Arizona College Grants For Single Moms

Arizona has the most significant number of charitable institutions and nonprofit organizations per capita in the nation, which works for the betterment of its residents. Yet, more than 5,00,000 mothers are vulnerable to poverty. Many women wish to return to school and get their careers back on track to get a worthwhile wage and provide a better standard of living for their families. However, the main hindrance to higher education and success is lower income, childcare challenges, and increasing tuition and college costs. The United States Bureau Of Labor Statistics states that higher earning potential is associated with an increased pay scale. Single mothers can continue their education and deal with their financial burden by opting for private grants, federal loans, federal and state programs, and scholarship programs given by non-profitable institutions.

How To Find College Grants For Single Moms In Arizona?

Single moms, irrespective of whether they are full-time students or part-time students, can avail a lot of financial aid opportunities to reduce their educational costs and acquire higher educational degrees. The first and foremost step to find college grants and financial aid for single moms is to research the single-parent college programs available near your location. Many schools and colleges provide exceptional services and educational opportunities to single-parent students, such as career counseling, academic advising, educational workshops, and financial aid guidance. FAFSA, or the Free Application For Federal Student Aid, is a prime source of financial aid. It is an application for various federal programs such as work-study, grants, financial aid for military families and federal student loans. Single mothers can not only avail of financial support but also get childcare assistance facilities through these programs. Many nonprofit organizations offer childcare facilities and educational opportunities to single parents.

What Are The Different Arizona College Grants For Single Moms?

Single moms who want to begin a new career journey and attain self-sufficiency by acquiring technical education and skills training can avail of many scholarship programs with the help of government bodies and nonprofit organizations in Arizona. As a single mom carrying all the responsibilities while acquiring an education can be an overwhelming process. This is the reason why these grants and programs have been designed to assist single mothers so that they can deal with their living and tuition expenses. If you’re a single mom and wish to restart your life by going back to college, the following grants and programs will help you to get started.

1. ACPE, Arizona Commission For Postsecondary Education

ACPE offers a lot of federal and state-funded grants with the help of the National Association Of State Student Grant And Aid Programs. The Arizona Commission For Post-Secondary Education Offers grant programs to enable single mothers and low-income students continue their education amid their financial difficulties. One such program is the Arizona Teacher Student Loan Program by ACPE which offers forgivable loans and financial assistance to Arizona students and enables them to study as well as teach at a public school in Arizona. This is a need-based loan, and the maximum loan that can be provided to students is $7000 for every academic year for up to three years.

2. AzLEAP, Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership

This grant offers need-based scholarship awards to Arizona students if they’re able to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria of the program. The AzLEAP grant awards an amount of $2000 to eligible Arizona students. Single mothers are also eligible to apply for this program if they can meet the financial and academic criteria. Single moms who want to be eligible for this grant should demonstrate substantial financial need and must be eligible for the Pell Grant as decided by FAFSA or the Free Application For Federal Student Aid.

3. Arizona Federal Pell Grant

Single mothers who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree while managing their household and taking care of their children can benefit from the Federal Pell grant that Arizona State University provides. Not only single mothers but low-income students are also eligible to apply for this grant, provided they can demonstrate substantial academic progress. They must also be a citizen of the United States. To receive Arizona Federal Pell grants, single mothers and low-income students must fill out FAFSA or the Free Application For Federal Student Aid and then wait for the results.

4. FSEOG, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

Single moms who are looking for college grants can benefit the most from the FSEOG grant, which is specially designed for low-income students so that they can pursue their college or bachelor’s degree while taking care of their families or managing their work commitments. Single moms who want to continue their education while providing for their families can apply for the FSEOG grant, provided they are the recipients of the Pell Grant and have applied for FAFSA. Unlike other college grants and programs, FSEOG funds are limited; therefore, only a handful of candidates can benefit from this program.

5. AWEE, Arizona Women’s Education And Employment Grants

This is one of the best college grants for single mothers in Arizona. Arizona Women’s Education And Employment is a state-funded program that is designed so that women in Arizona can ensure educational achievement and attain good employment opportunities. This program offers grants to several organizations to provide educational, training, and employment services to women residing in Arizona. The main objective of this organization is to increase job training and enable more women to acquire higher education. With the help of AWEE grants, organizations can provide good job readiness programs, internships or job placements, and educational assistance to Arizona women. The program also funds support, advocacy, research, and counseling services.

6. Women’s Scholarship Program By Arizona State University

Arizona State Universities Women’s Scholarship Program is a  financial aid program designed to enable Arizona women to continue their education and become self-sufficient. This program offers scholarships and grants for women and covers their room, board, and tuition fees. Besides, the program also offers workshops, financial resources, and mentoring sessions to enable women to succeed in school. The main objective of this program is to support and empower female students in their professional, academic as well as personal pursuits.


Raising a family as a single mom is a difficult task, precisely, if you belong to a low-income group or do not have a good source of income. Fortunately, single mothers can access a lot of grants and scholarship programs that are designed specifically for single parents and low-income students in Arizona and help them to cover their primary school, college, tuition, and other educational-related expenses.

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