Single Mom With Special Needs Child Housing

Special needs children have different requirements about the structure of the housing. A wrong structure or layout of a house can put their lives at risk. Low-income single mothers may not have the financial resources to buy or build safe housing for their special needs children. Thankfully a lot of federal or state government and nonprofit organizations offer housing assistance programs and grants for single moms with special needs children.

How To Apply For Single Mom With Special Needs Child Housing Programs?

Many housing assistance programs and grants are available for single moms living with disabled children through private and government funding. The steps to apply for a housing assistance program for a single mom with disabled children are as follows:

Step 1: Paperwork And Documentation

The first and foremost step for applying to a single-mother housing assistance program with disabled children is gathering all the necessary paperwork and documentation before approaching any agency. This paperwork includes social security cards, birth certificates of children, driving licenses, and state-issued ID cards, if applicable. Besides,  single mothers are also instructed to prove their income source, provide details on any child support services they are currently receiving, etc.

Step 2: Check With HUD

The next step is to check with the HUD or the Department Of Housing And Urban Development to see whether you qualify for any housing assistance program. Based on your financial situation and qualification, you will receive housing grants or financial support to pay your rent on an apartment or house.

Step 3: Contact The Housing Agency

To locate single-mom housing assistance programs for special needs children, you can contact your nearby state Housing Finance Agency. The agency keeps track of safe and affordable housing programs and can help you with housing costs. Many states provide government grants or funding, so low-income families with disabled children can get a safe and comfortable home.

Step 4: Reach Out to Charities And Nonprofit Organizations

Single mothers with disabled children can contact Habitat For Humanity and other charitable institutions for safe housing assistance. Charities and nonprofit organizations will enable single mothers to build homes or get low-interest loans to purchase affordable and safe housing.

Benefits Of Housing Assistance Programs For Single Mothers With Disabled Children

Having special needs children can create many challenges for low or moderate-income families. With the price of the housing market increasing rapidly nationwide, it has become difficult for families with special needs children to obtain a safe and affordable home. The good news is that the government or local charities and many nonprofit organizations provide housing assistance programs and grants for single parents with a disabled child. These housing assistance programs and grants are income based, which means that families have to meet the income and eligibility requirements to receive the benefits of the program. These programs can assist them with paying for their mortgages, rent, purchasing a house or even with home improvements and home repairs.

Housing Grants And Programs For Single Moms With Disabled Children

Following are the programs and grants designed by the United States Department Of Housing And Urban Development and many other entities which aim to provide accessible and safe housing for single moms living with special needs children or families with disabilities:

1. Public Housing Authority

Public Housing refers to housing units owned and managed by the government so people can live rent-free. The Public Housing Authority (PHA) not only offers them housing units but also enables them to locate safe and affordable housing, seek rental assistance, make housing repairs, and even pay for their energy bills. Single mothers with a disabled child can seek housing assistance from the Public Housing Authority. Public housing Authorities are available in every state around the United States. You can contact the PHA in your state and enquire about the eligibility criteria and the application procedure.

2. Section 811 Supportive Housing For Persons With Disabilities

This program is a leading program of HUD to offer accessible, affordable, and safe housing options in different communities. The objective of Section 811 Supportive Housing For Persons With Disabilities Program is to ensure affordable and safe homes are available to low-income disabled families or single mothers with disabled children. The McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act was passed in 1997 to frame this housing grant. Single mothers can get safe and affordable housing options for their special needs children through this program. Although this grant is received through projects that offer affordable housing opportunities, the beneficiaries of these funds are special needs children who do not have a safe and secure place to live. Low-income families and single mothers with disabled children can be eligible for this program.

3. Section 8 Or Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher or Section 8 Program is available through the United States Housing And Urban Development Program. This program provides housing assistance to disabled individuals, low-income families, and elderly citizens. Children with disabilities are given safe and affordable housing assistance through this program. The Public Housing Agencies award voucher help to single mothers living with disabled children and meager-income families. Single mothers of disabled children should meet the income requirement to qualify for the program. According to this program, single parents of special needs children should earn 30% less than the area’s median income to qualify for housing vouchers. These vouchers enable low-income families and individuals to seek private rental housing. As per reports, one in every three households that receive Section 8 Voucher help is headed by a disabled person and not an elderly citizen.

4. National Housing Trust Fund

This fund offers housing grants to the state government so that they help low-income families to build and renovate their houses. This fund mainly targets low-income housing construction, rental housing maintenance, operation, and reconstruction. Single mothers with disabled children can also apply for this fund.

5. TANF, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

The state government administers this program and offers emergency financial help to needy families, pregnant women, and single mothers. Not only this program offers them shelter but also rent or mortgage bills, medical expenses, and food assistance. Single mothers with disabled children can seek assistance from the TANF program. Many states also offer child care assistance and other financial support to needy families.

6. SHG, Supportive Housing Grants  Program

HUD, or the United States Housing And Urban Development, provides Supportive Housing Grants to single mothers with disabled children. Through these grants, disabled children and single mothers can receive a safe home and other supportive services. The grant is provided through charitable groups which use the fund to provide safe and secure housing to single mothers and their disabled children. Participants who belong to a low-income family and have a special needs child will be eligible to apply for these grants.

7. Sheltered Accessory And Shared Housing Program

Maryland Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene finances shared accessories and sheltered housing opportunities through its program to enable low-income families living with elderly citizens and disabled children to get the proper housing assistance. The eligible families and individuals will be granted a loan to build a safe house for children with disabilities. Single mothers will be eligible to apply for this program provided their income does not exceed more than 80% of the area’s median income. Single mothers with disabled children can use this loan for extra help for sheltered or shared housing or to finance home modifications.

8. Good Neighbor Next Door

Good Neighbor Next Door is a federally funded housing assistance program that assists individuals in purchasing a house, provided they have a specific type of career. For instance, if you work as a teacher, lawyer, firefighter, or emergency medical technician, you can apply for this housing assistance program. This is an excellent program for single mothers whose jobs are in specialized fields and those who have special needs children in their families. Candidates have to choose a house in areas that are undergoing revitalization. The program will cover half the housing cost, provided you agree to live in the house for at least three years.

9. Handicapped Access Improvements Grant

Handicapped Access Improvement Grants offer 30,000 to low-income families living with children. The families can use the financial resources to make home improvements that are suitable for the needs and requirements of their child. The primary purpose of this housing grant is to enable low-income families to remove all the barriers that can harm their special needs children. Families who want to purchase a new home for their disabled children with this grant can also get additional financial resources and support through the Single-Family Rehab Program. This program is a type of amortized loan where applicants can get 20 years to make a loan repayment.

10. Mercy Housing

This nonprofit organization operates in different states of the United States and enables disabled people, senior citizens, and low-income families to locate safe and affordable housing. Multiple Mercy Housing communities are operating across the country and offering rental apartments and homes at affordable rates to eligible candidates. Individuals and families will be accepted into the housing program provided by this organization based on their age, income, or disability. Apart from housing assistance, they also provide youth programs, health programs, and economic planning to improve the situation of needy families and individuals. Single mothers with a disabled children can apply for housing assistance from Mercy Housing.

10. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat For Humanity has offices operating throughout the country. The primary mission of this nonprofit organization is to enable families with disabilities to fulfill their housing needs. Eligible candidates for this program will be awarded a newly built house. The housing assistance program provided by this organization is open to any individual who requires housing assistance, such as families with a disabled child and low-income individuals. Single mothers with disabled children can contact the office of Habitat For Humanity organizations near them to learn more about their programs. Candidates who get qualified for this housing assistance program have to meet the income requirements and showcase that they can afford the house once they move in.


Single mothers with special needs children in the United States may face a shortage of safe and affordable housing options. Fortunately, there are many resources and housing assistance programs for single moms with special needs children in the United States. Housing grants and assistance programs enable single mothers living with special needs children to pay for their mortgages and rent, and prevent foreclosure and house-associated bills such as energy consumption. Housing structures for disabled children must be tailored according to their needs. Many grants offer complimentary food, financial assistance, furniture, and free beds to people with disabilities.

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