Arkansas College Grants For Single Moms

Arkansas is a state which offers numerous opportunities to its residents so that they can thrive and succeed. Many people have high educational goals, and single mothers are no exception, as many of them later realize the importance of having higher college degrees. Acquiring a higher college degree comes with better job advancement opportunities in one’s career and higher salaries. Even for careers that do not require a compulsory college degree, the overall earning potential is significantly influenced by a post-secondary diploma. Unfortunately, low-income students and single parents cannot afford tuition and college fees and so attending college is none less than a dream for them. Like any other state in the US, Arkansas offers a list of scholarship programs and grants that have been created for single moms who are in financial need and want to attend college or school later in their life.

How Can Single Mothers In Arkansas Get Educational Help?

Single mothers from low or moderate-income groups who wish to continue their education can get help from governmental and nongovernmental bodies that offer grants and help them attain self-sufficiency. Anyone 18 or older can take a GED test with a valid state ID or driver’s license in Arkansas. Single mothers between 16 to 17 years of age can complete this exam after completing an approved GED course and passing the civics examination. Single parents make up 22% of the overall undergraduate population at United States colleges and universities, as per the National Center For Education Statistics in 2016. Single moms in Arkansas can search the Scholarship Application Management System of the state to locate state-specific scholarship programs and grants for which they can qualify and reduce their financial burden. These scholarship and grant programs can be directly applied to the degree program and enable single mothers and low-income students to pay for their college and tuition fees.

A List Of Arkansas College Grants For Single Moms

Following is the list of programs and grants available for single parents who qualify as low or moderate-income residents in Arkansas:

1. ASPSF, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

Single parents who want to build a bright future in Arkansas can use this program. The Single Parent Scholarship Fund in Arkansas supports full-time and part-time single-parent students who want to complete post-secondary education or a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, and other certification programs. Single mothers who are qualified to receive the Single Parent Scholarship Fund will get financial assistance to cover their school costs, daycare costs, commuting, and housing expenses for their children while they are in school. To apply for this program, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria and show that you are a resident of Bowie County. Candidates should have dependent children of 18 or younger or older than 18 and in high school. They should have a single or married marital status but must be divorced/ separated from their partner to be eligible for this scholarship.

2. GO! Grant Or Higher Education Opportunities Grant

The Original Department Of Higher Education provides the Higher Education Opportunities Grant. Single mothers and low-income students can qualify for this grant, provided they can meet the financial and income requirements of this program. The Arkansas Department Of Higher Education provides many opportunities and programs, and single moms can quickly locate a program that meets their financial needs and requirements.

3. Academic Challenge Scholarship Program

Single mothers and low-income students can apply for this scholarship program to complete their college degrees. This program is designed for Arkansas students who have successfully graduated from their high school and wish to enroll or re-enroll in a college after taking an extended break from studies. Arkansas residents, specifically single moms and low-income students, can avail Academic Challenge Scholarship Program and get higher college degrees. They should earn at least 2.5 GPA, provided they have earned 12 credit hours or should have an ACT score of 19 or above. High school graduates applying for this program should have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. This grant program provides financial assistance and support to students irrespective of their academic status. Whether you have graduated from a high school, are currently in college, are enrolling for the first time, or are re-enrolling for a college degree after a certain period, you can avail of this program based on your financial need.

4. ArFuture, Arkansas Future Grant

This grant in Arkansas applies to low-income students and single mothers who have enrolled in science, engineering, technology, and math subjects or regional high-demand core areas of study. Eligible students can cover fees and tuition required to qualify for an associate degree or certificate program in recognized public institutions in Arkansas. This grant is available to students based on a first-come, first-serve policy.

5. The Arkansas Community Foundation

Arkansas residents can seek financial support from this nonprofit organization. The Community Foundation provides tools for Arkansas residents to grow, stay protected and get charitable dollars to meet their needs. There are a lot of charitable programs that the Community Foundation runs. The community agencies receive funds from Arkansas Community Foundation to support food security and early literacy. The community organization gets grants and scholarships so that single parents can attain self-sufficiency and become well-educated. Single moms attending schools can receive scholarships and grants for their higher education from this foundation.

6. American Legion Auxiliary Department Of Arkansas Nurses Scholarship

This scholarship program has been designed to offer financial assistance and support to candidates so that they can pursue nursing education. Eligible candidates will get a grant of $500 per academic year. To avail financial assistance through this program, the applicants must be a resident of Arkansas and meet the membership criteria in the American Legion. Eligible students can be recent graduates or high school seniors. The recipients will be determined by their Americanism, character, financial lead, academic achievement, and leadership skills.


Grants and scholarships are free money that enables single parents to fund their education without financial pressure. Single mothers face financial hardship while attending college as they are the only source of income and have to fulfill many responsibilities. A significant portion of their income is spent on necessities and housing, which makes it difficult for them to save money for their school or college degree. This financial pressure, combined with a lack of childcare options and time, makes it challenging for them to return to school or afford college. Locating Arkansas single-mom college grants and scholarship programs will help them to fulfill both their work and school obligation.

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