Grants For Single Mom In Maine

Grants For Single Mom In Maine

Raising children, feeding them, paying for bills, and keeping a secure and safe roof over their heads are a few challenges that single moms in Maine have to deal with all alone. Maine allows low-income families and single parents to achieve self-sufficiency and financial stability by providing various grants and financial assistance programs.

How Does Maine Support Single Mothers?

The economy of Maine has been tremendously dependent on services, while traditional industries such as paper manufacturing and paper products are declining slowly. Forestry, fishing, agriculture, and mining are also a few crucial sectors that are contributing to the growth of Maine’s economy. The state government has introduced many financial assistance programs and services through the Department of Economic and Community Development for its residents. Besides, many nonprofits, charitable institutions, and private organizations have been established which strive to enable low-income residents and single moms to stay ahead. Like any other state in America, authorities and organizations in Maine have designed programs for single moms to help them with food, rent, utility, shelter, childcare, medical, employment assistance, and other services.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Maine

Now that you know that financial assistance and support are available in the state of Maine for needy populations and struggling single mothers, you need to know the names of different grants and programs which exclusively target low-income populations and single parents. Following are the best financial aid for single moms in Maine that will help you to pay for your basic needs and reduce your financial burden.

1. TANF, Maine Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

The main objective of the Maine TANF program is to offer cash assistance to low-income families and single parents living with minor children and working families to attain self-sufficiency. Maine provides the poorest families and single-parent households of three members with the maximum financial support of $628 monthly. In addition to cash assistance, the program also offers employment support, transportation, and childcare assistance. According to Maine law, eligible families can receive TANF benefits for a maximum of 60 months in a lifetime.

2. Maine Food Supplement Program

The Food Supplement Program in Maine aims to assist low-income families, disabled individuals, single parents, and older adults to purchase adequate nutritious food and stay in good health. People who are unemployed, homeless, or on welfare can also be eligible to receive assistance under this program. To apply for the Food Supplement Program, candidates must visit the DHHS website.

3. MaineCare

MaineCare, also called Medicaid, is a popular healthcare and medical coverage for low-income families and single parents who cannot cover medical care for themselves and their families. For some medical services, candidates must co-pay for a portion of the entire cost while the program covers the remaining part. MaineCare helps eligible candidates cover many healthcare needs, such as doctor visits, mental health treatment, substance abuse disorder, emergency care, surgery, prescription drugs, etc. As the state of Maine is expanding its Medicaid programs therefore, the program also includes kids between the age of 6 to 18 years, pregnant women, and adults up to 64 years who have a family income below 138% of the federal poverty level.

4. Maine Child Care Subsidy Program

This program enables low-income eligible families to cover a part of the total child care expenses while they go to work, school, or any job training program. Single mothers and low-income families who are applying for Maine Child Care Subsidy Program are required to meet the income limits and other guidelines as established by the program. The program requires candidates to participate in work, school, or job training activities to be eligible. If you think you are eligible, you can file the Child Care Subsidy Program application from the Office of Family Independence or the Office of Child and Family Services.

5. LIHEAP, Maine Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

This program offers assistance and financial support to single mothers and other eligible low-income households so that they can pay for their home energy bills. If you’re a single mother unable to cover your winter home heating bills, then you can qualify for this program, provided your income is within 60% of the state’s area median income. To apply for this program, you can contact your nearby Community Action Agency serving your county. Maine LIHEAP mainly targets low and very low-income renters and homeowners.

6. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Single mothers from low-income families can seek housing assistance from the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. This is a federal program designed for less fortunate individuals and single parents so that they can secure an affordable and permanent home. The program will provide vouchers so that eligible candidates can pay a portion of their rent and can remain housed. To apply for this program, you must contact the Maine Housing Authority and learn about the eligibility criteria and the application process.

7. State Of Maine Grant Program

This need-based grant program offers financial support to undergraduate students of this state, including single parents who wish to continue their education despite facing a financial crisis. The first and foremost step to apply for this program is to complete the FAFSA form. This is a need-based grant; therefore, your EFC should not exceed the limit stated in the program. As funds for this program are limited, single mothers willing to continue their education are encouraged to apply early. The grant offers an award of $1500 every academic year for full-time eligible students, and if you are enrolling part-time, you will be eligible to receive a grant for a prorated amount.


The state of Maine is a friendly and safe place with lots of booming industries. Despite these, many low-income families and single moms in Maine require financial support to survive and pay for necessities. Fortunately, many assistance programs, grants, and scholarships have been designed to enable single moms to reduce their financial burden and get a helping hand to meet their daily ends. If you are looking for assistance for food, shelter, education, utilities, childcare, or medical expenses, the above mentioned grants will suit you the best.

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