Grants For Single Mom In Wyoming

Grants For Single Mom In Wyoming

A large chunk of working families in Wyoming is headed by single mothers who take up multiple low-paying jobs to provide for their young children and pay for their monthly bills. There are several state-sponsored financial assistance programs and grants which function to alleviate the burden of single mothers and help them to raise their children in a better way.

How Can Single Moms Apply For Financial Assistance Programs In Wyoming ?

Grants for single mothers in Wyoming are funded by government and private organizations. In addition, you can also seek grants and financial assistance from local churches and charitable institutions that run throughout the state of Wyoming. These grants enable low-income residents and single moms with food, clothing, shelter, college, rent, foreclosure, medical bills, and other assistance. The competition to avail financial aid for single moms in Wyoming can be very large; however, if you can fulfill eligibility criteria, there are immense opportunities for you to receive free money and get rid of your financial burden.

List Of Grants For Single Moms In Wyoming

Struggling single mothers looking for financial assistance in Wyoming can apply for the following programs and resources to meet their ends.

1. TANF, Wyoming Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

The Wyoming TANF program offers temporary cash benefits to low-income households so that they meet their ends. Low-income families who are near the poverty level are mainly prioritized in this program. The primary goal of this program is to enable eligible families to become self-sufficient through cash support, financial resources, and employment assistance. The TANF program in Wyoming is popularly known as Personal Opportunities With Employment Responsibilities (POWER). Eligible families can receive cash assistance for up to 24 months in a lifetime. The current Wyoming law requires all eligible applicants of the TANF program to participate in employment-related activities as a condition of eligibility, except for senior citizens above 60 years of age and people living with disabilities. Single mothers applying for this program can contact their local DFS office.

2. Wyoming Medicaid

Medicaid in Wyoming is a popular health insurance program that targets low-income groups, including single mothers. The potential recipients of the Wyoming Medicaid program for pregnant women, children, blind or disabled people, and aged individuals. The program covers children below six and pregnant women with income below 159% of the federal poverty level. Children aged between 6 to 18 years are eligible to apply for this program if their household income is less than 138% of the federal poverty level. The state of Wyoming is not expanding its Medicaid coverage. Therefore, some parents and low-income adults without a child are not eligible to get covered under this program. Single mothers who are pregnant or have children between 6 to 8 years must fulfill the income guidelines to qualify.

3. SNAP, Wyoming Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The SNAP program in Wyoming enables low-income families to get monthly cash assistance and purchase nutritious food. It is a crucial support for single mothers and needy households across Wyoming that enables them to move from welfare to work. The eligibility criteria for food assistance under this program will be based on the household size, assets, expenses, and income of the applicant. The maximum benefit that an individual can get from this program is $124 per month. A family of three members can receive assistance up to $413 monthly. Single mothers who find it challenging to provide nutritional food to their children can apply for this program by visiting their local DFS office and scheduling an appointment.

4. CACFP, Wyoming Child And Adult Care Food Program

The CACFP Program offers nutritious snacks and meals to infants and children as a part of their regular daycare. The Wyoming Child And Adult Care Program aims to provide adequate nutrition to children. Most program participants are children below 12 years of age, living in emergency shelters, or are preschool-aged. Single mothers who think that their children are eligible to receive assistance under the Child And Adult Care Food Program can contact the Wyoming Department of Education and learn more details about it.

5. Wyoming KidCare CHIP

The Children’s Health Insurance Program in the state of Wyoming is known as a KidCare CHIP that is designed specifically for low-income children who have no access to health insurance coverage. The program assists children with dental and vision care till 18 years of age. Children can qualify for the program if their parents are earning less than 200% of the federal poverty level and if they’re not covered under the Medicaid program.

6. Wyoming Child Care Subsidy Program

The Child Care Subsidy Program in Wyoming is designed to assist low-income families with child care costs while attending work or school. To qualify for this program, you must ensure your gross household income, household size, and assets are within the guidelines stated by the program. Qualified families will be given subsidy money based on the cost of child care, their monthly household income, and the family size. It must be noted that this is a subsidy program and not a payout. Therefore, parents have to cover a part of their child’s cost from their pocket while the program will cover the difference.

7. Wyoming College Access Grant

This is a statewide need-based grant program designed for low-income residents who are attending college for the first time and are seeking financial assistance to support their education. The primary preference is given to eligible students for the Pell Grant program. Around 600 neediest Wyoming students receive a grant of $1000 to fund their education. As the funds for this program are for single mothers who are considering this program should fill out FAFSA as early as possible.


Wyoming has the most significant number of working mothers, unlike other states. Around 80% of these solo moms take care of their children single-handedly, while one-third of them are considered extremely poor and are immigrant women. The above mentioned grants and programs are designed exclusively for single homes and low-income Wyoming residents to attain self-sufficiency and financial stability.

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