Lawyers For Single Moms In Maryland

Lawyers For Single Moms In Maryland

Low-income single mothers in Maryland often fail to afford private lawyers due to their financial limitations. Fortunately, legal aid and assistance are available to help them meet their needs. Legal services or legal aid offices are available throughout the United States including Maryland. These agencies offer free legal assistance, lawyers, and another form of help to people who are facing legal disputes and are unable to afford an attorney. You need to fulfill the income and other requirements to qualify for free legal help.

Can Single Moms Avail Free Legal Help In Maryland?

Single mothers must check with their local office of legal aid to understand if they qualify for financial requirements and avail of free legal assistance. They can also check with the local Bar Association to learn whether they are qualifying for financial need-based legal assistance. A Pro Bono Resource Directory of Social Services is available from the American Bar Association which will be of great help to you. Federally funded legal programs, legal clinics, legal hotlines, and local law schools are various ways through which you can find free or affordable attorneys for your legal battle. Philanthropic organizations and religious organizations can also provide you with recommendations about how you can avail free legal help in Maryland.

Why Is It Important For Single Moms In Maryland To Hire A Lawyer?

One of the critical decisions is hiring an attorney as it may help you in strengthening your case and will boost your chance of a divorce or child custody case. Moreover, there may be complications in your legal battle which might not be easy to understand by all. Having an attorney by your side helps you to get the best solution in your case. They will avoid complications in your case and will help you in winning the case in a short time. Single mothers in Maryland are unable to afford legal representation because of financial difficulty and availing free legal resources can make it possible for them.

How To Find Lawyers For Single Moms In Maryland?

Single mothers looking for lawyers in Maryland can take help from the following resources.

1. Maryland Pro Bono Resources Center

Pro bono Resource Center in Maryland is a hub for free or pro bono civil legal assistance that is provided by many volunteers. Single mothers can get equal access to justice if they are unable to get a lawyer because of financial limitations. The Resource Center addresses that residents cannot afford legal help and are in desperate need of a lawyer who can provide them guidance and suggestions either at a discounted rate or for free.

2. Maryland Center for Legal Assistance (MCLA)

Maryland Center For Legal Assistance is a subsidiary of Maryland Legal Aid which works in collaboration with the Administrative Office Of The Courts and operates Maryland Court Help Centers in Frederick, Baltimore City, La Plata, Glen Burnie, Upper Marlboro, and Salisbury, Captain. MCLA through a contract with Anne Arundel County manages the Family Law Help Center for individuals and families in Annapolis. The help centers enable single moms and other individuals to deal with a lot of civil legal matters like consumer matters, for instance, credit card and debt collection issues, landlord/tenant problems, criminal record expungements, and child support so that all the barriers to obtaining employment, child custody and housing can be removed.

3. House of Ruth Maryland

The Domestic Violence Legal Clinic of House of Ruth Maryland enables victims of intimate partner violence to obtain divorce decrease, protective orders, child support, and custody of children for free. Single moms can visit or call on the courthouse offices of the House of Ruth Maryland and talk to their attorneys who can provide them free guidance and suggestions.

4. 2-1-1 Maryland, Inc.

Single mothers can easily dial this toll-free telephone number if they are looking for comprehensive information related to crisis intervention, community services, volunteerism, and referrals to legal programs. You can easily find answers to your legal questions through this helpline number.

5. Maryland Free Legal Answers

This is a virtual legal advice clinic where single mothers can ask legal questions and get answers at a free cost from pro bono attorneys who are licensed in Maryland. Single mothers seeking questions related to topics like custody, family, housing, divorce, homelessness, eviction, unemployment, employment, disability, health, income maintenance, civil rights, juvenile and education law, etc. ABA Free Legal Answers is a project of the American Bar Association’s Standard Committee On Public Service And Pro Bono.

Helpful Resources

  • Single mothers can take help from public law libraries where they can access free legal information that can help them in their legal battle
  • District Court Self-Help Centers in Maryland offer in-person and free advice from experienced and qualified lawyers
  • Legal Services Directory enables single mothers and other individuals to search for organizations and institutions which help people in the counties and solve their legal issues. If you’re looking for affordable lawyers or free legal help to get through your situation then this directory will help you to learn various programs and reference
  • Maryland Court Self Help Center offers free advice from attorneys by chat or through the phone.
  • Family LawSelf-Help centers enable single mothers to talk to legal professionals about the forms that they need to fill out and how to seek legal assistance.
  • Legal clinics in Maryland will enable you to meet with an attorney from whom you can ask questions and even get legal help in person
  • Maryland legal aid is a statewide staff legal service program available in Maryland where free help and legal assistance are available for qualified individuals.


No matter whether you are facing a divorce or a child custody case, domestic violence, housing problems, or wish to know more about government public benefits, a lot of legal aid officers and other programs in Maryland enable single mothers to get help with the legal problems. You can ask your local Bar Association if they have free services for people who require legal help such as self-health clinics, free legal workshops, pro bono projects, volunteer law projects, and so on.

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