Single Mom Rental Assistance Georgia

Single Mom Rental Assistance Georgia

There are many infrastructure, services, and facilities available to single moms in Georgia however still many of them face a hard time in finding safe, affordable, and decent housing for themselves including their children. Fortunately, the Georgian government has assisted single mothers with programs and housing assistance so that they can get a secure shelter. This guide will help you learn about rental assistance schemes and programs for single moms and children in Georgia.

Tips For Single Moms Seeking Rental Assistance In Georgia

Single moms who want to boost their chances of receiving financial aid and rent assistance from the government and nongovernmental organizations should ensure submitting all the documentation within the time as filing incomplete applications will lead to denial or delays. Besides you can also use local resources such as the local Housing Authority office or contact neighboring community action agencies to avail of additional rental assistance programs near your region.

List Of Single Mom Rental Assistance In Georgia

If you’re a low-income single mom in Georgia then you might feel the stress of providing for your children on one source of income. Fortunately, there are private housing grants, rental assistance programs, and state-sponsored resources that assist single moms in Georgia who are struggling to pay for their rent and utilities. The following is a good starting point for single moms in Georgia who are looking for rent assistance programs.

1. Georgia TANF

The challenges of raising children single-handedly can be daunting for a lot of single moms. They can take the assistance of the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program which helps them in easing their economic burden and providing them cash assistance so that they can cover their basic needs like utilities, rent, food, and clothing.  Not only housing assistance, the TANF program in Georgia also provides funds for transportation costs and childcare services.

2. Georgia Department Of Community Affairs

The housing agency of Georgia known as the Georgia Department of Community Affairs is a good place to start for single moms who are looking for rental assistance programs or affordable housing. The objective of this state housing agency is to make sure all the low-income citizens of Georgia including single moms can access affordable and proper housing. The agency works collaboratively with volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and local governments to achieve its aim. Being a single mom you will be assisted with your rent assistance, mortgage, or even legal help in housing matters.

3. Georgia Housing Support

This housing support in Georgia was founded with the main purpose of supplying affordable and emergency housing to people in need including single moms who are at imminent risk of foreclosure or eviction. The Georgia Housing Support enables individuals, especially single mothers, to keep up with their rent payments and assist them with basic startup costs such as household items and furniture. The rent assistance program is tailored to single moms and young adults who are not above 21 years of age and other citizens who do not fall into this category are still encouraged to apply for this program.

4. Georgia Low Income Coalition

Low Income Coalition is a national scheme however like any other state Georgia has its specific department. Due to insufficient homes across the state, the Low Income Georgia Coalition offers mortgage loans, housing grants, grocery and healthcare assistance, and rental help to low-income Georgia residents including single mothers. The main criteria to be eligible for rental assistance provided by Georgia’s Low Income Coalition is that you must earn an income of less than 30% of the average earnings of the area where you are living.

5. Housing and Community Development’s Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

Single moms dwelling in the county of Fulton can access this tenant-based rental assistance program which offers help and assistance to single moms and low-income residents in different forms such as deposit assistance, utility bills, rent payments, and so on. This rental assistance scheme is funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development every year and as a result, all the activities under the program should adhere to the home regulations. Single mothers unable to afford rent or utility bills can seek this assistance program to attain self-sufficiency.

6. Georgia Alliance To End Homelessness

Georgia Alliance To End Homelessness is a group of advocates which was formed in the late 80s. The mission of this organization is to end homelessness and this is the reason why it offers massive programs and works tirelessly with low-income residents so that they can find transition as well as affordable housing, rent assistance, pay bills, find reliable employment, etc. Single moms who are looking for ways to get rental help and secure a shelter can take assistance from this advocates group.

7. Housing Choice Voucher Program

Section 8 or the Housing Choice Voucher Program is a popular housing program that is available throughout the United States even in Georgia and operates under the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. This housing program is designed specifically for low-income and extremely poor households who are unable to afford decent housing or cover their rent payments in the private market because of their financial situation. The objective of the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Georgia is to offer decent, affordable, and safe living conditions.

8. Tifton Housing Authority

The low-income population including single mothers and moderate families is served by the Tifton Housing Authority in Georgia so that they can access affordable housing. Single moms who are looking for safe and affordable homes in the state can take assistance from different housing authorities. Tifton was founded in the late 70s and has been working since then for the upliftment of the low-income population. The organization works with volunteers for nonprofit organizations and community members to fulfill its mission and provide housing assistance programs and rent assistance to eligible candidates.


If you’re a struggling single mom in Georgia then there is rent available for you throughout the state. The rent assistance programs prioritize renters whose income falls below a specific percentage of the area median income. Single moms can visit the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to locate rental and housing assistance programs.

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