Prayer For Single Mom

Prayer For Single Mom

Being a solo mother can be overwhelming and daunting and taking care of your children while making ends meet isn’t an easy feat.  However, that doesn’t mean that single moms cannot raise their kids well or survive alone amid all struggles. As a single mom, it is good to pray which will bring you closer to God and seek his strength. Single mothers who are feeling troubled or down can ask for the guidance and comfort of God. He shall never forsake or leave you. This guide will be a right fit for those who want to know about single mom prayers.

Why To Pray As A Single Mom?

Life as a single mother can be stressful and daunting. There are days when they feel the weight of playing a dual role of parents to their children. Single moms must pray to Lord God as the power and strength of praying is unmatched. Praying to God to protect and continually guide you will give you strength, inner peace, and motivation. This helps you to carry out the day-to-day tasks of raising your children without feeling much burden. It is also important for people to pray for all mothers and single mothers so that God can lift and encourage them and help them to tackle every problem that comes their way.

Prayers For Single Moms

There are a plethora of ways through which we can pray for single mothers every day. For instance

  • We can pray to God to encourage single mothers and their kids
  • We can pray over single pregnant mothers
  • We can pray for single mothers to seek the guidance and presence of God
  • We can pray for single mothers to have inner peace
  • We can pray for single mothers to have strength

Single mothers need our prayers to deal with every aspect of their lives so we should remember to add them to our daily prayers.

1. Short Prayers For Single Moms

Almighty Father,

I come before you for all single moms and their children. It is difficult to be a single parent and perform all the daily tasks of running the household, raising kids, and taking multiple jobs without the support of a partner. However, I hope every single mother finds the light of hope and does not feel lonely. Please remind them that they are doing an incredible job and a lot of people are out there already to help them in times of need. I hope you give them the strength and wisdom to know what they are doing and keep going in life. Bless every single mother and their children with happiness and good health. No matter what situation they are in, please allow their children to grow up as loving, caring, and responsible as their mothers.

I pray for all single mothers through your son, Jesus Christ


2. Prayer For Single Pregnant Moms

Lord God,

I pray for every single pregnant mother out there who is facing a tough time in their life. Single pregnant moms have to go through a nerve-wracking experience however I am sure that they will soon find it fulfilling and joyful with your guidance and grace. Single parenthood is difficult for mothers who have to provide for themselves as well as their growing child however I hope you will give them the resilience and strength to persevere. I pray you to give them peace, the light of hope, and encouragement so that they can weather any storm that hinders their way. Please give them the determination and courage to succeed in every prospect of life. It is not so easy to get by alone while raising a baby however I know they will perform a great job through your guidance, presence, and love. Even though things do not work out every time for mothers I hope they remain strong enough to fight all the battles and stand strong for their kids. I ask that you fill them with the right guidance so that single pregnant mothers can seek help from organizations and individuals in your name. Hope they find the assistance and comfort they need at the time to flourish in their single parenthood journey.


3. Prayer For A Single Mom Coping With Teenage Daughter

Jesus Christ,

I pray for every single mom coping with her teenage daughter. It is an overwhelming experience for single mothers and fathers to raise their children single-handedly however they are doing an amazing job through your guidance and presence. I pray for their teen daughters to grow up happy and healthy. Please give single mothers the strength, wisdom, patience, and guidance they need to raise their daughters properly. I hope they get your light of hope and guidance as they walk down the path to search for your glory. Being a single mother is not easy and I pray that despite this they never forget they are not alone and that you care and love them. May, you bless every single mom and her daughter throughout a very difficult journey.


4. Daily Prayer For Single Moms

Father God,

I have come here to humbly pray for every single mother who is struggling in their life. Please keep them and their children safe and also give them motivation, guidance, and strength. Single mothers face a lot of struggles every day but I hope they can survive every battle with your help. Please watch over them and protect them from every harm both emotionally and physically so that they can provide for their children and continue to be the pillar of fortitude. I hope you shower them with your comfort, peace, and love so that they can carry on their everyday duties. I know that single mothers will overcome all the hardships and trials that come their way however, they need your light of hope and guidance. Almighty God please help them to succeed and thrive despite the challenges they are facing. I know that in your grace they will become empowered individuals. You are an ever-living and powerful God. Let them continue to motivate us all with their resilience and strength.


5. Prayer For Struggling Single Mom

Father in Heaven,

Today I come before you to pray for struggling single mothers battling against all odds alone. I pray that you help them and give them comfort and peace. Let her realize that she has the divine strength to get through all the struggles and you are there to heal her heart and soul. I hope every single mother who is struggling realizes that they are not alone and some people care about them. A lot of people are rooting for their success, especially in their challenging circumstances. Please help them to become good sources of inspiration and examples for others particularly those who are in the same position. Lord give them the courage so that they can ask for help whenever she needs it. There is no shame in admitting that she needs help or assistance to get through. There are people around her who will address her challenges and will lend a helping hand to her. I pray for her happiness and success.


6. Prayer For Strength For Single Mom

Heavenly God,

Single mothers like any other mother are resilient and strong. They face challenges in their journey that helped them to become more independent and to grow as a mother and a woman. Dear God, I pray that every single mother who is at their lowest seeks your strength and presence to get through their difficulties. Thank you for always being there for them and guiding them in every step of their journey. Please continue to give them hope and support. No matter what they’re going through or how they are feeling you know it all and I pray that you continue to bless them. I pray that you protect every single mother and their children, keep them happy, healthy, and safe, and comfort them during the difficult time so that they do not feel afraid or alone. Dear God, wrap your arms of care and love around them and embrace them with your blessing and unconditional love. Single mothers have to deal with a lot and pretend to be okay in front of their children. Please be their source of strength when they feel weak and keep them healthy so that they can continue to take good care of their children.


7. Prayer For Single Mothers To Have Peace

Oh merciful God,

Indeed, there are hardly any moments in single motherhood where single moms can take time for themselves and enjoy some quietness and peace. Children keep them busy on their toes. Heavenly Father, I hope every single mother gets some rest in their day so that they can spend time alone with themselves. I pray for their peace of mind and their good health. I pray that everything goes well in their life as well as with their family. Single mothers need to have the peace of mind of knowing that they have your blessings. I hope you make her accomplish all the earthly tasks associated with motherhood. Dear God, I hope that every single mother feels encouraged to seek your light of hope. I hope they get through all the difficulties in their life and you accompany them in all sorts of difficulties or struggles that they are facing.

8. Prayer for Single Mothers To Seek God

Father God,

Please allow single mothers to seek your blessing and presence. I know how difficult it is for a single mother to spend sleepless nights, perform day-to-day tasks and get through stressful days without the support of friends or family. Please give them the wisdom so that they can spend time alone with you. I pray that whenever single mothers struggle with their needs they get the strength to endure and turn to you for hope. I pray that you keep her and her family in good health and watch over them to protect them against every harm. I hope they will grow closer to you and learn to put all their trust and faith in you. Heavenly Father, I know you are aware of all the burdens that they are carrying to survive and keep their child happy. I pray that you help them to focus on everything that they’re juggling and be their light of hope. Please help them to find a balance so that they can get some rest and have time for themselves. May they find rest in you and please help them to get healing and comfort.



Every woman has struggles and hardships and to bring them to God will make them feel they are not alone in their journey. Single mothers who feel lonely should remember that they have Jesus walking beside them at every step of their life. Being a single mother is not easy however it is still worthwhile as God has blessed us with a healthy family and children. The best place for every single mom to find hope and encouragement is in the Bible. Doing meditation on powerfully encouraging scriptures will keep them focused on God. Seeking his guidance will help them to remember that they are doing a great job and are not able alone in their journey.

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