single mom transitional housing

Single Mom Transitional Housing

Transitional housing or supportive housing is a community program or project which offers temporary housing to vulnerable populations. Transitional homes are built to house those candidates and families who do not have the resources to get housing support and shelter. Single mothers who do not have a permanent shelter can access clean water, hygienic products, fresh food, and a roof over their heads through transitional housing. Not only single mothers but other groups of people, such as domestic violence victims, people recovering from addicts, the homeless population, and formerly incarcerated individuals can also apply for transitional housing programs. 

Who is Eligible for Transitional Housing?

Homeless youth, single mothers, abused women, the homeless population, and other individuals experiencing domestic violence, substance abuse, health issues, and mental challenges are eligible to apply for transitional housing programs. Transitional housing aims to improve the well-being and safety of eligible candidates and support them in achieving their housing goals and attaining stability in life. Transitional housing also comes with many supportive services like healthcare, mental and health services, education, and employment assistance so that participants can locate permanent housing in the future. 

How Can Single Mother Transitional Housing Help Its Residents?

Single mothers and vulnerable populations in transitional housing get an excellent opportunity to lead happier and safer lives where they can provide for their families and attain self-sufficiency. Transitional housing helps to reduce crime, prevent diseases, help residents to get a steady source of income, and boost self-esteem in their lives. Being without food, proper shelter, and water makes people live in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Transitional housing not only helps its residents with housing opportunities but also enables them to train themselves and find a steady source of income so that they can remain housed throughout their lives. 

Different Programs For Single Mom Transitional Housing

HUD or the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as many other nonprofit organizations, provides transitional housing units to youth, single mothers, eligible adults, and homeless families. Transitional housing or temporary housing is constructed to equip low-income individuals and families with the right resources and tools to find permanent housing and get their life on the right track. Following are the transitional housing programs that single mothers, as well as low-income individuals, can apply to deal with their financial situation in a better way.

1. Vision House Transitional Housing For Single Mothers

Vision House is a nonprofit organization that offers transitional housing for single moms and homeless children. The organization also offers separate housing opportunities to single men so that they can recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Homeless people and single mothers can live in the transitional housing provided by the organization for about two years. The eligibility criteria to apply for The Visual House Transitional Housing program is to have an income level at or below 30% of the area’s median income.

2. Covina Transitional Housing Program

Homeless mothers living with their children can approach The Covina Housing Authority Transitional House, which provides rent-free opportunities to eligible candidates for up to 12 months. Homeless families and single mothers are required to save a part of their income and work collaboratively with the housing case manager to reach their financial goals. Covina Transitional Housing Program Case managers screen homeless families and single mothers and provide various housing and additional services to eligible candidates. This list includes education, daycare, employment assistance, life skill enhancement, job training, counseling, etc.

3. Transitional living program by Havenwood

A two-year transitional living program is provided to single moms and their children by the Havenwood agency. Eligible candidates are housed in a furnished apartment with a bathroom and a private kitchen for each family. Efficiency units and bedrooms are also available in these transitional apartments. The organization offers emergency food pantries and household accessories to qualified candidates. Single mothers who apply for this transitional living program offered by this organization are required to pay a small rental amount that covers basic cable and utilities. Residents are required to sign a lease and pay the required security deposit and a small rental amount.

4. Community Of Hope

Hope Housing Services funds the Community Of Hope organization. The organization offers permanent supportive and transitional housing to low-income families and single mothers. Community Of Hope also provides two specialized programs known as Reunification and Safe Overnight Stay so that families can attain housing stability and become self-sufficient. The Community Of Hope funds low-income families and offers them rental and transitional housing. Eligible candidates can avail of the transitional housing units from this organization for up to two years.

5. Bridge Housing Program

One of the first transitional housing programs, developed across the United States for abused women and single mothers is the Bridge House. Goal-oriented and self-motivated single mothers who need additional support and housing can apply for the Bridge Housing Program. This program supports single mothers living with children and abused women who are a victim of domestic violence and do not have a permanent house.

6. The Restoration House

The Restoration House enables low-income families and single parents, primarily single mothers with supportive transitional housing, family advocacy, youth development, and other supportive services. This organization provides independent furnished units or apartments to eligible candidates. Single mothers who want to continue their education, achieve self-sufficiency, and acquire vocational training can participate in this program and get the proper financial and housing assistance.

7. YWCA, Young Women’s Christian Association Of Monetary Organization

This organization provides short-term, safe transitional housing for low-income families and single mothers. Women and children experiencing violence can get temporary accommodation and support from this organization. Single mothers looking for affordable accommodation can get assistance from this organization.


Many transitional housing programs are designed for single mothers and vulnerable populations across the different cities and states of the United States. Transitional housing and other avenues are built by governments and many charitable organizations to prevent homelessness. Single mothers who are currently homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless can get a temporary shelter and achieve financial stability by applying for these transitional programs.  

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