understand the minimum eligibility criteria, which state that women should have the motivation to attain leadership and career goals and must be a graduate of high school or GED recipient. Single mothers and other women who can fulfill the eligibility criteria can become a recipient of the WLCI Scholarship, provided they apply to the Community Foundation Of Central Illinois in March of every year.


Single mothers planning to return to school and complete their education can get assistance from financial aid programs and turn their dream into reality. College grants for single moms in Illinois help them to build a bright future without breaking the bank. College grants and scholarship programs are the indispensable source that funds their education and help them attain self-sufficiency. It is a brilliant idea for every single parent in Illinois to apply for numerous scholarship programs and college grants to maximize their chance of getting approval.

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