Scholarships For Single Moms In Missouri

Scholarships For Single Moms In Missouri

Finding a way to fund a college education seems to be a herculean task for single moms. Thankfully there is a wide array of scholarships available for single moms in Missouri to assist women with the cost of college education. Merit-based scholarships, university scholarships, and private scholarships are primarily main types of programs that can help single moms pay for their education expenses.

In Missouri, the Department Of Higher Education as well as other private institutions have taken the responsibility to combat the rising college costs and help needy Americans to pay for the high cost. Single moms and students can qualify for substantial scholarship programs and other financial aid opportunities.

What Are The Importance Of Financial Aid Initiatives For Single Moms In Missouri?

Financial assistance for single moms in Missouri in the form of grants and scholarship programs helps them to fulfill their educational goals and gives them the right financial support to acquire a college degree. Single moms in Missouri face extreme economic difficulties due to inadequate income sources. This is the reason why financial assistance programs like grants, scholarships, and child care assistance exist in Missouri that help them overcome financial stress and empower them to gain stable employment through higher education.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In Missouri?

Following is the list of scholarship programs for single moms in Missouri.

1. EVERFI Financial Literacy Scholarship

The Missouri Bankers Association agency has sponsored the EVERFI Financial Literacy Scholarship Program to encourage single moms and low-income students and boost financial literacy and responsibility among them.

To apply for this scholarship program you need to have a strong financial need as well as have academic accomplishments. You need to plan on attending a junior college or university in Missouri after completing high school graduation. Further single moms and low-income students have to enroll themselves in the EVERFI financial literacy programs or complete them successfully.

2. The Missouri Higher Education Academic Scholarship Or “Bright Flight”

The Missouri Higher Education academic scholarship is a program designed for high school students who have the best scores in the top 3% of the SAT or ACT examinations. Single-mom students are eligible to receive financial assistance up to $2000. You need not file any application for the program.

The scores of the SAT or ACT exams are submitted to the Missouri Department of Higher Education. The process of providing scholarship programs takes about 6 to 8 weeks and after assessing your eligibility criteria you will be granted an approval letter through mail.

3. Missouri Teacher Education Scholarship

The Missouri Teacher Education Scholarship is a program designed for students who are attending school for education or teaching. To be eligible single-mom students need to be residents of Missouri, high school seniors, in the top 15% positions in their high school class, and attend four four-year colleges or universities as full-time students.

If you’re successful in scoring in the top 15% of the ACT or SAT exam you can receive assistance. It is important to work in an elementary or secondary public school for a minimum of five years. Eligible candidates can receive financial assistance up to $1000.

4. Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program

A scholarship award granted by the state, federal as well and philanthropic organizations is known as the Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program. The program is based on the financial need of the applicant and is determined by completing the FAFSA form. The expected family contribution on FAFSA will determine the amount of assistance that you can receive from the program.

The scholarship assistance will depend on the type of institution you are attending. Students who have enrolled in a public two-year college can receive assistance between $300 to $1000. Enrolling in a public four-year college will help you to receive an award between $1000 to $2150. Private schooling enables candidates to receive scholarship awards ranging between $2000 to $4600.

5. The Purdy Emerging Leaders Scholarship

The Purdy Emerging Leader Scholarship Program is funded by the Missouri Scholarship and Loan Foundation which strives to make education affordable and accessible for low-income Missouri families including single moms.

The scholarship program is based on the merit of the individual and is awarded to those who can show leadership qualities with robust financial need. To qualify for assistance you need to prove that you are attending a four-year public school in Missouri as a junior, sophomore, or senior.

Single-mom students are eligible to receive assistance under this program provided they have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and a recommendation from a counselor or instructor, or anyone else in a similar position.

6. Jeanne Parker Honorarium Endowment

The Jeanne Parker Honorarium Endowment Grant is designed by the Missouri State Council and sponsored by officials of the Sigma Alpha Foundation. Under this grant program, single moms and low-income students can receive financial assistance to cover their educational costs.

Financial assistance may vary depending on a wide array of factors like financial need, leadership qualities as demonstrated by individuals, and their scholastic ability. The deadline for receiving the scholarship award is the 2nd of February. Moreover, students are required to have a minimum 3.0 to 3.5 GPA to receive resistance under this program.

7. Missouri Mayflower Society Scholarship

The Missouri Mayflower Society Scholarship as sponsored and administered by the Society of Mayflower descendants in the state helps single moms and low-income students to cover their educational costs.

You need not be a resident of Mayflower to receive assistance as the program is open to all Missouri residents who are high school seniors and are planning to start their post-secondary education after graduation in the fall.


Missouri scholarships for low-income single moms are an amazing resource that helps them fulfill higher educational aspirations. A lot of women including single moms in the state of Missouri are unable to acquire a college education due to an inadequate source of income. In this type of situation, the scholarship programs help them to overcome economic constraints and graduate. Higher education for single moms is not only good academically but also helps them to provide a better life for their children and families.

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