Divorce Lawyers For Single Moms

Divorce Lawyers For Single Moms

Around 630,505 couples in 2020 got divorced in the United States. Divorce is an emotionally draining and time-intensive experience and often divorce proceedings last for a year. It makes sense for single mothers to hire a divorce attorney who can help them to find the right way out. Every spouse has their own needs and issues and every spouse needs a lawyer to handle their case. The type of attorney you are hiring as well as their fees may vary substantially. However, it is important to understand the important elements of divorce lawyers, their cost, and how to find them. If you are settling a divorce with your partner without going to court then also it is advisable to seek good legal advice.

How Can Divorce Lawyers Help Single Moms?

Divorce lawyers provide useful advice and legal suggestions to single moms on marriage termination, child custody, dividing assets, and options that are available to them under the law. The overall divorce proceedings are in the range between $11300 and $12900 on average in the USA. Divorce lawyers help you to navigate complex legal matters and divorce proceedings which are typically characterized by waiting periods, significant paperwork, and difficult terminology. Divorce lawyers help single mothers by protecting their rights as well as handling their child custody confidential aspects and other legal matters involved in a divorce. They will explain to you the law and legal options that are available at your disposal. Divorce attorneys will be reviewing your situation and your documents including tax returns, page check stubs, valuable information, and so on. Based on this information and the situation they will advise you and give you useful suggestions.

Divorce mediation is one of the best alternatives to going to trial. This process includes a neutral mediator who will facilitate divorce negotiation between the parties and will come to a resolution. Divorce mediation is quicker and cheaper compared to going to court. Although single moms can do divorce mediation without hiring attorneys, it is in their best interest to take legal help unless the divorce is simple. Divorce arbitration is another way to resolve disputes without going to court and can be a quicker process. This process differs from divorce mediation as both parties present their cases before an arbitrator or retired judge.

Why Should You Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

Hiring a qualified and experienced divorce lawyer is one of the best ways to get peace of mind while dealing with matrimonial cases, mutual divorce, child custody, or even contested divorce proceedings. Divorce lawyers will help you in defending your mutual divorce petition, alimony, domestic violence, dowry harassment, and many other legal matters. Hiring a divorce lawyer near you will help you to meet the lawyer whenever required and get ease of access when documents are required to be exchanged. For shortlisting the right divorce lawyer in the United States you need to look for an attorney who has the right amount of experience in handling divorce cases similar to yours and who charges a fee that is within your case budget. The cost of a divorce lawyer may differ depending on the track record, experience, attorney’s understanding, location, case type, and so on. Usually, divorce lawyers in the USA communicate with their clients in face-to-face meetings, especially in the initial process, however, many communicate through phone or e-mail.

What Benefits Do Single Mothers Expect From Divorce Lawyers?

Having a divorce can be taxing but with the assistance of the right divorce lawyer, you can navigate the complexities easily. Following are the benefits that single mothers can get by hiring an experienced divorce lawyer that will lead them toward a fair and smoother resolution.

1. Legal Experience And Expertise

Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer for single moms will make them ensure that they get professional and in-depth knowledge about their cases. Divorce laws in the US are generally complex and may differ from one state to another therefore having a complete understanding of divorce laws in your state will help you to make a better and more informed decision. Divorce attorney has extensive experience in handling divorce cases like yours therefore they will make sure your rights are well protected, you follow all the legal procedures, avoid costly mistakes and fill out the divorce paperwork correctly.

2. Less Stress

Going through a divorce process can be an emotionally and mentally stressful experience. Divorce attorneys in the USA alleviate the distress of single mothers and help them in handling the negotiation process and other legal responsibilities. When your legal aspects are handled by a trusted professional you get to focus on rebuilding your life and move forward with less stress and hassle.

3. Personalized Solutions

Not all divorce cases are the same and your divorce situation may include unique challenges like spousal support, division of assets, or child custody. Having an experienced divorce lawyer by your side will help you get customized solutions as divorce attorneys try to tailor their approach to the specific circumstances and needs of their clients, negotiate and advocate for a better and fair settlement that will ultimately be in your favor.

4. Objective Representation

Divorce cases include emotional turmoil and this can make it difficult for you to think calmly and clearly. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney in your state will be an objective representation and you can better focus on the legal aspects of your case. Divorce attorneys strive to protect the legal rights of single mothers and make them avoid costly decisions that are generally based on emotions and provide them with reliable representation and sound advice.

5. Filing Documentation And Paperwork

Detailed and accurate documentation and legal paperwork are required for affidavits and court filings. Having a divorce lawyer will help you to stay confident about filing the necessary documents. Divorce attorneys pay attention to details and this helps in minimizing potential setbacks.

6. Good Mediation And Negotiation

Divorce matters include a lot of disagreements and disputes that can be challenging to resolve. Having a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer will help you to negotiate with the opposite parties, come to a mutual agreement amicably, and solve the legal matter quickly. Divorce attorneys will present you in the mediation session, guide the discussion and help you to get a fair outcome.

Divorce Process

Single moms can start the divorce process by filing a divorce petition. This petition will be filed at the state court in the county where they are residing with their spouses. The petition includes important information related to the marriage such as the name and details of the husband and wife, details about the children, properties, child or spousal support, and child custody. If both parties agree mutually on divorce then the spouse will sign an acknowledgment of the receipt of service. However, if they refuse to sign or are difficult to locate then they need to hire professional help to deal with the paperwork. During the divorce process, spouses are not allowed to take the children out of the state, borrow against property, sell any property, sell or borrow insurance held for the other spouse, and so on. Filing a response means both the parties are agreeing mutually to divorce and the case may proceed without a court hearing. The responding spouse can disagree with the information present in the divorce petition. Both parties are required to disclose the information related to the liabilities, assets, expenses, and income. When the court enters the judgment and the divorce is settled. If there are divorce disputes which cannot be resolved then court hearings as well as the trial may be required.

How To Find A Good Divorce Lawyer For Single Moms?

Finding a reliable and experienced divorce lawyer is challenging for single moms. You can start with references from family or friends. Moreover, other professionals such as financial advisors and accountants can also give you recommendations and referrals about good divorce lawyers near you. You need to delve deep into understanding the qualification, experience, and area of specialization to get the right kind of help in your divorce or separation case. You can also research online through different attorney websites including those that specialize in family law or matrimonial law.

Organizations To Look For A Good Divorce Lawyer

There are online information portals like Lawyers.com, Avvo, and Martindale Hubbell which provide peer attorney reviews and client reviews. Association of Attorneys is another best source that focuses on family law and divorce law. Here you get to search portals, resources, and information that can educate you on divorce and legal issues. You can check these sites as well as the names of the recommended attorneys to get more information. For instance, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers emphasizes providing education and standards about family law. The organization is based in Chicago and includes professional family lawyers. Single moms can use the website of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers to search for a divorce attorney by state and city wise. Similarly, the American Bar Association’s Section Of Family Law also has plenty of members worldwide who publish articles on legal matters like divorce, child custody, and so on. You can access case analysis, divorce news from quarterly publications, and many helpful resources that can educate you on your case.

Different Ways To Find Affordable Divorce Lawyers For Single Moms

Finding low-cost or free legal assistance and advice from divorce lawyers is not an impossible task for single mothers. There are many reputable legal assistance resources and programs which aim at helping single moms belonging to the low-income category with divorce-like legal matters.

1. LSC Legal Aid

This nonprofit organization assists single moms with legal assistance and advice in different matters such as divorce and child custody. The legal services are for people living in suburban, urban, and rural areas. Not only single mothers but homeowners, veterans, farmers, families living with children, elderly citizens, and disabled people can also seek help from this organization. The free legal Aid Program offered by LSC Legal Aid not only covers divorce but a plethora of other legal matters such as Federal Housing subsidy cases, family law cases, government benefit issues, and debt management services.

2. Local Bar Association

These are organizations for lawyers who provide lawyer referral services and help single moms to find a divorce lawyer and get help in legal matters. The divorce lawyers will participate in the programs and will provide legal counseling and advice for free or at a reduced cost. The attorneys provide discounted advice meetings which last around half an hour. Local Bar Association provides free volunteer lawyer projects, free legal workshops, pro bono projects, and self-health clinics therefore you need to make sure about the programs.

3. Local Law School

Single moms can get low-cost or free legal workshops which will be a tremendous source of obtaining free legal assistance on divorce matters provided by law students. Local law schools are guided by professors so you can get in touch with your nearby law school and find out if they are willing to provide you with legal assistance for free and what are the eligibility criteria to qualify.


Navigating the complex and jargon world of divorce is daunting and overwhelming for single mothers however with the support of qualified and experienced divorce attorneys single mothers can steer their way successfully and overcome the challenging process. There are a plethora of benefits to hiring divorce lawyers from home. You can get valuable suggestions. They have legal experience and good negotiation skills. Irrespective of whether you are facing a divorce or separation and a child custody dispute consider taking the assistance of a skilled and experienced legal professional to secure an equitable and fair resolution in the court.

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