7 Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants Single Moms

7 Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants Single Moms

Performing all the job responsibilities as a mother is not an easy feat. However, being a single mother is completely a different ball game. The main concern of every single mother is how they can cope with the huge demands of a full-time job, household responsibilities, and children together. While juggling all the tasks many of them neglect their social life and distance themselves from their friends and close members. Taking up a job that can provide you with a flexible work schedule and peace of mind is important for single mothers. Choosing a career as a virtual assistant can make life a bit easier for single parents. This guide will help you to learn about the top 7 companies that hire virtual assistant single moms and give them a decent amount of pay.

What Are Virtual Assistants And What Services Do They Perform?

Virtual assistants perform many online tasks that are assigned to them by the company where they are employed. A few common types of virtual assistant jobs include the following

  • Email management
  • Customer service
  • Sales report
  • Event planning calendar and schedule management
  • Marketing support
  • Copywriting
  • Proposal writings
  • Research and document creation
  • Document management and organization
  • Graphic design and branding bookkeeping

Virtual assistants are employees who work remotely for a company and are either self-employed or work as freelancers for their clients. Many virtual assistants and single moms work for a particular firm or agency. The role of a virtual assistant is quite huge in managing day-to-day business tasks. An increasing number of business tasks take place online today. Therefore companies require virtual assistants who can keep running smoothly. Companies hire virtual assistants that can help them to deal with routine tasks. Single moms who take virtual assistant jobs need to spend their time and effort managing business tasks online. A virtual assistant can be of great value to a company or an employer as they take part in improving the productivity of the business and reducing the workload of other employees.

Job Salary Of A Virtual Assistant Single Mom

The job salary of a virtual assistant may differ depending on their level of expertise, experience, and location. Moreover, virtual assistant single mothers decide their rates such as whether they want to be paid on an hourly rate or per project basis. Your experience and transferable skill sets will impact the earnings largely. This also means that if you are working as a virtual assistant in the company and delivering services that do not require a high level of experience and expertise such as customer service or data entry then you cannot expect a high salary. The work of a virtual assistant requires good skills including SEO optimization and graphic design to earn more money. Once you have made a bit of a name for yourself and earned a good experience it will be easier for you to charge higher rates unlike when you started in the VA career. Remember the below-mentioned things while deciding how much you can charge your client or company as a virtual assistant:

  • Being a contractor or freelancer you are not eligible to receive the things which permanent employees are entitled to such as retirement contributions or benefits.
  • You also have to be responsible for your expenses like internet access and tools. By keeping these things in mind you can charge a bit higher than your initial rate.

Why Do Single Moms Venture Into The World Of A Virtual Assistant?

Acquiring good work experience and transferable skills will enable single mothers to be super at any job or task that they choose. There are many reasons why single moms opt to become virtual assistants. Some of the top reasons are as follows:

1. Experienced Single Moms In Remote Working Prefer To Become A Virtual Assistant

A lot has happened over a few years and people have been forced out of their comfort zones in terms of daily routine and work. A major chunk of the working population in the United States has experience in working remotely and now many of them do not prefer to go back to a desk at an office. This incident applies to a lot of virtual assistants, single mothers, and fathers. Becoming a virtual assistant will not only help you to get a remote job and become productive at home but also save time that would otherwise have been spent commuting to and from work. Single moms can spend extra time and energy with their families and children.

2. Becoming A Virtual Assistance Provides Flexibility To Stay-At-Home Single Moms

Being a mom is already a herculean task or a full-time job. This situation is more difficult for single moms who have to take every responsibility single-handedly without the support of a partner or a spouse. So why do single moms choose to take the job of a virtual assistant? The common answer is that a virtual assistant career is flexible and fulfilling in contrast to traditional office-based jobs. You get to select the payment arrangement which works for you, for instance, daily pay or hourly rate. VA single moms can also choose projects that can fit into their busy schedules easily.

3. A Good Source Of Earning Extra Income

Staying at home to take care of children is impossible for single mothers who have to provide for their families and put food on the table. Surviving on one source of income isn’t feasible for single-parent households and outsourcing childcare to babysitters, daycare or nannies is a viable logical solution. A virtual assistant career comes in handy and reduces the financial stress of single-parent families who can stay at home with their kids and enjoy time with them instead of hiring babysitters or nannies. Virtual assistant single mothers can take on a few or many clients as per their preference and schedule. They can either work on an hourly rate or per project basis whichever is convenient for them and provides them a good chance to spend their time taking care of children and child-rearing. A lot of virtual assistant mothers are breadwinners and single parents at the same time. Even after working for a few hours every week you can add to the rainy day fund of your household and save up expenses. Single moms who wish to welcome an additional source of income and save money for investment or cover up monthly bills choose this VA career.

Companies That Hire Virtual Assistant Single Moms

A virtual assistant single mom is a highly qualified professional with soft skills and with higher experience you get to excel in the virtual assistant field. There is no end to what a single member can do when it comes to choosing a job and career. Virtual assistant mothers can enjoy work-life balance and multitask. Now that you know what is the job role of a virtual assistant and why single moms opt for a VA career let’s take a look at the companies which hire virtual assistants.

1. Office 88

This company hires web designers, graphic designers, proofreaders, translators, and secretaries and delegates them to a wide range of online tasks related to their business. Single mothers who have worked as tele-staff can work with this company. Office 88 will assign you work which will be paid either on a time basis or project basis within 30 days of completion of the online assignment. You can look for virtual assistant job roles in the company and if you’re applying for programming or graphic designing work then you have to give up the prior exam before getting hired.

2. Lifebushido

Virtual assistants are hired part-time frequently by this company to perform day-to-day business tasks. Many clients of the company are small business owners who wish to work with virtual assistants and delegate small tasks to them. Single mothers who have flexible skill sets again become virtual assistants in this company. Life bushido has been in business operations since 2006 and is hiring a lot of people including single mothers globally. As a virtual assistant single mother, you can get a pay rate of $10 per hour.

3. Fancy Hands

This company employs virtual assistant mothers who can handle small business tasks such as scheduling appointments with doctors or businesses, finding hotels that meet the business criteria, data entry, tracking down the best price, and making phone calls on behalf of people such as canceling the cable, and so on. The pay range of a virtual assistant ranges between $3 to $7 per task. As a virtual single mother, you can work on a business task that is convenient for you and can help you to earn a side income.

4. 99 Dollar Social

Single mothers who are much into social media work will prefer to work in 99 Dollar Social company that hires virtual assistants. The virtual assistant job role in the company requires you to schedule content on social media platforms for the company’s clients. Before applying for a virtual assistant job at 99 Dollar Social ask whether you can commit to managing a minimum of 10 accounts daily and which adds up to around 3.5 hours every week. Before joining you need to work on your ways either through online resources or training videos to perform your job. The company provides a flat rate for accounts and not on an hourly basis. In other words, single-mom virtual assistants need to work efficiently so that they can control how much they can earn. An average virtual assistant earns up to $12 per hour as per the company website.

5. Virtual Office VA

This is a staffing company that works with independent contractors who become virtual assistants. Virtual office VA provides a pay rate of $9 per hour for doing phone work. Single-mother virtual assistants perform tasks such as appointment setting, real estate buyer and seller calls, property management, bookkeeping, website managing, basic and guerrilla marketing, and so on. Single moms looking for a company to join as the virtual assistant will be provided training before they’re appointed.

6. Zirtual

This company connects virtual assistants with clients who require help with their business tasks. Single mothers who joined as virtual assistants in Zirtual have to do everything from performing in-depth research, setting up appointments, scheduling updates, and planning events on social media platforms.  Zirtual hires only residents of the United States and provides them with many employee benefits.

7. Red Butler

Live answering receptionists and virtual assistants are hired by Red Butler to assist with deadlines and managing their tasks. As a virtual assistant single mom, you have to take on tasks that require you to set up conference calls and meetings, marketing for scheduling travel, research, pay expenses, and many more. The company provides part-time as well as full-time positions for virtual assistants and you can find more information about the job role of virtual assistants or visit their website and check their applications.


Being a stay-at-home single mom is a personal choice and choosing a VA career is not always easy, however, if you want to take advantage of creating good opportunities for yourself then you can choose this career. You get paid top dollar per hour and also get an opportunity to sharpen your skills and learn more while on the job. With the right set of skill sets, determination, and discipline single mothers can acquire a virtual assistant job that comes with a great salary, and flexibility and helps them to get a fulfilling and rewarding career. There is no doubt that the remote work industry is expanding at a staggering rate. Single moms’ virtual assistants get an opportunity to spend time with their children as well as earn money for their families. Virtual assistants are in great demand among busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and growing businesses today.

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