Grants For Single Mom In Nevada

Grants For Single Mom In Nevada

Nevada is a trendy state because of its beautiful scenery and buzzing Las Vegas activities. Despite its scenery and glamorous lifestyle for which the state is prevalent, it is interesting to note that many Nevada residents live in poverty, primarily single mothers. If you’re a single mom in this state and struggling to survive financially on a single source of income, then there are better chances for you. This is because many financial assistance programs and grants are available for low-income residents to offset their bills, care for their health, get adequate nutrition, cover higher education, and raise their children properly.

What Are The Different Resources Available For Single Moms In Nevada?

There are multiple financial aids for single moms in Nevada that help them with food, shelter, housing assistance, child support, assistance with rent, utilities, mortgages, scholarships, grants, etc. The financial and welfare assistance for single moms enables them to cover their necessities and reduce their burden. Low-income citizens and single moms get cash assistance, food banks, general welfare, and other help from the government and nongovernmental bodies. Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada and the Salvation Army are some organizations that help needy people with plenty of programs. In Southern Nevada and Las Vegas, there are plenty of influential charitable groups and organizations that are working for the best interest of single moms.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Nevada

There are a lot of grants and programs for single moms in Nevada that help them to seek financial support, food support, cash assistance, and transportation help to attain self-sufficiency. Following are the grants for single moms in Nevada that can help you to cover your basic needs.

1. TANF, Nevada Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

The TANF program in Nevada serves single mothers and low-income families living with children by offering them temporary cash assistance and a lot of supportive services so that they can attain financial stability. Nevada TANF program includes services, vouchers, and cash payments so eligible families can fulfill their basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Two cash assistance programs are available under the Nevada TANF program, such as the TANF NEON and TANF CHILD-ONLY Program. The New Employees Of Nevada NEON Program enables work-eligible families to meet healthy participation requirements to qualify for the cash assistance program. The TANF CHILD-ONLY Program enables kids of low-income families to receive cash assistance.

2. SSG, Nevada Self-Sufficiency Grant

The SDR Self-Sufficiency Grant is a one-time cash assistance offered to families who do not qualify for the TANF program and those who are either getting started with a job, waiting to receive their first paycheck, or on temporary leave. The cash assistance received under this program depends on the financial need and income of the family. Single mothers facing unforeseen circumstances due to an emergency can apply for this program.

3. SNAP, Nevada Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Low-income Nevada families, including single mothers, can receive cash assistance through the SNAP program available throughout the United States, including Nevada. Eligible candidates can purchase food and get a nutritionally adequate diet through this program. The eligibility criteria for this program will be based on many factors, like household income, size, assets, and household expenses. Many families in Nevada earning less than 130% of the federal poverty level are eligible for assistance with this program. They will get an EBT card to purchase food and groceries. For instance, a family of three members earning around $2590 monthly can qualify for the food stamps program in Nevada.

4. Nevada State Access Grant

The Nevada State Access Grant is funded by state and other institutional sources and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, low-income single-mother students with tremendous financial needs can apply for this program to continue their education. The grant will be awarded to students based on their FAFSA application. The grant award will be based on the number of credits and the EFC factor of students. This program offers a grant award of $2500 to students pursuing undergraduate studies, while for graduate students, the maximum grant award accounts for $3000.

5. Nevada Medicaid

Nevada Medicaid offers healthcare and medical coverage to eligible adults and families with children in the low or very low-income category. The state of Nevada is expanding its Medicaid coverage, and this is the reason why uninsured adults in age between 19 to 64 years and having income below 138% of the federal poverty level can access this program. Due to the American Rescue Plan Act Of 2021, many Nevadans who were previously not eligible to receive healthcare coverage under the Medicaid program are now participating. If you’re a single mom, then you can participate in this program and can access a lot of medical and healthcare services once you qualify.

6. CCDF, Nevada Child Care Subsidy Program

The Nevada Child Care Subsidy Program assists single mothers, low-income families, and individuals receiving TANF benefits to cover their child care expenses. At the same time, they must attend school, work, or both. This program subsidizes providers who take care of their children while the remaining cost has to be covered by the families on a sliding fee basis. Low-income families earning less than 45% of the state median income can participate in this program and receive childcare assistance. Single moms in Nevada looking for childcare services while attending school or work can apply for this program.  The main priority is given to kids from TANF families. CCDF Program is run and administered by the Nevada Division of Welfare And Supportive Services. The primary mission of this program is to assist low-income families and single mothers so that they can incur the extra expenses required to take care of their children.


One out of three single moms residing with their children in Nevada is vulnerable to poverty and faces financial difficulty meeting their ends. Single mothers have to go through many challenges by providing for their families and raising children alone without the support of their partners. This is why the state of Nevada supports single moms and assists them through plenty of grants and programs.

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