Health Insurance For Single Moms In Texas

Health Insurance For Single Moms In Texas

Health insurance programs are available for low-income single moms and their kids in Texas. These programs help them to pay for critical medical requirements like checkups, X-rays, primary doctor visits, and many more. Getting approved for the health insurance programs in Texas requires single moms to fulfill the eligibility criteria and meet the income limitations.

Are There Health Insurance For Single Moms In Texas?

Yes, there are health insurance programs for single moms in Texas however only the lowest-income individuals who are earning a specific percentage of the federal poverty level are eligible to receive assistance and get coverage. The health insurance programs normally cover vital healthcare solutions and services such as checkups, primary care visits, lab tests, X-, rays, vaccines, specialist visits or prescription drugs, and many more. Moreover, some healthcare programs like Medicaid also cover dental, hearing, and vision services. Further children with special needs or disabilities can receive long-term assistance and care through these plans. For instance, the Medicaid program in Texas includes home care and stays as well as special facilities for eligible patients with a disability.

List Of Health Insurance For Single Moms In Texas

Following is the list of health insurance plans for single moms in Texas. Read below to opt for a program that aligns with your needs.

1. Medicare Plan In Texas

Single moms living with their kids in Texas can qualify for Medicare coverage. The program is available to all eligible residents over the age of 65 and even those who are below 65 and living with end-stage renal disease or permanent disabilities. Single moms who are opting for the Medicare program in Texas have options to choose from such as the Original Medicare option, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement Plans. Each of the Medicare plans has its own set of benefits and different associated costs. In addition, there is also a particular time in which you can apply for Medicare coverage to avoid paying extra fees.

2. Texas Medicaid

The Texas Medicaid program serves mainly children belonging to low-income families, single moms or pregnant women, senior citizens above 65 years, and people with disabilities. The program covers low-income communities who are unable to afford private insurance coverage. Texas does not expand Medicaid coverage so the eligibility for nondisabled adults is only limited to parents who have income below 16% of the federal poverty level and whose kids are enrolled in the Medicaid program. For single moms with two children, the parent can be eligible to receive healthcare coverage under the Medicaid program if their kids are on Medicaid and the total household income is less than $310 every month.

3. Medicaid Buy-In program

Single moms who are earning too much to qualify for the Medicaid program in Texas can still qualify for health insurance by opting for the Medicaid Buy-In Program in Texas. If your child has special needs or disability then you can get the same basic services as the original Medicaid program however you cannot avail of the services free of cost instead you have to pay a small monthly payment. The monthly payment for the program was $230 monthly in 2022. The program covers children belonging to low-income communities and having disabilities.

4. CHIP, Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program

The Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program is designed for children belonging to single-parent families or low-income communities who are not covered. Families and individuals who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid but are unable to afford private health insurance plans can opt for the Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program. Children belonging to low-income families can receive affordable or free health coverage for a wide array of medical services like routine checkups, prescription drugs, dental and vision care, lab tests, and hospital visits.  Single moms of two children are eligible to receive assistance with the Medicaid or CHIP program provided their annual income is about $44,100 or less than 201% of the federal poverty level in Texas.

5. Healthy Texas Women

The Healthy Texas Woman is a health insurance program that is dedicated to providing family and health planning to women at no cost. Eligible single moms in Texas who can meet the income and other guidelines of the program are eligible to receive coverage under the Healthy Texas Women program. The applicants of the program should have an income less than 200% of the federal poverty level to qualify. Pregnant women or those who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A, B, C, CHIP, or Medicaid programs are not eligible to receive assistance under the Healthy Texas Women. Pregnant single moms will be referred to a different program which will be known as Medicaid For Pregnant Women. Under this program, eligible women can get access to preventive health screenings, family planning, women’s health examinations, and other facilities at little or no cost.

6. State Health Insurance Exchanges

Single moms who are unable to afford health insurance through Medicaid, Medicare, or any other programs can refer to the health insurance exchange or marketplace. Texas has its health insurance exchanges. Single moms who are not eligible for employer-sponsored coverage may find themselves and their children eligible to receive financial help with medical coverage obtained through these exchanges. Depending on your family size and income you can be eligible for premium tax credits or subsidies that will help to cover the cost of your family’s health insurance. You can visit the site and enter your zip code to learn more details.


With age, women tend to become more vulnerable to medical conditions such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes are also on the rise among women which can lead to critical illness over time. Being diagnosed with a disease or a critical illness will not only affect you physically and mentally but will also put a strain on your provided finances. In the long term, it is a worthwhile choice to invest in good healthcare insurance that covers all ailments. The aforementioned programs give access to medical facilities for single moms and their children.

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