Legal Aid For Single Moms In NH

Legal Aid For Single Moms In NH

Legal issues for single moms can be daunting. Fortunately, there are various types of legal assistance available for single moms in New Hampshire. Starting from lawyer referral services and family law attorneys to legal aid offices and Bar Association programs, there are many ways in which you can obtain free legal help for single moms. Single moms can cover different legal issues like child support, child custody, visitation rights, divorce, and domestic violence without increasing their financial burden.

How New Hampshire Can Help Single Moms In Legal Matters?

Single moms facing legal issues often cannot afford the attorney fees from their pocket. Navigating the legal complexities requires the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced legal attorney. New Hampshire helps single moms in many ways by providing them with free legal help and representation. Some programs offer practical advice so that single moms can choose the right professional or service who can assist them with legal matters. The New Hampshire Bar Association provides programs in which single moms avoid free legal assistance if they are unable to afford a private attorney. The programs also include pro bono services where legal attorneys volunteer their time and effort to assist single moms at no cost.

Different Legal Aid For Single Moms In New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire is an ideal place to dwell with a significantly low percentage of residents and children living in poverty in the entire US. Despite this fact, many low-income single moms find it difficult to make ends meet. To ease the burden the state of New Hampshire offers a wide range of assistance programs for single moms who are navigating legal complexities in their lives and looking for opportunities to survive.

1. NHLA, New Hampshire Legal Assistance

Single moms in New Hampshire can avail of free legal assistance through the New Hampshire Legal Assistance. NHLA offers legal help in the following areas

  • Housing:

NHLA offers single moms in low-income communities access to equal justice in terms of housing problems like eviction, property tax dating, and foreclosure.

  • Family Law:

Single moms who are going through family issues or domestic violence like divorce, protective orders, child custody, parenting rights and so on can apply for free assistance from NHLA.

  • Public Benefits:

Single moms who are facing difficulties in receiving public benefits like unemployment or disability can contact the New Hampshire Legal Assistance to get free help.

2. 603 Legal Aid

The statewide centralized legal system in New Hampshire which helps individuals and families including single moms with free or discounted legal services is known as 603 Legal Aid. This resource was formerly known as the Legal Advice and Referral Center and the New Hampshire Bar Association Pro Bono Program. The private nonprofit law firm helps low-income single moms in New Hampshire to access free legal assistance. The free civil legal help provided by this resource is available to low-income individuals completely free.

3. Modest Means Legal Program

The Modest Means Legal Program connects low-income individuals and single moms with lawyers who can help them with legal services and solutions at a low cost. Single moms and other low-income applicants who are looking for affordable attorneys to represent them can contact the resource at (603) 715-3290.

4. New Hampshire Bar Association

This is an association of licensed attorneys working in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Bar Association has lawyer referral services including a law helpline that offers free counseling and discussion to low-income clients. The association offers free phone time once a month to ask legal questions and doubts to licensed lawyers. The site has links to legal agencies, public information pamphlets, and groups.

5. American Bar Association

The American Bar Association is a National Association of licensed lawyers who can offer free or low-cost services to single moms and other individuals. Single homes in New Hampshire can visit the official site of the American Bar Association to avail general information about how to get legal assistance or find a lawyer who can help them in legal proceedings.

6. Legal Advice and Referral Center (LARC)

Looking for free legal advice, referrals, and information in New Hampshire? The Legal Advice and Reference Centre is a good resource for low-income single moms to get help with family law, housing, and local welfare issues. They can also refer your case to pro bono, and other legal service communities and agencies from where you can get free or affordable help.


This New Hampshire resource is not only relevant to women and single moms but to all genders. You can reach out to this resource with your legal concerns or doubts regarding sexual violence, domestic violence, or any other topics covered by women’s law and get free answers through e-mail.

8. New Hampshire Free Legal Answers

This is an online resource in the state of New Hampshire that invites qualified clients to submit their civil legal questions or doubts. A licensed New Hampshire attorney will volunteer to answer your questions and doubts through email. New Hampshire Free Legal Answers is a viable route to get free advice or guidance in your case.

9. New Hampshire Law Library

This is the only law library in New Hampshire that is open to the general public. The New Hampshire Law Library has public computers to perform online legal research along with CD-ROMs, books, and microfiche materials that can be used in your legal case. It is a research library so you can use the materials to solve your doubts or problems. The library staff cannot give you any legal help or advice or do your online legal search on your behalf, however, the staff can teach you how to use the tools to get legal answers.


Single moms are eligible to receive legal assistance from the aforementioned resources. It is important to research thoroughly and apply for relevant benefits to reduce your burden and get the right assistance. Single moms can approach community organizations, faith-based groups, government agencies, and nonprofits near them to seek affordable legal help. Most of these organizations have relationships with attorneys to help single moms with all referrals that can connect them with legal professionals in New Hampshire.

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