College Grants For Single Moms In Louisiana

Louisiana is known to have higher economic disparity and poverty rates compared to other states in the US, and almost half of the single-parent households are classified as poor-income communities. Raising children alone without a partner is one of the most challenging aspects of being a single mother. Many single moms quit school or college early to take care of their children or drop out due to a lack of money and time. Grants for single moms in Louisiana are an essential way to make ends meet and reduce financial pressure. Louisiana offers numerous college grants and assistance programs for single moms so that they can acquire education and improve their lives and set an excellent example for their children.

Are There College Grants And Scholarships For Single Moms In Louisiana?

Yes, single moms in Louisiana who want to pursue higher education but have limited income opportunities can apply for college grants and scholarship programs from the federal and state government to fulfill their dreams and reduce their financial pressure. The Louisianan government will consider a lot of factors to determine their eligibility for receiving the grant award. It is often difficult for single mothers to pay for their household, living, and childcare expenses and afford college fees with a limited source of income. In this type of situation, single moms’ scholarships and college grant programs in Louisiana will help them to seek financial assistance and focus on pursuing higher education and acquiring a college degree. If you are applying for these college grant programs and scholarships, write an honest and complete application without missing any requirements since missing details or filing incomplete applications will void your entire application form. Do not stop applying even if you do not receive a scholarship grant in the first application round. Persistence and patience are two important key factors in winning scholarship awards.

How To Win Single Mom College Grants And Scholarships Awards In Louisiana?

Louisiana scholarships and grants are available to low-income students and single moms nationwide. Single moms looking for Louisiana scholarships and grants can apply through the federal and state government. To receive financial assistance through Louisiana college grants and scholarships, participants must apply to the Louisiana Department of Education. The scholarship award money is provided to eligible students based on their financial needs and academic results. The program will also access the income limits of the candidates as well as their household income. The first and foremost step to receive  Louisiana college grants and scholarships is to fill out FAFSA so the federal government can assess your financial need and situation.

Different College Grants For Single Moms In Louisiana

Depending on your eligibility criteria and financial needs, you can be eligible for many grants and scholarship programs to continue your education and achieve your career goals. Following is the list of college grants and programs for single moms in Louisiana that will enable them to seek financial assistance and fulfill their dream of obtaining a college degree amid their financial difficulties.

1. Louisiana GO Grant

This need-based grant provides financial assistance to Pell-eligible single moms and students in Louisiana. This grant program offers additional aid so that students and single mothers can afford college and pursue higher education. The scholarship award of this program may vary with every academic year. However, the minimum grant amount eligible students and low-income single moms may receive is around $300. Priority consideration is given to students who can complete the entire financial aid process earliest, as the funds available for this program is limited. 

2. Federal Pell Grant

The Louisiana Federal Pell Grant program offers financial assistance and support to low-income single moms and students in Louisiana and nationwide. Eligible students will get financial assistance to cover expenses for tuition, books, board, and room. Candidates must pursue undergraduate courses and attend accredited public colleges or universities to receive grants through this program. Presently candidates can seek assistance of $6000 per academic year for a maximum 12 years. In order to qualify for this grant, they have to showcase their financial hardship that prevents them from attending college. To apply for the Pell Grant program, single moms in Louisiana must fill out the FAFSA form.

3. TOPS, Taylor Opportunity Program For Students 

This is a scholarship program in Louisiana that enables students to attend public colleges or universities in Louisiana. There are four scholarship awards for students in the form of the TOPS Performance Award, TOPS Opportunity Award, TOPS Tech Award, and TOPS Honor Award. Single mothers and low-income students can apply for this scholarship program, and on qualifying, they can receive financial assistance ranging between $400 to $800 per academic year. 

4. James Beard Foundation Scholarship 

Louisiana residents, including low-income students and single mothers who want to pursue a career in the field of culinary arts at a recognized culinary college or university in Louisiana, can apply for the James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program. If you’re a single mom and aspiring to make a career in the field of culinary, then you can fulfill your dream and support your career by receiving a grant of $5900 through this program.  

5. Louisiana Office Of Student Financial Assistance

Single moms looking for financial assistance to fund their college education should start by visiting the Office Of Student Financial Assistance or LOSFA. This state agency is dedicated to assisting single moms and students in Louisiana and providing them prestigious grants and scholarships to acquire higher education and attend self-sufficiency. The agency has also partnered with many other educational assistance programs and reached out to first-generation or low-income college students. Single moms can take a step closer to financing their education for free by availing of funding through this agency.

6. The State Matching Funds Grant

This is a need-based financial aid program that offers annual awards of up to $2000 to eligible applicants who can demonstrate excellent academic performance and financial need. Single mothers seeking financial assistance and support through grant programs can apply for the State Matching Funds Grant Program. Eligible students and single mothers must be in good standing and enroll in full-time educational courses at a recognized college or university in Louisiana.


Single moms who want to achieve higher educational degrees and return to college after taking an extended break from studies can fulfill their dream by applying for the Louisiana college grants and scholarship program. Pursuing higher college degrees with financial aid resources and grants can be an overwhelming experience for single moms and low-income students, but staying focused, competitive, and sane in your scholarship application will help you to gain success.

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