Scholarships For Single Moms In Florida

Scholarships For Single Moms In Florida

Scholarships for single moms in Florida are provided by the federal government as well as different nonprofit organizations, foundations, and private entities to meet the higher cost of education. These scholarship programs enable them to continue higher education and afford their education expenses so that they can secure a financial future for themselves and their children.

How Florida Offers Scholarships For Single Moms?

A lot of single moms in Florida want to attend school or college to grab better paying opportunities in addition to child rearing, providing for the family and household responsibilities. Although it can become a challenging feat for single moms to handle education and other responsibilities at the same time there are ways through which they can make it work. It has been found that single moms who are living at or below the poverty level in Florida can better their situation by grabbing a higher education degree. With a minimum bachelor’s degree, they will be five times less likely to be in dire financial status. Therefore single moms in Florida must locate scholarship programs and earn a degree.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In Florida?

Scholarships are a viable way for single moms to return to school without incurring a lot of loans or debt. The majority of scholarship awards are given to candidates based on their aptitude and academic performance while some are driven by the financial status and economic necessity of the candidate. There are even scholarship programs that consider the degrees, areas of studies, ethnicity, and abilities of candidates before giving them a scholarship award. Following is the list of scholarships for single moms that you can apply for in Florida.

1. Single Parents Alliance of America Scholarship

Single moms in Florida who wish to complete their education can apply for the Single Parents Alliance Of America Scholarship. Single moms are required to enroll themselves in post-secondary education and be supporters of the organization known as Single Parents Alliance of America offers assistance programs and scholarships to single moms and dads. The scholarship award depends on the financial need of the applicant and membership is both free as well as private.

2. Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)

WISP or the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program is designed for women who have suffered domestic or physical violence at the hands of their partner or spouse. Single moms in Florida can apply for the program provided they have enrolled in an authorized college or university. Single moms are required to be separated from their abusive partner or an unhealthy relationship for a minimum year and not more than five years to qualify for the scholarship.

3. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Single moms who have more than 35 years in Florida and are seeking an associate, or bachelor’s degree in a vocational technical field can apply for the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund. This scholarship program takes a lot of factors into consideration before granting your scholarship awards such as your finances, your educational objectives, your career plan to attain the objectives, and how your plans can benefit the community. The scholarship award may vary depending on your location and to be eligible for the award you need to attend a recognized college at university.

4. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Single Mother Scholarship

The Rosenfield Injury Lawyer offers two scholarship awards worth $1000 to eligible single moms. Single moms in Florida are required to write a 500-word essay about how going back to school as a mom can help them. You need to include effective listening, time efficiency, and how you are handling responsibilities as a mom.

Among all the applications 5 candidates are selected every year. You need to enroll yourself in an accredited college or university and must prove your single mother status. Women in undergraduate schools or law school are eligible to apply for the program provided they have a 3.0 grade point average.

5. Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship

The scholarship grant award for single moms is named after the congresswoman Patsy Takemoto Mink. The scholarship is designed for women who are enrolling themselves in college and are 17 years or above with minor children.

The scholarship award is related to the financial situation of the applicant. Single moms are required to enroll themselves in an accredited training, certificate, or diploma program. Eligible single moms can receive a one-time grant of $5000. Every year five awards are given to eligible applicants based on their ability to fund.

6. EFWA, Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Women in Transition Scholarship

The Education Foundation for Women in Accounting provides the Woman in Transition scholarship for eligible single moms and other women who want to rejoin the accountancy degree program. Single moms in Florida who are breadwinners for their families have enrolled as undergraduate students, and are looking for ways to acquire an accounting bachelor’s degree can apply for the scholarship program. The scholarship award is $4000 annually for four years and eligible candidates have to maintain a GPA of 3.0 to reapply.

7. Live Your Dream Award

The Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Grant provides a scholarship award ranging between $3000 to $10,000. Women who are the primary providers of their families and caregivers of their children can apply for the scholarship award to pursue higher education. You need to enroll in an accredited undergraduate degree program or a skill training program to qualify. Candidates must show a robust financial need to receive a grant award once however you must not have a graduate degree. Single moms in Florida can apply for the program and the grant award may vary depending on your location.


The aforementioned scholarship programs for single moms in Florida are a perfect choice for low-income single moms who want to attain higher educational goals but are facing financial difficulties. Unlike student loans, scholarships and grants do not require a payback therefore single moms need not worry about how to pay for their educational expenses and not drop out of school. Every scholarship program has its own set of application procedures and qualifying rules which you need to add.

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