Single Mom Support Groups Chicago

Single Mom Support Groups Chicago

Single motherhood comes with a lot of hurdles. The thought of sharing your life challenges and difficulties may seem to be strange for a lot of single moms; however, if you give it a chance, then you will be surprised by the sense of motivation and encouragement you get. Joining a single mom support group in Chicago is a good idea if you’re feeling overwhelmed, lonely, depressed, or anxious while navigating the waters of single motherhood.

How Can A Single Mother Support Group Help You?

Single mother support groups will be an emotional support system for you. Getting helpful advice and positive feedback about your conquests and achievements is genuinely empowering. Having a group of people who can cheer you on and listen to your problems and struggles will help to renew your patience, boost your strength, and overcome depression and anxiety. Knowing that you are not alone and some people are ready to listen to you will help you eliminate self-doubt and frustration. The experience of communicating and connecting with other single mothers in a group, learning from each other’s mistakes and experiences, will positively impact the overall well-being of your children and your own life.

Different Single Moms Support Groups In Chicago

Following is the list of single mom support groups in Chicago that will help you to get a safe and warm environment to connect with others and build a network.

1. The Parent Circle

Located in Northern Chicago, The Parent Circle seeks positive family experiences with the help of education, social interaction, and support. This support group includes play dates, family activities, as well as workshops so that families can maintain good relationships with other parents and can also establish new connections. The Parent Circle is an excellent opportunity for single-parent families in Chicago to get to know each other and socialize. The group provides sessions for parents and emphasizes adult relationships. It comprises workshops and preschool readiness seminars as well. The Parent Circle organizes babysitting co-up for its group members. The membership fee of this group may be between $18 to $35, while the babysitting co-op includes an additional fee of $5.

2. Teen Mothers

Teenage single mothers and women who are experiencing new motherhood can benefit a lot by becoming a part of this group. The Teen Mothers group is designed specifically for teen mothers. Single teen moms or pregnant ladies can join this group in Chicago to learn the resources available as a parent, including how to achieve life goals. This supportive group for teen mothers provides encouragement and support to group members.

3. Moms Offering Moms Support Club

Are you stay-at-home moms looking for motivation and support in Chicago? Single mothers working inside their homes as homemakers and mothers can get a haven to find support and connect with other single moms by joining the Moms Offering Moms Support Club. This group facilitates moms’ night outs, play dates, moms-centered events, and field trips. The group provides a fantastic opportunity for single mothers who lack a support system and wish to connect with others. The annual fees may range between $25 to $30 for an annual membership. Apart from providing a safe and warm environment for single mothers to bond, the group also discusses essential motherhood-related topics.

4. GRASP, Gathering, Reflecting As Parents

This is a nurturing place for single moms to share their experiences as a mother of a new baby between birth to 9 months. If you’re an expectant mother or a newly single mother, you can gather a wide range of information on topics that explore the emotional growth of the baby, parenthood transition, the relationship of the couple post-baby, the development of the parent-child relationship, and many more. This is a professionally guided therapeutic group that provides a supportive and relaxed environment for single moms and other women to learn and thrive. The facilities of the group help single mothers to get through challenging times and learn parenting skills.

5. Parenting Teens Wisely

This program is designed exclusively for caregivers of teens. Single parents can learn about how to react to their children in a less reactive and more balanced way so that they can create a nurturing environment at their home and can bring out the best in their teenage children or adolescents. Parenting Teens Wisely are based on DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, an evidence-based, powerful, and life-changing intervention. Every class of this program helps parents to get essential resources like handouts, checklists as well as inspiring emails.

6. Claiming the Magic of Motherhood: A Group For Moms

This is a 6th-week course that focuses on supporting single mothers. Motherhood can sometimes feel isolating and challenging; however, it is essential to win over it. The main objective of this group is to cultivate learning skills and understanding so that mothers can grow and thrive and enjoy their motherhood. During the group session, single moms can learn how to cope with parenting demands and expand their skills in making smoother relationships with their children. Not only parenting skills, you also learn about self-care techniques and how to keep yourself happy by joining this support.

7. La Leche League

This group helps single mothers succeed in breastfeeding and provides a community of support. La Leche League leaders will help single mothers to locate experienced nursing mothers at the group meeting. If you need help with breastfeeding needs, then this group will be a suitable choice for you. Pregnant and nursing mothers are encouraged to join the meeting and get support in their breastfeeding journey. You not only get an opportunity to discuss topics related to motherhood and nursing babies but also learn how to adapt to life with kids.


Chicago is home to a plethora of parenting support groups, many of them which host kid-friendly informal meetings, play dates, parenting workshops, and moms’ and even dads’ night outs. Some support groups for single mothers and fathers are accessible for free and enable child-friendly meetings, while some request membership or charge an insignificant amount to cover the production costs. While some support groups are inexpensive, some therapy groups are free.

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