Single Moms Auto Insurance

Single Moms Auto Insurance

It can be challenging as a single mom to juggle life responsibilities but fortunately, auto insurance in the United States does not add much pressure to your life. Even income status does not have an impact on your auto insurance rates therefore these insurance plans will not be expensive, unlike the national average auto insurance cost per month.

The rates may dramatically increase if your teenager is ready to drive. Auto insurance for a single mouse ranges somewhere between $118 to $261 monthly. However, you may also qualify for auto insurance assistance in some states. This guide will help you to learn the best auto insurance for single moms and how you can qualify.

Why Do Single Moms Need Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance serves as an important safety net for single-mom drivers and protects them from unexpected damages, accidents, and liberties. Low-income single moms must have an auto insurance policy because of the following reasons.

1. Financial Protection

Auto insurance offers coverage for damage caused by accidents and helps single moms save a substantial amount that would have been paid from their pocket.

2. Peace Of Mind

Auto insurance provides single moms peace of mind as they know that any unforeseen or unexpected event on the road will be taken care of and this will enable single moms to focus on their day-to-day activities without much stress.

3. Legal Compliance

Almost all the states in the USA require drivers to have auto insurance so that they can operate their vehicles legally on the road. By obtaining auto insurance coverage single moms can prevent paying legal consequences and costly fines.

4. Medical Coverage

Car insurance policies also include medical coverage and this ensures single moms and their children receive the right medical treatment in case of accidents.

5. Protection Against Uninsured And Underinsured Drivers

Auto insurance offers protection to single moms and their children against uninsured or underinsured drivers and this safeguards them from potential economic hardship caused due to any mishap or accident on the road.

Can Single Moms Receive Special Programs Or Assistance For Auto Insurance?

Yes, some organizations and states offer car insurance assistance for low-income individuals including single moms. The eligibility of these programs may vary depending on your state. Single moms are recommended to inquire with nonprofit organizations or local government agencies near where they might explore the options.

How To Find The Most Affordable Auto Insurance Rate As A Single Mom?

Single moms can easily find affordable and best auto insurance rates by taking the below-mentioned steps:

  • Shop around, talk to multiple insurance providers, and get quotes from them
  • Inquire about the available discounts from your insurance provider and take advantage of those which you can easily qualify for.
  • Maintain a good driving record and practice safe driving habits to get discounts or low auto insurance rates
  • Practice bundling insurance policies to save money such as renters or homeowners insurance to get potential discounts.
  • Consider raising tax deductibles if it is financially feasible as you can get low premium costs.

What Are The Best Auto Insurance For Single Moms?

Single moms who want to save money must stick with getting the least amount of insurance required by their state to maintain. Generally, the minimum third-party liability insurance includes property damage and bodily injury. Single moms who want to increase the level of protection for themselves and their children can consider the below-mentioned elective coverages.

1. Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

A common type of auto insurance coverage type is personal injury protection which pays for your as well as your kid’s medical expenses including recovery costs in case of an accident.

2. Collision Coverage

Collision auto insurance plans cover damages caused to your vehicle after you have met a collision.

3. Rental Car Reimbursement

The rental car reimbursement pays for the cost of the rental car in case your vehicle gets totaled.

4. Roadside Assistance

There are auto insurance policies that cover roadside assistance including battery jumps, gas refilling, services tire replacement for people who have met with unfortunate emergencies.

5. Comprehensive Plans

The comprehensive auto insurance plans cover damages from storms fires, non-collision incidents, and theft.

Even though auto insurance coverage may increase your monthly expenses, having these additional safety nets can save you from paying a huge sum out of your pocket. Single moms must rely on one vehicle to commute to the workplace and take good care of their children.

How To Choose the Right Single Mom Auto Insurance?

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you are not paying too much on auto insurance as a single parent is to get the amount of insurance coverage that aligns with your needs.

Getting excess coverage requires you to pay higher premiums for things that are unrequired. On the other hand, when you go for too little coverage you run the risk of spending a huge amount of money from your pocket in the event of a car accident due to your fault. It is important to find a proper balance by doing adequate research and speaking to expert professionals.

Auto insurance coverages include liability as well as comprehensive plans. As a single mom having roadside assistance on your car insurance policy will provide you a great convenience in case your battery dies, keys get locked in the car or you get a flat tire.

Government-Sponsored Auto Insurance Programs For Single Moms And Low-Income Families

The cost of auto insurance for a single parent is quite essential. Getting the right and the cheapest coverage is important for every person including single moms. However, most of them are in complicated situations. Low-income families and single moms can apply for government-sponsored car insurance programs.

Auto insurance coverage is a must in most states in the USA. Being a single mom you can reduce your auto insurance cost and save money. Government-sponsored insurance programs save money on your auto insurance and help you get the right coverage. Check the below-mentioned government-sponsored car insurance programs in different states of the USA and learn how you can qualify for them to bring down your costs.

1. California’s Low-Cost Auto Insurance Program

The Low-Cost Insurance Program in California is designed to enable eligible persons such as low-income citizens, single moms and dads, and other needy individuals with liability insurance protection at cheaper rates. To learn whether you can qualify for affordable auto insurance you can call 1-866-602-8861 and locate an expert insurance agent in your area.

To qualify for the program single moms have to meet certain criteria such as being a minimum of 19 years old, meeting the income eligibility as required by the program, having an excellent driving record, and having a car which is valued at $20,000 or less.

2. Hawaii’s Low-Cost Disability Auto Insurance Program

As per the Insurance Division and Hawaii state law, a person or a driver who was unable to drive a vehicle because of a permanent disability may receive free personal injury protection and liability insurance from the New Jersey State. The car insurance under Hawaii’s Low-Cost Disability Auto Insurance Program is 100% free.

Blind, aged, and disabled single moms who are 65 years old or above and are unable to qualify for federal benefits can receive auto insurance coverage under this program. Eligible candidates should meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of blind or disabled and have income less than $2000 for one person and $3000 for a couple. Your countable income should be less than 34% if you want to get covered under this program.

3. New Jersey’s Special Automobile Insurance Policy (SAIP)

The Special Automobile Insurance Policy or SAIP is a great initiative taken by the state of New Jersey to assist low-income individuals to get auto insurance.

Under this program, New Jersey drivers can obtain medical coverage at $365 annually if they can pay $365 in two installments. To be eligible for the program you must enroll yourself in federal Medicaid with hospitalization and have a valid driver’s license.

The program will offer health insurance to caretakers, parents and independent children, aged blind or disabled individuals, and pregnant women. The program will cover emergency treatment if you have an accident and treatment of brain and spinal cord injury up to $250,000.

SAIP applicants should demonstrate enrollment in the Medicaid program. The program will not cover outpatient treatments like doctor visits, damage caused to others, or damages caused to your vehicle.

4. Auto Insurance After Separation Or Divorce

Automobile insurance for divorced single moms will likely go through modifications especially if their former partner was on the policy. Depending on the vehicle you own there can be a lot of changes in the policy. If your economic situation is changing due to divorce or separation you may need to consider changing your deductibles, limits, and the type of auto insurance to keep it more reasonable.

Things To Consider

Single moms must shop around to find the most affordable automobile insurance coverage as the cheapest option might not provide them with the best of things that align with their needs. Comparing auto insurance policies will help them to determine the differences between every plan and make a well-informed decision. Single-mom drivers may pick new discounts or even lose some of their discounts when a separation or divorce happens.

You need to look at your policy and see the type of changes that have been affected by your policy. As the driving records have a great impact on rates when a bad or good driver is removed from your policy you may notice changes in the amount which you pay on premiums. Moving from one place to another can also affect your auto insurance policies, therefore keep in mind if you’re looking for a new location to live after a separation or divorce.

Single moms who have children of driving age can decide whether to add their children to their or their former partner’s policy. Adding them to your coverage will significantly cost a bit more.

Is There Auto Insurance For Single Moms In Kansas?

Low-income single moms in Kansas can avail of government-assisted auto insurance programs. The state of Kansas requires individuals to have auto insurance but as per reports 10.9% of Kansas drivers are uninsured and find it difficult to afford auto insurance due to financial limitations.

For low-income single moms in Kansas, the state minimum coverage requirement will be the best choice. The pay-per-mile insurance in Kansas is the best alternative for single mom drivers who belong to the low-income category and those who do not have many trips or travel long distances every year to save money. To get low rates on auto insurance policies you can compare the costs from different car insurance companies and make a well-informed decision.

Car insurance companies in Kansas do not use your household income to determine the car insurance rates however they consider other factors like credit score and age as a part of the overall procedure. The state minimum coverage is the best and most affordable insurance option for single moms and other low-income drivers.


In today’s fast-paced economy purchasing a car has become a necessity for everyone including single moms who belong to the low-income category. However, the cost of auto insurance can be a huge financial burden for them as they live on one source of income and have a limited budget. The aforementioned programs in different states will help single moms obtain the best auto insurance and secure affordable coverage. While there are no discounts for auto insurance for single parents in general there are other ways through which you can reduce your insurance cost and save money.

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