Affordable Housing For Single Moms In NJ (New Jersey)

The cost of living in New Jersey is high, and this is the reason why many single moms have to struggle to make ends meet and provide a stable and safe home for their families. There are numerous challenges that single mothers in New Jersey have to face in their day-to-day lives. Obtaining affordable housing for their families is one of the most significant challenges they must overcome.  There are several single-mom housing programs and resources in New Jersey that provide them with affordable, decent, and safe housing.

How To Find Affordable Housing For Single Moms In NJ?

Many housing assistance programs for single moms and low-income families in New Jersey help them to locate accessible and affordable housing. Single moms looking for affordable and decent housing can utilize the New Jersey Housing Resource Centre. This housing locator provides all details about affordable housing opportunities, such as bedroom size, age restriction, range, number of rooms, accessible features, budgeting assistance, etc. They can also help you to know about housing assistance programs near your area. New Jersey 211 offers assistance 24 hours a day and enables individuals to locate different services in NJ. They can help people to address their basic needs like utilities, housing, childcare, food, and emergency preparedness. 

The List Of Housing Assistance Programs For Single Moms In New Jersey

In New Jersey, almost a third of low-income single moms are living in poverty and are struggling to provide their children with the bare necessities. Housing assistance in New Jersey comes in different forms, like affordable and subsidized housing. Affordable housing in New Jersey comes with low rents and is available through programs such as New Jersey Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, Section 8 Housing Program, etc. Some of these resources and housing assistance programs in New Jersey are as follows:

1. NJHMFA, New Jersey Housing And Mortgage Finance Agency

New Jersey Housing And Mortgage Finance Agency offer affordable housing solutions to low and moderate-income families, community individuals, and single mothers. This agency offers various types of programs, such as the Foreclosure Mediation Assistance program, the Rental Assistance program, and the Homeownership Program. NJHMFA aims to improve the quality of life for New Jersey residents and help them to locate affordable homeownership and rental housing opportunities. This program covers low and moderate-income individuals, people having specialized housing requirements, older adults, and single moms. 

2. DCA, New Jersey Department Of Community Affairs

This state agency in New Jersey offers financial support, administrative guidance, technical assistance, and other resources to Community Development Organizations, local governments, individuals, and businesses. DCA offers many housing assistance services and programs to enable low-income families, individuals, and single moms to locate affordable housing. There are also many affordable rental assistance programs designed by this agency, such as the Affordable Housing Production Program and the State Rental Assistance Program. Single mothers struggling to fulfill their housing needs can apply for these programs by visiting the official website of this agency.

3. JCHA, The Jersey City Housing Authority

The Jersey City Housing Authority was established in 1938 to provide affordable and decent housing to low and moderate-income families, disabled individuals, senior citizens, and single moms living in New Jersey. The JCHA is the second-largest Public Housing Authority in New Jersey which serves more than 15,000 New Jersey residents. Single moms who are looking for affordable accommodation in New Jersey must visit the official site of the Jersey City Housing Authority and learn about the eligibility information and application procedure.

4. State Homeless Prevention Program

The New Jersey Department Of Community administers and manages the State Homeless Prevention Program, designed to provide financial assistance to low and moderate-income households, including single mothers, to prevent eviction or foreclosure. This program provides limited financial assistance to families experiencing a temporary financial crisis. The recipients of this program can receive help through loans or housing grants. The DCA provides funds directly to the landlords on behalf of the eligible participants.

5. New Jersey Housing Choice Voucher Program

The DCA administers New Jersey Housing Choice Voucher Program. Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 program offers rent subsidies to recipients to rent apartments, townhouses, or homes on the private rental market. The New Jersey Housing Agencies working across the state will administer the rental subsidies and will decide the eligibility criteria of the applicants. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development funds the Housing Choice Voucher Program. In this program, participants have to pay only a part of their monthly rent, and the remaining part is covered under this program.

6. New Jersey Public Housing Program

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development supports the New Jersey Public Housing Program. This organization promotes low-cost and safe housing for low and moderate-income families. The program prioritizes single moms facing financial difficulties who cannot provide shelter for their families. The program will pay for 70% of the monthly rent on behalf of eligible low-income candidates.

7. SRAP, The State Rental Assistance Program In New Jersey

The New Jersey Department Of Community Affairs finances the state rental assistance program to provide rental assistance to needy families and low-income single mothers. Qualified candidates will get rental assistance and support for up to five years of this program. The main eligibility criterion is that candidates should not be covered in the Federal Housing Voucher Program to enjoy the benefits of SRAP. Candidates will get around 40% of the median revenue based on family size and location.

8. CAP, Community Action Partnership

The Community Action Partnership of Sussex County is a nonprofit organization that provides many housing services to needy families and low-income individuals, including single moms. This organization provides rental assistance, emergency housing assistance, and other support to enable families and single mothers to achieve financial freedom and self-sufficiency. 


There are a plethora of housing assistance programs and resources available to single moms living with their children in New Jersey. If you are a single mom looking to apply for housing assistance programs in New Jersey, it is critical to research every program according to your eligibility requirements and housing needs. 

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