Single Mom Support Group Bergen County

Single Mom Support Group Bergen County

Single motherhood can be difficult. However, several advantages come with single parenting. For instance, you can build good relationships with your children and encourage them to become independent. Children in single-parent families are as happy as two-parent families. When you try balancing your work obligation and children, you may feel demotivated while focusing on the negative aspects of single motherhood. Looking for a supportive community in Bergen County, building a network of people for you and your children will help you to rely on for help and stay positive in life.

How Group Therapy And Support Groups Can Help You?

Group therapy enables single mothers to benefit from the experience and struggles of others. Listening to the stories of other single parents and recognizing your common problems will enable you to discover yourself. Group environment comes with a lot of different therapies, such as mindfulness-based group therapy, where you can recognize your own identity and choose to change or modify yourself. As group members share their personal lives and stories, you tend to see the patterns and experiences you had not noticed earlier, and in this way, joining a group will help you better understand your problems and how to address them. Experienced members facilitate support groups in Bergen County. Support groups are generally less structured, unlike therapy groups. Members share a common platform in support groups where they narrate their stories and seek others’ support.

Different Single Mom Support Group In Bergen County

If you are a single mother living with your kids in Bergen County, then the following supportive groups and resources will help you to seek hope, encouragement, and motivation from other single parents who are going through similar struggles and challenges in their lives.

1. New Mommies Circle

The New Mommy Circle is a supportive group designed for new moms and their babies up to nine months. This support group for mothers is ten weeks long and mainly focuses on problems associated with adjustment to motherhood. For instance, the group discusses topics like sleeping, feeding, mental changes, decisions related to childcare, working outside of the home, and how to deal with extended family members. The new mommy circle in Bergen County provides a supportive, accepting, and warm environment to go through isolation which single new mothers often feel. There is enough room for single and expectant mothers to discuss and get practical help. The session cost may range between $40 – $50.

2. New Moms Group

Although motherhood comes with great excitement and joy, it is a rapid emotional change and adjustment to a new life. A lot of first time mothers have concerns and questions in their minds about how to transition to their new lives and become good mothers. If you want to share your problems and concerns with other mothers, then joining the New Moms group in Bergen County will help you to get a lot of helpful advice and suggestions. You can gain insights and support through commonality with other mothers in this group. It is also led by a licensed and experienced psychotherapist who can help you to cope with emotional stress and pressure.

3. New Mother/New Baby Group

This is a group of mothers and their babies up to six months of age. Both you and your children can come together for six sessions on a biweekly basis and get a supportive environment where you can socialize yourself and share your experience as a single mother. The group significantly deals with a wide range of topics such as family or marital changes, integration of experience of childbirth, postpartum needs and feelings, change in the body, nighttime parenting, how to get baby to sleep, parenting styles, infant nutrition, breastfeeding, work and motherhood, socialization needs of mother and baby and couple session. If you are looking for a supportive group that guides you on parenting of pregnancy, postpartum, prenatal, or woman health issues, then this group will be the right fit for you.

4. Divorce/Separation Support Group

Many single moms feel overwhelmed, lonely, isolated, and sad after a divorce or separation. Joining a divorce or separation support group in Bergen County will help you to get a welcoming and friendly environment to meet others and share your life problems. This support group provides an opportunity to get peace of mind, cope with the loss of your old relationship and learn how to deal with problems when you need people dealing with similar issues in their lives. Getting guidance and advice will help you to adjust to your new everyday life and move forward. The session cost of this group ranges between $70-$80. The group meets every Tuesday and discusses depression, parenting, and divorce-related topics.

5. Parent Support Group

Raising kids and teenagers in the digital age is difficult for single mommies. Facing emotional issues while raising children and teenagers can be a difficult phase for single mothers. If you feel isolated and depressed, join the Parent Support Group in Bergen County. Here you can learn insights and advice on parenting skills.

6. Mom’s Group: Raising Kids with Special Needs

Raising children with special needs is an intimidating and overwhelming experience for single moms facing financial and emotional problems. Joining this support group will help you to get support and meet parents of children with complex medical needs or disabilities. This group discusses decision-making, self-care, impact on the marriage or family systems, space for validation and support, and many others. The group members meet through Zoom meetings once a month. It holds discussions on autism, pregnancy, parenting, prenatal and postpartum issues.


Single-mom support groups offer an excellent way for individuals to bond and connect with other parents who are going through parenting challenges in their life. Online support groups for single parents are a good choice if you do not wish to go out but want to connect to others. Online groups can be accessed quickly and are also open for chatting the whole day. Single-parent support groups will help you to find solutions to your emotional, parenting, and other problems in life.

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