Scholarships For Single Moms In New Mexico

Scholarships For Single Moms In New Mexico

As per the US Census Bureau around 80% of single-parent households in America are headed by single moms. Single moms have to face a lot of financial hardship associated with being a solo parent. Acquiring a college degree and having a good education is a way to improve your economic prospects. This means getting a college degree.

A lot of single moms are putting special emphasis on completing graduation from college. The state of New Mexico is home to tons of private, public, and two-year educational institutions. Low-income students including single moms can attend college without incurring a huge financial debt. Single-mom students who are struggling to pay their college fees can apply for the scholarship mentioned in this guide to save money and attain self-sufficiency.

What Are The Importance Of Scholarship Programs For Single Moms In New Mexico?

Obtaining a college degree is helpful for single moms however it comes with specific benefits and reasons as well. Following are the important scholarship programs that single moms in New Mexico can receive.

1. More Earning Potential

A lot of single moms are applying for scholarship programs to complete a bachelor’s degree or pursue higher education and boost their earning potential. For single moms living in poverty or struggling to make ends meet, a scholarship is a means to improve their well-being.

2. Low Unemployment

Acquiring a college degree not only helps to improve your earnings but will also lower your chance of being unemployed. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of unemployment for individuals was 4% and for those with high school diplomas was 5.2%. Single moms in Mexico can reduce their unemployment rate by applying for scholarships and acquiring a college degree.

3. Improved Career Opportunities

Higher and better education paves the way for personal advancement. High-paying jobs require high education, skills, and training which only a few people, especially single moms, have in Mexico. Without a good degree, certain jobs with high-paying prospects may seem out of reach for single moms. By acquiring a scholarship program you can improve your career prospects, complete your education, and get rid of unemployment and poverty.

What Are The Available Scholarships for Single Moms In New Mexico?

Following is the list of scholarship programs for single moms in New Mexico.

1. Legislative Lottery Scholarship Program

The Legislative Lottery Scholarship is funded by the New Mexico public education department and covers a portion of tuition fees for eligible undergraduates who are attending New Mexico high school and have enrolled in two or four-year public New Mexico schools.

Eligible students should have a GPA of 2.5 and should enroll themselves at an accredited college or university after completing high school graduation. This scholarship program is awarded to recipients during their second college semesters and can also be renewed for up to seven semesters or four-year students while for two years students it can be renewed for up to three semesters.

2. New Mexico Scholars Program

Financial assistance through the New Mexico Scholars program is provided to students who graduated in the top 5% of their high school class and have a 25 ACT score or 1140 SAT scores. Recipients of the program should enroll themselves full-time at a four-year New Mexico school. To receive this scholarship program single moms students should have an income of less than $60,000. Low-income students can apply for the program by contacting the financial aid office of their college.

3. Student Incentive Grants

A financial award between $200 to $2500 per year is provided to New Mexico students including single moms through the Student Incentive Grants. Financial assistance is provided to students who are attending New Mexico Public Religion University.

Eligible candidates must enroll themselves as undergraduates at least half-time to receive the financial award. The scholarship award is based on the financial needs of students and can be renewed every year until the recipient can earn a bachelor’s degree.

4. New Mexico Graduate Scholarships

Graduate students who have enrolled at an accredited New Mexico college or university can apply for the New Mexico Graduate Scholarship program to receive assistance and pursue higher education. The main priority is given to applicants who belong to the minority group and are also underrepresented in the graduate programs.

To receive the financial award recipients should participate in unpaid internships for 10 hours per week at their institution. The scholarship award is up to $7200 and renewable for the second year. Single students applying for the program should apply for the scholarship at their college or university.

5. College Affordability Grants

New Mexico residents who are looking for scholarship opportunities to pursue higher education and are facing financial difficulties can apply for College Affordability Grants. Single moms can also apply for the program and receive assistance.

The monetary benefits received from this program depend on the individual needs of the applicants however the maximum amount provided is $1000. To apply for the program students need to fill out FAFSA and contact the financial aid office of their college.

6. NMSU Academic Scholarships

Single-mom students can receive academic scholarships through New Mexico State University. By applying for the President’s Associates Excellence Scholarship you can cover your fees, tuition, and housing costs. The scholarship program is awarded to students who have a GPA of 3.75 as well as an ACT score of 28 or above.

The New Mexico State University also provides the Honor Sexual Scholarship Program that helps candidates cover college fees and tuition and is provided to individuals who have a minimum GPA of 3.75 including an ACT score of 24. Another program is the Region Success Scholarship which helps individuals cover college fees and tuition and is awarded to students having a GPA of 3.5.


To improve your chance of winning scholarships for single moms you need to have a strong academic performance and must get involved in your community. Single moms have to research the different scholarship opportunities that are available in the state of New Mexico. Also, keep an eye on the application deadlines and provide relevant information on your application. The eligibility requirements of the program require single moms to give proof of their status, academic performance, and financial need.

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