Single Mom Support Group Johannesburg

Single Mom Support Group Johannesburg

If you’re a single mother, then you must be overwhelmed by everything that you have to deal with in your day-to-day life. It may also seem that you do not have adequate hours to handle every responsibility. Although you are doing your best as a single mom, you may be isolated, anxious, and exhausted. Being in a good company, for instance, online communities and single mom support groups, will help you to deal with your life problems better. Studies have shown that spending at least 90 minutes weekly with a group of single parents helps improve the overall quality of life and ensure your well-being. This will be especially helpful if you are part of a free single-mom support group. Many support groups, online communities, and resources in Johannesburg offer you personal support and education about parenting as a single adult.

Where Can I Find A Single Mom Support Group In Johannesburg?

A lot of organizations and institutions offer parenting programs for single parents so that they can make friends, seek practical help like shared child care, vent their emotions, and get a haven to share their parenting journey with others. You can try calling out churches, temples, or any other faith centers near your community to locate single-parent support groups. Many hospitals comprise parenting centers or family life programs that will help you to locate parenting support groups and parent-child events. Additionally, public libraries also serve as meeting places for groups where they can hold meetings and events. You can contact nearby libraries or the local YMCA if you are searching for support groups for single parents or family wellness programs. If you cannot find a local single mom support group, then will serve as an excellent online resource for parenting groups near you.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Johannesburg

Keep reading on the following resources and organizations near your area, or check out the website of the following support groups if you want to join single mom support groups in Johannesburg.

1. The Life Of A Single Mom

This is a faith-based nonprofit and national organization established so that no single mother can walk alone and deal with their life problems single-handedly. The nonprofit organization has worked with multiple churches and organizations to start single-mom groups in different cities throughout the United States and beyond. Single moms in Johannesburg can locate various programs and support groups by contacting the Life Of Single Moms. This organization provides many training materials, curriculums, podcasts, parenting books, online instructional videos, life skills education, newsletters, etc. The robust single-mom programs that the organization provides will empower you to grow financially, spiritually, parentally, and emotionally.

2. Lake Avenue Church

Lake Avenue Church offers support groups for single mothers in all stages of motherhood and relationship. Through the Lake Avenue Church family, you get a caring, safe Christian environment to share your experiences, challenges, fears, and concerns with others and enjoy fellowship. Here you get professional connection, encouragement, and education that can help you to heal and grow emotionally and spiritually while improving your parenting skills. The single mom support groups offered by Lake Avenue Church will help you to find financial and counseling resources from a presentation given by Christian professionals, opportunities to build new life skills and transitional opportunities for involvement in the Christian community. Single moms in Johannesburg looking for a Christian environment where they can grow fellowship with other single parents can contact the Lake Avenue Church.


This website facilitates more than 100,000 events every week for more than 59 million followers belonging to 190 different nations. Users can join the website free of cost. This website charges group organizers a specific monthly fee for administering the group and availing of premium features. Single-parent meet-up session has around 770,000 members and 700 groups. Single moms in Johannesburg can use the website of to develop an identity outside of parenthood and explore many different interests and self-care practices.


This website delivers access to over 220 support groups utterly free of cost. Single mothers can use their website as a social media network to meet other single moms and dads. Using this website, you can post and comment on each other‘s posts. comprises useful hotlines and helpful links for single parents interested in getting professional advice related to divorce, domestic violence, mental illness, depression, child abuse, and other day-to-day difficulties which single mothers and dads confront.

5. Parents Without Partners

PWP stands for Parents Without Partners, a nonprofit organization that provides community resources and parenting programs for single moms throughout the United States. Single moms in Johannesburg can get confidential spaces to share their struggles and personal stories with other single parents. This nonprofit organization offers a place of mutual understanding, companionship, and support. Before applying for membership, you need to attend an orientation meeting. You can search the PWP directory to contact a local chapter and learn how to join a group.

6. Onward, Single Mothers Community Forum

Through the Onward application, single moms in Johannesburg can get affordable and accessible emotional support. The Single Mother’s Community Forum or Onward helps you with your life challenges and get a safe, nonjudgmental, and theocratic space to connect with other single mothers going through similar experiences and struggles. A haven is necessary for single mothers where they can discuss financial struggles, parenting, grief, life challenges, and relationships with others and get helpful advice.


As a single mom, it is normal to feel a nagging sense that you are dealing with your battle alone and you do not have a support system. However, life can be a bit more manageable for you when you get a support group with whom you can share all your problems, joys, and sorrows. A single mom support group in Johannesburg is an excellent way to survive single parenthood. Reputable support groups or forums for single parents provide a haven to discuss everything with other single parents. Local Facebook groups are also good options for connecting with other single mothers in your area.

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