Single Mom Lawyer Assistance In Michigan

Single Mom Lawyer Assistance In Michigan

It is not so difficult for single mothers and low-income families to avail low-cost lawyers or free legal aid in Michigan. There are nonprofit advocacy agencies and organizations that offer assistance and legal advice to low-income single mothers in different legal matters. This guide will help you to learn reputable legal aid services in Michigan that are available for low-income single mothers with legal issues.

What Factors Should Single Mom Consider While Seeking Legal Assistance In Michigan?

There are some important aspects that single moms need to consider while seeking legal help and assistance such as the following:

1. Understand The Multiple Types Of Legal Representation

Single mothers are required to understand the legal representation types that are available in Michigan such as pro bono law firms, legal aid offices and private attorneys who can provide them either free legal help or services at reduced cost. Each decision has its own set of limitations and benefits, therefore researching and investing time before making a decision is important so that you can select the right service as per your needs and conditions.

2. Become Aware Of Your Obligations And Rights Under The Michigan Law

Single moms must learn their legal rights and obligations to make well-informed decisions about their legal disputes. There are Bar Association programs and legal aid offices in Michigan that can help single mothers provide legal discussions and help them understand their legal rights.

3. Researching The Type Of Professional Or Legal Service You Need

As a single mom, you need to research the different legal assistance types that are available and which professional or service will help you to best address the legal issues. Finding an attorney who can represent your case in court and provide you with high-quality legal representation at affordable rates is important.

Different Single-Mom Lawyer Assistance In Michigan

Following are the different resources and legal help that single moms can access in Michigan if they are facing financial difficulties and are looking for legal assistance.

1. Michigan Legal Help

This is a legal aid organization and a part of the Michigan advocacy program which offers  access to an equal justice system for people who need it the most. This is a nonprofit organization and the funding comes from the Michigan State Bar Foundation, and Michigan Supreme Court as well as grants from the legal services, corporation, and State Bar of Michigan. Single mothers looking for affordable or free legal services can visit the official Michigan legal help website and become well-informed about the services available. The team of Michigan Legal Help works tirelessly with courts, judges, Bar Association for Lawyers, self-help centers, nonprofit legal aid agencies, and libraries to promote quality legal assistance.

2. The Counsel & Advocacy Law Line (CALL)

CALL is a division of Lakeshore Legal Aid that provides brief services, attorney staff telephone service, and referrals to low-income individuals, senior people, and single mothers who are unable to afford a private attorney. Eligible clients will receive brief services and immediate legal advice from The Counsel & Advocacy Law Line while ineligible callers will be provided with social service referrals and private bar. They will help you to get legal advice and help on education, consumer, health, employment, and housing disputes. If you’re looking for free or affordable legal help then contact 1-888-783-8190 to find out if they are willing to help you.

3. Michigan Legal Aid Offices

It is difficult for single mothers to go through the taxing child custody process on their own without availing of a legally helpful structure. If you’re unable to afford an attorney because of financial limitations then do not worry as you have plenty of places in Michigan to turn to for support and legal help. One such place is to contact your nearby legal aid offices and parents with legal representation so you can fulfill the income eligibility requirements.

4. Modest Means Program

The Modest Means Program is provided in the state of Michigan for low-income individuals including single mothers who do not meet the income requirements that are necessary to get free help from legal aid offices. The Modest Means Program will help you with reduced-cost legal representation in your case. The program will assist single mom Lawyer Assistance to represent in legal proceedings.

5. Legal Aid And Defender Association, Inc. (LAD)

This legal association serves Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb Counties in Michigan. The Legal Aid And Defender Association Inc. offers low-cost or free civil legal services to single moms and other low-income individuals. The areas where you can access free or reduced legal services are property rights, income support, bankruptcy, Social Security, public benefits, Department of Human Services, food stamps, education, human trafficking, child custody, divorce, and so on.

6. The Free Legal Aid Clinic, Inc. (FLAC)

This organization offers legal assistance and representation to seniors and low-income individuals including financially challenged single moms. The Free Legal Aid Clinic Inc. offers legal assistance in different areas of elder law and family law. The clinic mainly emphasizes helping victims of abuse, domestic violence, and single mothers with children who experience barriers to equal justice. The clinic serves Wayne County.

7. Legal Services of South Central Michigan (LSSCM)

This is a division of the Michigan advocacy program which offers free legal representation and advice in particular civil cases to senior citizens and low-income individuals irrespective of their income status. Single mothers can avail of free help if they are unable to afford a private attorney. The services or cases handled by this division include family law, housing disputes, domestic violence, consumer matters, public benefits, healthcare, seniors and special legal needs, etc.


There are many initiatives and programs available for low-income single mothers in Michigan that can help them with low-cost or free legal representation and advice. If you’re facing legal issues like visitation rights, child custody, paternity, divorce, child support, and domestic violence and you can navigate the legalities by availing affordable and knowledgeable legal help. Legal issues are indeed challenging for single mothers who have a lot going on in their lives however affordable or free legal assistance will make your journey less daunting.

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