Grants For Single Mom In Kentucky

Grants For Single Mom In Kentucky

Kentucky is not only known because of its abundant resources and diverse environment but also because of running a plethora of financial assistance programs and grants for low-income residents and single moms. Financial help and support for single moms in Kentucky are available if one can fulfill the eligibility criteria of the programs and can also demonstrate a strong financial need.

Does the Kentucky Government Help Single Mothers In Need?

The Kentucky government runs numerous grants, scholarships, and financial assistance programs for single moms in times of financial hardship. Some of the standard programs are Food Stamps, CCAP, TANF cash assistance, and the WIC program, which has played a significant role in the life of every single mom and has helped to support their families. The federal government is one of the largest sources of financial aid available for single moms in Kentucky. In addition, there is financial aid for single moms in Kentucky, which is run by the state and local government, private organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and civic groups.

List Of Grants For Single Moms In Kentucky

There are several governmental organizations and charitable institutions throughout Kentucky that support single mothers and help them with food, shelter, rent and utility assistance, childcare, unemployment assistance, school readiness, and many other helpful resources. If you are a struggling single mom in Kentucky, then you can seek financial help from the following programs and grants

1. CAP, Kentucky College Access Program Grant

This grant program is provided to financially challenged students in Kentucky, including single parents who have enrolled full-time or half-time at an accredited college or university. EFC or expected family contribution determined by the FAFSA should be lower than $4995 to be eligible for this program. Single mothers who want to afford college and continue their studies must apply for this program. If they qualify, they can receive financial support up to $2000 per academic year.

2. K-TAP, Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program

The K-TAP program works under the federal guidelines of the TANF program and provides short-term cash assistance to low-income parents, children under 18 years of age, and single mothers. Kentucky requires all applicants of the K-TAP program to participate in employment activities except individuals over 60 years of age or disabled. Not only financial support but the recipients of this program are also eligible to seek supportive services like transportation and childcare assistance via the Kentucky Works Program.

3. SNAP, Kentucky Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Kentucky SNAP, earlier known as the Food Stamp Program, is designed for low-income families, single mothers, and the poor population in Kentucky. The program provides cash assistance so eligible families can purchase food and get a nutritionally adequate diet. Single mothers in Kentucky who cannot afford healthy nutritional diets for their families can apply for this program. Eligible households will be issued an EBT card to purchase food and groceries at more than 4200 SNAP-authorized retail shops in Kentucky. The monthly food assistance a family of three in Kentucky can receive is around $407.

4. Kentucky Emergency Solutions Grant

This grant program offers financial assistance to community programs and emergency shelters so that single moms who are experiencing homelessness or low-income Kentucky residents who are homeless can get safe, secure, and affordable housing. The funds are used for maintaining emergency shelters, providing emergency housing, and getting low-income families and single mothers off the street.

5. Healthy At Home Eviction Relief Fund

Low-income Kentucky families and single mothers who cannot pay for their utilities and rent can seek assistance through the Home Eviction Relief Fund. This program provides cash assistance to eligible candidates experiencing financial hardship, and the fund can be paid towards utilities and rent. Eligible families can get financial support for up to 12 months of payment to cover their previous outstanding utilities or rent and up to three months of rent and utility payments in the future. The qualification required for this program is to be a Kentucky resident, be at risk of homelessness or eviction, experience financial hardship, and have an income below 80% of the area median income.

6. KCHIP, Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program

This health insurance program is designed for uninsured children below 19. To qualify for this program, candidates must ensure their household income is at or below 218% of the federal poverty level. If you think your child is eligible to receive assistance through this program, then you can contact your local DCBS office to get additional information about this program. KCHIP enables eligible families to cover everything from hospital care, checkups, eyeglasses, and hearing aids to broken bones, dental care, and many other facilities.

7. Kentucky Medicaid Program

This program is designed exclusively to provide health and medical-related assistance to single parents and low-income individuals in Kentucky with no access to medical insurance. The program generally serves individuals 65 or older, permanently disabled, blind, family members of dependent children, pregnant women, low-income single moms, children in foster care homes, and individuals in psychiatric hospitals who are 21 years old. To apply for this program, you need to make sure you are a citizen of the United States, a resident of Kentucky, and have a solid financial need to seek insurance or healthcare assistance.

8. WIC, Kentucky Special Program For Women, Infants And Children

This is a short-term intervention program that is designed mainly to improve the health of women, infants, and children who are at high nutritional risk. Single mothers and their children in Kentucky can apply for this program, provided they can meet eligibility requirements and are at nutritional deficiencies as determined by a healthcare professional. The program provides health education, nutrition, healthy food, and other supportive services for free to qualified candidates. If you want to apply for this program, contact your nearby local health department and provide proof of your residency and household income.


Single parents in Kentucky generally endure much parental stress and financial hardship while juggling parenting responsibility and work. To address the financial challenges and problems of single mothers, Kentucky has covered several financial assistance programs and grants to ease the burden of single motherhood.

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