Free Government Grant Money For Single Moms

Many single moms desire to continue their education to provide their children with better financial support. Attaining higher education will also set an excellent example for their kids. While some mothers wait for their kids to go to school so that they can return to college full-time, other single moms or teen moms are looking for opportunities to secure a bright future for themselves. Free government grants and scholarships are among the best ways for Solo moms to trade school or afford college without breaking the budget. Obtaining an educational loan is required to be repaid after a certain period. However, scholarships are free grant money for single moms that assist them in times of their need and help them to pursue higher education.

Where Can I Find Free Government Grant Money For Single Moms?

Single mothers face many financial challenges in raising their families, especially when they decide to return to school and complete their education. To assist them in fulfilling their educational aspirations and dreams, there are many grants and scholarship programs available that fund their education fees. Using these resources and programs, single mothers can complete their college education and improve their financial situation. Single moms need to research and apply for grants and scholarship programs by considering the areas they want to focus on. For instance, if one wants to pursue their career in underrepresented fields, such as science, math, technology, and engineering, then there are different sets of grants and programs for women belonging to this category. Similarly, there are scholarship programs and grants for women to pursue education in their line of hobby or interest. You can take the following measures to locate a scholarship or grant program for single moms.

1. Federal Student Aid

The first and foremost step that single mothers should take to finance their education expenses is to fill out the application of FAFSA or Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Submitting a FAFSA application will enable students to qualify for loans, work-study, and need-based grants from the Federal Student Aid Office of the Department of Education. The eligibility criteria for numerous grants and scholarships offered by private organizations and schools are also based on FAFSA results.

2. Institutional Grants Or Scholarships

Many universities and colleges throughout the United States offer student grants and scholarship programs. A part of this financial aid is reserved for single mothers. Most of the time, schools list their financial aid opportunities and scholarships on their financial aid website. Single mothers who are looking for grants and scholarships to continue their education can visit the Official Aid Office of their school and consult with an academic advisor.

3. Organizational And Regional Scholarships

Many private companies, regional organizations, and special interest groups offer additional grants and scholarship programs to single mothers and low-income individuals. An example of a regional scholarship for single moms is the Arkansas Single Parent scholarship fund which offers funds to low-income single parents and enables them to attend post-secondary institutions. Helping Hands For Single Moms is another scholarship program that offers a monthly stipend or scholarships and counseling services to eligible applicants in Arizona. An example of organizational scholarship is the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation which awards low-income single moms and women living with children.

What Are The Types Of Grants And Scholarship For Single Moms?

Single moms can afford higher education by availing of many grants and scholarships. These programs and grants require few commitments in terms of repayment and so it is an affordable option for single parents going through financial difficulty and wishing to complete their education. There are different types of grants and scholarships for single mothers. Victims of domestic abuse, minority single moms, and single moms willing to pursue their careers can apply for these grants and scholarship programs that the federal government and private institutions fund. Single moms wishing to pursue unconventional careers also have various programs and choices to select from. The financial aid that single mothers can get through these grants and programs may vary depending on their location and the program they apply to. The amount of financial grant needed and personal status will be considered before awarding them the amount.

Free Grant Money For Single Moms Helping Child With College: Best Programs

Raising children all by yourself can be a daunting task for single mothers. Acquiring a college degree can be more overwhelming for single moms in terms of money and time. Going back to study has many advantages, as it enables individuals to meet their career goals, raise their income, get a good job and boost job security. Tuition and college fees are on the rise. So to assist single mothers in fulfilling their educational aspirations, many financial aid programs have been designed throughout the United States to grant money for single moms to go back to school, boost their confidence, and enable them to get their careers back on track. If you are looking for free grant money to support your single mothers and complete your college degree, then the following resources will help you to fulfill your dream.

1. The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program

It is one of the top scholarship programs that grant money for single moms and low-income women aged 35 and older in their financial crisis. Low-income single mothers and other women can qualify for this program provided they are a citizen of the United States or permanent residents of the country. The program also requires participants to pursue technical or vocational education, a bachelor’s degree, or an associate’s degree to qualify for this program. If you want to apply for a scholarship program offered by this foundation, you need to enroll in ACICS or a regionally accredited institution. This program has been operating since 1976 and has provided financial assistance to more than 700 low-income and needy women with 1.8+ million scholarships.

2. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation

The prime objective of the foundation is to provide excellent educational opportunities and financial assistance to low or moderate-income women and single mothers. The foundation has enabled women to enrich their kids by getting higher education since 2003. Single mothers with children who want to pursue education or training can receive financial assistance of up to $5000.

3. WISP, Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

Single mothers who are victims of domestic violence are eligible to apply for this program. Women’s Independence Scholarship Program enables victims of domestic abuse and single mothers to achieve self-sufficiency by obtaining a higher education degree. Financial support is provided to part-time or full-time students. To apply for this program, applicants must be survivors of domestic violence and have been separated from their abusive partner for more than one year. Eligible women are also required to be legal residents or citizens of the United States in financial need, have applied or been accepted in an accredited program at any educational institution in the United States, have plans to enter the job market and pursue a promising career. Most of the recipients of WISP are single mothers with young children. Eligible candidates are awarded financial assistance of $1000 to $6000 for academic years.

4. Capture The Dream Single Parent Scholarship

Minority students and single parents in California can seek help from the Capture The Dream Single-Parent Scholarship program. The program participants can be graduate or undergraduate students in a two or four-year educational program at California University. The eligibility criteria include leadership skills, good academic history, professional recommendation, and community service. Single parents, primarily single mothers get a chance to excel in their careers with this educational and financial boost.

5. Ford Opportunity Scholarship

The Ford Opportunity Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to single mothers who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Participants must be single parents of dependent children to receive a scholarship from this program and be a resident of California. More than 50 students are awarded this grant which covers 90% of their overall education cost of $1000 to $25,000.

6. American Association Of University Women’s Career Development Grant

This program offers a grant between $2000 to $12,000 for single mothers and low-income individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree and wish to pursue a specialized certificate program or master’s degree. This grant program makes special provisions for women of color who want to pursue higher education in nonconventional domains like engineering and aviation.

7. EMERGE Scholarship Program For Women

EMERGE scholarship offers grants to single mothers planning to switch careers and full-time mothers living with dependent children. The program offers grant money in the range of $200-$5000. It is not suitable for fresher students who have completed their college degrees. Those who are passionate about serving societies are awarded this grant.

8. P.E.O Program For Continuing Education

P.E.O Program For Continuing Education is offered to single parents so that they can complete their education. This program offers them a one-time grant worth $3000 to cover their basic education expenses, transport, books, equipment, and college fees. Candidates must have a break from studies for at least two years to look after their kids or for any other valid reason. They should also enroll in a degree or certification program.


Grants and scholarships for single mothers offer them financial support and encouragement to succeed. Going back to college will help them to boost their employment opportunities and increase their earning potential. Low-income families usually struggle to make ends meet, especially when mothers cannot get employment or work for a long time due to less pay. High school graduates earn less than individuals with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. The opportunity to go back to vocational school or college will make a significant difference in their life. It will also set an example for the future generation to reach their goals and complete their education. Many government organizations and nonprofit institutions support mothers to start their education. There are a lot of college grants and scholarships for women and single mothers willing to go back to school and put in hard work.

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