College Grants For Single Moms In Indiana

Each year it becomes difficult for single mothers and low-income students to afford college or university. Single moms living with their dependent children can pursue higher education in Indiana by locating a scholarship program or college grant that makes education more affordable and accessible for them. The Indiana government has recognized the financial pressure of single parents and low-income students that can negatively impact their ability to afford education and acquire higher college degrees. Therefore single moms need not drop out of college or put their dream aside if they face financial difficulty, as there are scholarships and grants for them.

Grants and scholarships are not only provided by educational entities and government bodies in Indiana but are also funded by societies, private clubs, and organizations. 

There are Indiana state scholarships, federal grants, need-based programs, and many other assistance programs, so single moms can use the grant and scholarship money to earn a college degree. Many Indian single moms and low-income students combine various funding sources to sponsor their college education. If you do not have substantial savings to pursue higher education as a single mom, you can get started by filling out the Free Application For Federal Student Aid, which will be reviewed by the federal government, community and state colleges, and many other private universities.

How To Find Scholarship Programs And College Grants For Single Moms In Indiana?

There is no limit to how many single-parent scholarship programs and college grants you can apply for. Recipients of these programs cannot use the scholarship money or financial aid other than to pursue higher education. Each scholarship and grant program has specific eligibility criteria for its recipients. Before applying for a program, you must read the description and decide whether you qualify for the program or not. Single mothers can also file FAFSA to receive information about college loans and scholarships for which they can qualify. It is always recommended to apply for different scholarship programs and grants to improve your chance of getting qualified for at least one program and recover the cost of your education. Apart from the eligibility criteria, also pay close attention to the program’s deadlines so you can apply for them at the right time.

What Are The Different College Grants For Single Moms In Indiana?

The rate of poverty in Indiana is approximately 14.6%, and female residents are more vulnerable to poverty compared to males. Women and single moms rely on many grants and scholarship programs for low-income populations in Indiana to pursue higher education and attain self-sufficiency. Some of the college grants and programs that you can access in Indiana are as follows:

1. Federal Pell Grant

The Indiana federal government offers a lot of grants and scholarships to low-income students and single mothers so that they can attend a four-year college degree or university, career schools and community colleges. The federal college grants for single moms in Indiana will be determined based on their needs and EFC or expected family contribution. Single mothers should visit the official website of the Federal Student Aids Grants and Scholarships to learn about the federal grants and scholarship programs. Federal Pell Grant requires candidates to be a citizen of the United States and have a high school equivalency diploma to receive financial assistance through this program. 

2. Frank O’Bannon Grant 

This grant program, also known as the Indiana Higher Education Grant, is designed to enable Indiana students, especially low-income students, and single mothers, to attend post-secondary institutions and achieve self-sufficiency. This education grant for needy students and single moms is given on need-based factors, and the maximum grant amount can reach up to $9200. In order to qualify for this program, participants must submit FAFSA by the 15th of April of each academic year before enrolling in college or university. Students and single moms who receive financial assistance through this grant program are subjected to specific eligibility criteria.

3. Adult Student Grant

Adults who have college credits but do not have an eligible college degree can receive financial assistance of $2000, which can be paid towards education. Single mothers can apply for this grant program, provided they submit a valid FAFSA and an Adult Student Grant Application after 1st October. If you’re a single mom looking for financial support through this program, you must apply quickly since the grant program is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4. Workforce-Ready Grant

This state grant is for needy students and single moms who want to pursue qualified certification programs. The eligibility criteria of this grant program require candidates to be Indiana residents and should enroll in an eligible certificate program. Indiana residents should enroll in six or more credit hours if they are independent and twelve or more credit hours if they are dependent. Single moms seeking financial assistance to cover their college fees and tuition charges can apply for this financial aid by submitting the Free Application For Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.

5. 21st Century Scholarship

This state-funded scholarship program enables low-income students and even single moms to pursue higher education. The eligibility criteria for the 21st-Century Scholarship Program require them to be a citizen of the United States or an eligible Indiana resident and must enroll in 12 or more credit hours. If you’re a single mom looking to improve your financial situation by acquiring higher education, you must submit a FAFSA to obtain financial assistance through this program.

6. Indiana National Guard Tuition Supplement Grant

The Indiana National Guard has partnered with the Indiana Commission to provide 100% tuition fee assistance to eligible members of the Air National Guards and Army. Some students or single moms applying for this grant program can receive the National Guard Tuition Supplement Grant during their fall and spring semesters. Eligible members of the Army and the Air National Guards can access this scholarship program and cover their education expenses.


Parenting children is not an easy job, especially when you are a single mom. Single moms may find it challenging to manage their household expenses, living expenses, and childcare expenses with their only source of income. As a result, they have to give up on their dreams of pursuing higher education. To support single moms in dire situations, the state of Indiana provides scholarship assistance and grants to ease their financial pressure and enable them to continue their education.

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