Grants For Single Mom In West Virginia

Grants For Single Mom In West Virginia

Single moms have to carry a tremendous financial burden. Most of them cannot provide the necessities for their families on one paycheck. The critical assistance programs in West Virginia are available to needy populations like single moms that help them to achieve child well-being, family stability, and self-sufficiency.

What Benefits Do Single Mothers Get In West Virginia?

One of the most challenging things in life is needing help and being unable to locate it. Fortunately, many grants and financial assistance programs are available for single moms in West Virginia that assist them in times of their need. Financial assistance programs in West Virginia help single moms with free food, energy bills, housing costs, rent and mortgages, free healthcare, child support, and many more supportive services. Single mothers and eligible low-income households can receive monthly benefits through the SNAP and TANF programs. You need to locate financial aid for single moms in West Virginia that aligns with your needs and apply for the programs within the time frame.

Different Grants For Single Moms In West Virginia

According to studies, around 23.6% of children grow up in poor households in the Mountain State of West Virginia. Single moms head a majority of these households. This is why West Virginia has implemented the following financial aid programs that assist single moms and other low-income residents in becoming financially stable and manage their home front.

1. West Virginia WORKS

The TANF Program in West Virginia is known as WV WORKS, which offers monthly cash assistance to low-income families and single mothers. The main objective of this program is to assist needy families near the poverty level to move towards self-sufficiency and attain financial stability. Participants who receive cash benefits must complete and sign a Personal Responsibility Contract. This contract requires you to perform a plan of activities that will help you support your family and get unemployment. Participants can receive temporary cash benefits for 60 months over a lifetime. Eligible participants can also receive Medicaid and SNAP benefits.

2. SNAP, West Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The SNAP program in West Virginia assists elderly citizens, disabled individuals, and low-income families with cash assistance so that they can purchase nutritional food and eat a well balanced diet. The eligibility criteria require applicants to have income less than 130% of the federal poverty guidelines. Single mothers who want to provide a nutritionally adequate diet for their children can apply for this program. Eligible residents of West Virginia will get an EBT card which works like a debit card through which they can purchase food at participating supermarkets and grocery stores.

3. West Virginia Medicaid

The Medicaid program in West Virginia is designed especially for low-income people who have to incur substantial medical bills. The main priority is given to low-income households, people with disabilities, and older adults. The West Virginia government has expanded Medicaid services, and interested participants must have income below 133% of the federal poverty level to be eligible for this program. The West Virginia Medicaid Program covers many medical services like prescriptions, hospital services, doctor visits, nursing home care and other critical medical needs. The Medicaid Work Incentive Program is designed for disabled adults who are between the age of 16 to 65. The program requires an enrollment fee of $50 and a monthly premium based on household income. A single mother of two kids can apply for this program, provided their household income is less than $34,300.

4. CHIP, West Virginia Children’s Health Insurance Program

The CHIP program in West Virginia is designed so that uninsured children from low-income families can get health coverage. This program is provided to kids without access to health insurance policies. The program assists low-income families who do not qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford private health insurance coverage. The West Virginia CHIP program is free for highly low-income families whose earnings are less than 300% of the federal poverty guidelines. In contrast, some families who own a bit higher must pay monthly premiums to get covered under this program. Single mothers who have children under 19 years of age and cannot afford private coverage can apply for this program.

5. West Virginia Higher Education Grant

This is a need-based financial grant program designed for low-income undergraduate students who wish to attend an eligible public or private university/ college in West Virginia. The award amounts may vary depending on the financial need of the applicant and the funding available. The maximum grant award covered by the West Virginia Higher Education Grant is around $2800 per academic year. Single moms who wish to afford college but face financial difficulty can apply for this program by filing FAFSA within the deadline for priority consideration.

6. LIEAP, West Virginia Low Income Energy Assistance Program

The LIEAP program in West Virginia assists low-income earners, primarily single mothers, to offset heating costs and other utility payments. To be eligible for this program, participants must earn less than 130% of the federal poverty guidelines. Single mothers responsible for paying the heating costs in their homes and belonging to the low or highly low-income category can apply for this program and cover their home energy bills. Interested applicants are required to fill out the application form by visiting the Local Department Of Health And Human Services. Emergency LIEAP in West Virginia is available for poor households who do not have the resources and are facing the loss of heating sources. Single mothers at risk of utility cut-off can visit the local DHHR office and apply for the Emergency LIEAP Program.


Single moms and low-income households in the state of West Virginia can reduce their financial burden by applying for a lot of federal and state governments. The primary purpose of these programs and grants mentioned above is to enable women to become financially stable and support their health, education, etc. No matter whether you are looking for a college grant or to get utility bill assistance, there is likely something for you out there in West Virginia.

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