Rent Assistance For Single Moms in Roanoke Virginia

Rent Assistance For Single Moms in Roanoke Virginia

Having a safe and secure shelter is a basic human need which can be a great challenge for low-income earners especially single moms in Roanoke Virginia. This guide will help single moms in Virginia to get a safe and secure shelter for their families.

How Single Moms In Roanoke VA Get Help With Rent Payments?

Single moms can get rental help from charities, government organizations, and churches in Roanoke County Virginia. Many agencies offer short-term and long-term help along with security deposit assistance and emergency rental assistance. These organizations can also help you with transitional housing programs, homeless shelters, legal aid, and many other assistance to eliminate homelessness. The amount of money available through the rental assistance program may vary. Many charities can issue loans so that you can cover your housing costs including mortgage and rent payments. Some organizations will give you caseworkers to navigate illegal eviction problems and overcome housing discrimination.

Rent Assistance For Single Moms in Roanoke Virginia

Some of the rent assistance programs in Roanoke Virginia are as follows:-

1. Roanoke Area Ministries

Roanoke Area Ministries offer emergency rental help to low-income tenants including single moms if they get an eviction notice. The charity helps single mom residents of northwest or southwest Roanoke. They will also help you get funding for housing costs and utility bills.

2. United Way Of Roanoke Valley

Single moms, homeless children, and low-income students who are facing housing instability and living in hotels can get help from the United Way of Roanoke Valley. The organization coordinates transitional housing, rent and utility deposit help, shelter, and much assistance to needy Roanoke residents. You can call (540)853-1163 to avail information about the Free Housing Youth For Success and Education Program and rental assistance resources.

3. Virginia Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Single moms looking for rental assistance in Virginia can apply for the Section 8 Housing Program. For this, you need to complete an application form from the local housing authority. Once the application process is completed you will be invited for an interview with the Housing Authority. Housing authorities offer Section 8 rental vouchers to eligible moms and low-income individuals so that they can get affordable housing and meet their basic needs. It is important to note that due to a high demand for this program in Virginia, a lot of housing authorities maintain a long waiting list for rental assistance.

4. Emergency Housing Assistance Program

Emergency shelter is provided by Northern Virginia families to the homeless population. The organization offers funds that single moms and others can use for rental and utility payments. The facility is also equipped with 92 beds and the shelter enables guests to stay for a maximum period of 39 days. The organization will also assign a case manager who can connect with the resources and gain financial independence. The assistance program provided by the Northern Virginia Family Service helps eliminate homelessness in Virginia.

5. Blue Ridge Legal Services

The organization helps low-income tenants if they are facing a forced eviction and have the risk of becoming homeless. Not only rental assistance but the organization also provides court representation and free legal aid. The rental and legal services are provided in Roanoke County and Montgomery County in Virginia. You can also get help about how to apply for government aid programs like Section 8 rental help.

6. The Barrett Foundation

The foundation offers house shelter which is an emergency shelter program that caters to low-income women and needy children who are going through homelessness. You also get recommendations for important resources and programs in the community that will help you to get a stable home. The organization will work with single moms and will help in developing a housing plan so that they can attain stability and sustainability. Some other services include supportive housing, housing case management, etc.

7. Presbyterian Community Center

Low-income families including single moms living in Roanoke, Virginia can receive financial aid from this center. Financial assistance including bills to pay for rent, utilities, hotel rooms, and security deposits. If you are facing housing instability or do not have a permanent shelter then this Community Center will be a great resource for you.

8. Virginia Housing Authorities

Single moms can access rental assistance programs and a lot of housing help from the Virginia Housing Authorities. This authority also administers Section 8 rental voucher programs. Eligible households can seek supportive services and rental assistance if they are going through financial difficulties and are unable to pay their rent.

9. Virginia Public Housing Program

Local housing authorities in Virginia offer housing assistance and rental payment through a public housing program. These housing units are managed and owned by housing authorities and are rented at discounted rates to low-income households, especially single moms. If you’re looking for affordable and safe housing to remain roofed then this will be the best alternative to the Section 8 housing program.

10. Virginia Beach County Development Corporation

The Virginia Beach County Development Corporation offers secure safe and affordable rental housing to eligible low-income households and other Virginia residents. Their programs and resources will help families get rental houses at low rates and will make sure families do not face eviction due to failure to pay rental payments.

11. Avalon Center

This is a nonprofit organization that receives funds from state, federal, and local governments including donations from businesses, individuals, civic groups, and religious centers. The organization helps around 1500 men, women, and children every year. Emergency shelters run by this nonprofit organization help people to get out of homelessness if space allows. The team of the nonprofit organization makes sure that basic human needs like food, clothing, rent, and other needs are duly met. The organization offers case management services for eligible candidates including counseling, support, and legal advocacy.


Single moms are one of the most disadvantaged groups in the community so they can apply for the permanent rental housing programs available in Roanoke, Virginia. Single moms can get housing programs and rental assistance based on their financial situation and household income. They can get shelter, meals, and other supportive services in Virginia.

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