Rent Assistance For Single Moms California

Rent Assistance For Single Moms California

Popularly hailed as the Golden State, California has a high cost of living, and therefore a significant percentage of low-income Californians, especially single moms, are living in poverty. To reduce the financial burden of low-income individuals and single-parent families California has designed several assistance programs to make their life a bit easier.

How To Find Rental Help As A Single Mom In California?

Single motherhood can be a taxing experience when it comes to finding safe and affordable housing, especially in a state like California where the cost of living is significantly higher than in other states, and locating affordable housing or cheap rent is a significant obstacle for low-income single moms. Fortunately, housing assistance and rental help is available for struggling single moms in California in the form of emergency housing assistance, home buyer assistance, and rental assistance program. As a single mom providing a safe shelter to your kids and family is a basic need. You can get help with rent if you’re going through financial challenges from governmental organizations and nonprofit institutions in California.

List Of Rent Assistance For Single Moms In California

If you’re looking for a rental assistance program for single moms in California then take a look at the following resources.

1. California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA)

The California Housing Agency has been supporting the needs of low, extremely low, and moderate-income homebuyers and renters for more than 45 years by offering a lot of rental assistance, home financing, and home assistance programs with a main emphasis on equity. The agency offers down payment assistance, low-interest loans including a rental assistance program for single moms who can qualify and can meet the eligibility requirements at income guidelines. Founded in 1975, the California Housing Finance Agency offers a plethora of housing assistance for single moms and if you need rent assistance then you can visit the official website of CalHFA.

2. CalWORKs

The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program in California is known as CalWORKs. This welfare program offers supportive services and cash assistance to needy families and low-income individuals in California. A family with little or no funds and in need of housing, clothing, rent assistance for food, utility help, medical care, or transportation assistance can be eligible to receive short-term help through this program. Eligible recipients of the program can receive assistance for a maximum of 48 months in a lifetime. There is no limitation on cash benefits for children but in some California counties children receive voucher help instead of cash assistance. Single moms who are finding it difficult to pay their rent can apply for this program and can use the cash assistance towards rent payments. Single moms belonging to a household of three members with no source of income can receive cash benefits of nearly $925 monthly. The cash amount may vary depending on your location in California.

3. California Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program in California offers rental assistance to single moms and other low-income households. The eligibility criteria to receive rental vouchers in this program will depend on applicants’ household size, income, and other factors. You can visit the website of the California Department of Housing and Community Development to learn more information and eligibility details about the California Section 8 housing choice voucher program.

4. Catholic Charities

Single moms who are not able to qualify for government assistance programs to cover their rent and utility bills can apply for assistance from charitable organizations and churches. One such resource is Catholic Charities. The Homeless Prevention Programs by Catholic Charities provide financial assistance so that single moms who are facing an emergency such as imminent eviction can pay their rent and remain in the house. The assistance and fund is also used for paying security deposits. This allows single moms and needy families to attain housing stability.

5. Emergency Rental Assistance By Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers emergency housing assistance and rental help for single moms and poor individuals in California for up to 24 months. Families with children and women in the program get consultation from social workers that help them overcome the barriers in life. The charity mainly supports low-income single moms without a stable and clean housing environment for their children and offers them services like case management, hot meals, rental assistance, case management, and child support so that they can attain self-sufficiency.

6. Housing Industry Foundation

Single mothers in California who need immediate help or one-time rental assistance can contact the Housing Industry Foundation. This foundation aims to enable poor individuals, single-parent families, and others to get stable housing. The Homeless Prevention Programs offered by the Housing Industry Foundation enable recipients to avail of affordable housing initiatives, shelter innovation funds, and emergency housing grants to cover their rent expenses. The foundation collaborates with service agencies, community organizations, and nonprofit institutions to help eligible candidates. You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria to seek rental assistance from the foundation which requires you to be currently homeless or at the risk of being homeless. Recipients are also required to demonstrate their capability to meet rent and other housing expenses in the future. The Emergency Housing Grant award is $2500 which can be used for rent, security deposit, and utilities. This is an emergency rent assistance therefore grants are funded within 24 hours of your request. Single moms living in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties in California can receive this grant.


There are plenty of organizations that offer rental assistance for single moms in California. To receive assistance you must meet the family income requirements and also show proof of your status as the primary caregiver of dependence to avail assistance. There can be additional requirements that you might have to fulfill such as age, employment status, and residency. Single moms are encouraged to research every rental assistance program to determine the requirements and eligibility criteria and then apply for it. If it is a constant challenge for you to locate reasonable housing on one source of income then the above-mentioned programs will be the right choice for you.

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