Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Colorado

Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Colorado

Low-income single moms get immediate as well as long-term rental assistance from government organizations and nonprofit charities in Colorado. The Colorado rental assistance programs prioritize single moms, disabled adults, and senior citizens. The resources include free grant money to cover rent, utility, free lawyers, security deposit assistance, and low-income housing support. The main objective of the rental assistance program is to prevent eviction or foreclosure and give stable housing to people who are at risk of becoming homeless.

How Can I Find Help With Rent In Colorado?

There are federal, state, and local resources for single moms in Colorado that can help them with rent payments. The housing and rent assistance programs are available statewide and require applicants to fulfill the income restrictions and additional eligibility criteria. You can find help with rent in Colorado by contacting your local charity, church, nonprofit organization, government resources, and other financial resources mentioned in the below guide. These agencies help single moms move to affordable payment and pay for security deposit and rent expenses. The Emergency Rental Assistance Programs will help you to cover short-term or one-time crises if you are in imminent danger of eviction. You can also turn to local county resources in the state to get funding to cover your basic housing expenses.

List Of Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Colorado

Having a clean, safe, and affordable shelter is a need for everyone. Low-income earning individuals, particularly single moms, are often devoid of this basic need due to financial limitations. Fortunately, the state of Colorado offers a variety of housing resources and rental assistance programs to avoid homelessness. Below is the list of rental assistance programs for single moms that you can avail of.

1. Colorado Homeless Prevention Programs

Low-income Colorado renters, including single moms going through homelessness or facing a housing crisis, can apply for grant money to cover their rent payments through the Homeless Prevention Program in the state. The program offers housing help to homeless adults, women, and teens in Colorado. The program provides funds for offering emergency rental assistance to low-income households. The state funds the program through tax credits and adjustments.

2. Colorado Division Of Housing Programs

Colorado has many resources for single moms who are looking for rental support such as the Supportive Housing programs for disabled individuals or people with special needs. Single moms with a disability or having children with special needs can seek rental support and housing assistance from this program. Moreover, there are rapid rehousing, ESG, and homeless initiative grants available for low-income individuals in Colorado. Such combined government programs will help you with low-cost housing for rent and case management. The first and foremost step to looking for affordable housing is to find the Colorado Division of Housing programs near you.

2. Colorado Works

The TANF program in Colorado is known as Colorado Works which serves single-parent families and low-income households with children by offering them supportive services and cash assistance so that they can become self-sufficient single as well as two-parent families in Colorado. This welfare program covers pregnant women, single parents, low-income households with minor children, needy two-parent families, and disabled individuals.  A household of three members in Colorado can receive cash assistance at $559 monthly. If you’re a single mom and resident of Colorado then you need to contact the Social Services or Human Services in your county to apply for this program. The cash assistance received through this program can be used towards fulfilling basic needs like rent payments, food, clothing, and other necessities.

3. Colorado Section 8 Voucher Program

The Colorado Housing Authorities offer Section 8 rental vouchers to single moms and other eligible low-income households. The vouchers include private landlord-rented homes, apartments, houses, and subsidized rents. Single moms can receive such vouchers based on their household income. Low or moderate-income households who require help to cover their rent payments and housing costs should apply for the Section 8 Housing Voucher Program. The Colorado Housing Choice Voucher program offers rental assistance to eligible single moms by subsidizing a part of their monthly utility and rent payments through vouchers. Application for this program is based on a lottery where random drawings are met once a year.

4. The First Mennonite Church (FMC)

Direct assistance program is provided by the First Mennonite Church in Colorado through which low-income individuals and single moms can receive utility and rent assistance. If you’re residing in neighborhoods around churches then you are eligible to receive financial support and assistance. The church helps needy people in Westside Colorado so that they can remain housed and keep their house lights on.

5. Denver Rescue Mission

Another nonprofit organization that offers comfortable and safe housing to low-income single moms and individuals in Colorado is Denver Rescue Mission. If you’re facing homelessness or at the risk of eviction then you can seek rental help as well as food and safety assistance through this organization. Denver Rescue Mission offers many emergency services like shelter, meals, long long-term housing solutions like transitional programs and rehabilitation to eligible candidates.

6. The Hope House Colorado

This is an organization in Colorado that runs a residential program for single moms and their children. If you’re unable to offer a stable, safe, and affordable home due to financial limitations then you can turn to this organization for assistance. The program is designed particularly for mothers who are living in unhygienic and unsafe environments and are at risk of becoming homeless. The organization offers 12-bedroom homes that offer mothers one week of relief care as well as transitional housing for nine months.


Rental assistance programs offer a lifeline to single moms in Colorado or those surviving on one source of income and struggling to make ends meet. Through the resources and programs mentioned above low-income single moms can receive financial support for housing-related expenses like rent and utilities. By taking advantage of these rental assistance programs single moms can provide safe and secure housing for their children. Single moms in Colorado are recommended to contact the local Housing Authority or a charity near them that specializes in housing assistance and can help them remain housed.

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