Single Mom Support Groups Colorado Springs

Single Mom Support Groups Colorado Springs

The everyday life of a single mother is quite challenging, and it is easy to suffer from anxiety and depression. Social isolation and lack of support can result in mental health problems. In this scenario, you must have a reliable network you can count on to reap mental and emotional support and parenting tips and strategies. The overwhelming feelings of anxiety, shame, vulnerability, confusion, and helplessness can be reduced when you connect with a group of women who can support you. Fortunately, there are a lot of support groups and useful resources for single moms in Colorado Springs.

Why Join Single Mom Support Groups In Colorado Springs?

Natural healing requires single mothers to get to the source of the wound, which may take some time and attention. Joining a single mom’s support group in Colorado Springs is a great way to overcome your past and bond with other single parents. These groups share necessary tips and techniques to handle stress in life and share your joys and concerns with others who can understand your emotions. The unspoken connection with other single moms in the group will help you to give the acceptance and recognition you are looking for. If you cannot find a suitable single-parent support group near you, you can set up one yourself in Colorado Springs.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Colorado Springs

Many single mothers in Colorado Springs have a robust support system. If you’re looking for suitable single mom support groups in Colorado Springs the below-mentioned resources can be of great use to you.


This local group brings mothers at all stages together for fitness classes. Pregnant, single mothers, newly postpartum mothers, and other women can join the classes that provide Stroller Barre, Stroller strides, Stroller 360, and other fun activities. Single mothers in Colorado Springs who want to bring their children along are welcome. The fitness instructors who provide the fitness classes are certified in pre as well as post-natal fitness. The cost per class may vary; you can also become a playgroup captain where you can plan and organize activities for children, welcome newcomers in the group, and coordinate guest speakers in exchange for discounted membership.

2. Lutheran Medical Center Support Groups

This center provides breastfeeding support groups, parenting, and baby feeding support in Wheat Ridge. These groups are facilitated by licensed registered nurse lactation consultants. The registered nurse has specialized in the new mother’s roles, and information on medical topics, and holds discussions for breastfeeding mothers. Single mothers who are pregnant or expecting a baby can attend the classes free of cost and solve their doubts and concerns.

3. Moxie Moms

Moxie Moms group is based in Boulder County in Colorado Springs and connects mothers through mom’s night outs, special events, hiking, and many more activities. It provides money-saving discounts through collaboration with local businesses. The annual membership fee of this group is around $65 and members can receive up to 15% discount at Moxie Moms retail, activity business partners, and food.

4. Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Mothers of Preschoolers works closely with local churches around the metro area for the upliftment and empowerment of mothers with kids aged up to five years including expectant and pregnant mothers. The meeting format of every group may vary however it generally includes childcare, food, and guest speakers during meetings. The meeting holds small group discussions on parenting topics and helps mothers coming from different walks of life to participate in creative and unique projects. The annual membership of groups is around $32.

5. Healthy Expectations Perinatal Mental Health Program

Healthy Expectations is an organization that provides therapy groups to postpartum and pregnant women as well as their babies. Joining the Healthy Expectation Pain Mental Health Program in Colorado Springs gives an opportunity to pregnant single mothers or expectant mothers to experience improvement in their mental health condition and get an opportunity to talk to other mothers. Experts in psychological psychiatry, social work, nursing, and pediatrics lead to the program. A lot of programs are payable through Medicaid or insurance and provide mom-baby therapy as well as individual medication management.

6. MOMS Club

MOMS Club chapters are a resource that targets stay-at-home moms and aims to support and uplift them. Most of the activities of the MOMS Club take place during working hours when stay-at-home mothers need help and support. Children along with their mothers are always welcome. Every chapter includes a monthly meeting that covers a wide range of topics related to parenting, parties, company groups, clothing or gear swaps, babysitting, philanthropic projects, etc.

7. Single In The Springs Social Club

If you’re an empty nester or a newly single mom who just moved to Colorado Springs you can get an opportunity to start living your life again and build new connections by joining this support group. Members of this group have fun and support each other in tough times. If you love traveling, visiting mountains, and hiking then the group will be the right choice for you. There are around 874 members in this public group in Colorado Springs.

8. Peanut App

One of the biggest concerns about joining a mom’s group in Colorado spring for the first time is whether you can find other single parents like you who are going through similar challenges and struggles. Peanut App takes this guesswork out for single moms and helps them in making a beautiful connection. You need to fill out a profile that includes your interest in my neighborhood, the number of children, and other important factors.


Single moms in Colorado Springs who are feeling like they are going through a non-stop hurdle race can share their unique set of challenges and problems in support groups that are designed so that participants can get a sense of support, empowerment, and connection. Here you can get answers to your concerns in the most challenging questions, track your pregnancy and your baby’s growth, connect with other single mothers or dads and even get a community you can count on in your tough time.

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