Grants For Single Mom In Rhode Island

Grants For Single Mom In Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of the smallest states in America yet highly populated. Like any other state in the USA, Rhode Island also assists single moms who cannot manage their resources or afford to provide for their families, especially the children. This state has addressed the financial issue of single moms and low-income residents by designing many supportive programs, grants, scholarships, and services that act as a safety net for needy populations.

What Are The Different Financial Aid For Single Moms In Rhode Island?

Single moms living with dependent children in Rhode Island can receive a lot of assistance that helps them with cash assistance, housing, legal assistance, utility or rent payments, medical assistance, childcare support, etc. If you are a single mom in Rhode Island, then you can find a lot of local, federal, and state-based programs and grants that can help you to reduce your financial burden. The main objective of these programs and grants is to protect vulnerable families, especially single moms who are the breadwinners and cannot take care of their families.

List Of Grants For Single Moms In Rhode Island

The densely populated state of Rhode Island assists single moms in need by providing many grants and programs so that they do not struggle to offer basic day-to-day necessities to their families and children. If you’re looking for financial aid for single moms in Rhode Island, the following programs will help you to get started.

1. Rhode Island Works

The Rhode Island Works Program is designed to assist children belonging to low-income families who are below 18 years of age, as well as pregnant women who are dealing with many financial problems. The advantages associated with this financial assistance program are that it includes healthcare coverage for low-income adults, child healthcare assistance, and work readiness packages for those enrolled in the program. Single mothers enrolled in this program are expected to take part in work activities for an average of 20 to 30 hours every week. The amount of cash assistance a family can receive through this program depends on the household size and income. The main priority is given to low-income families living with children without jobs. Beneficiaries of the program can get a monthly benefit of $554 for 24 consecutive months.

2. CCAP, Rhode Island Child Care Assistance Program

The Child Care Assistance Program In Rhode Island assists eligible working families in covering their childcare expenses. This program is available to low-income families who are earning less than 175% of the federal poverty level as well as working for at least 20 hours every week. This program is of great benefit to struggling single moms who are looking for childcare assistance while they are attending work or school. Depending on your family income, size, and number of children, families may need to copay a small amount which is generally around 8% of their earnings.

3. RiteCare

Rhode Island’s version of Medicaid is known as RiteCare, which is funded both by the federal as well as state governments. This program assists low-income families seeking affordable healthcare and medical services. Eligible families qualified for the Rhode Island Works program will automatically be eligible for the Medicaid program. The Medicaid program in Rhode Island is expanding. It is now reaching out to qualified adults between the age of 19 to 64 years and having income less than 138% of the federal poverty level guideline. Therefore now, low-income parents, children, and pregnant women are also eligible to receive assistance under this program. To apply for this program, you need to contact your nearby DHS office and file an application.

4. Rhode Island SNAP

The SNAP program in Rhode Island enables eligible single mothers, couples, needy families, and children to purchase food and get nutritional meals. Single moms struggling financially and unable to provide a well balanced diet to their families can seek food assistance through this program. The eligibility criteria of this program will be influenced by many factors, mainly household size and income. Generally, families with incomes and 185% of the federal poverty level become eligible for snap benefits. The sub-program of SNAP, popularly known as the Food Access Pilot Program, enables eligible disabled, elderly, and homeless SNAP recipients to use their ebt cards to purchase meals at any participating Rhode Island restaurants.

5. Rhode Island Housing Choice Voucher Program

Rhode Island Housing manages the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, which enables qualified individuals or families to rent or lease any house of their preferred choice from participating landlords. The Section 8 Housing Choice Program offers vouchers to the elderly, disabled, single mothers, and low-income families so that they can cover a portion of their monthly rent payments. The program requires candidates to earn less than 50% of the median family income stated by the HUD. You need to contact the local housing agency in the town or city where you are residing or apply for this program online.

6. Rhode Island State Grant Program

This need-based grant program offers no payable grants to low-income students in Rhode Island, including single-mother students who can’t access higher education because of the financial crisis. Students have to demonstrate substantial financial need to be eligible for a grant of $1000. The grant amount may range between $250 and $900 based on many factors.

7. RHEHA, RoadHome Emergency Housing Assistance

This program is designed to assist low-income families residing in Rhode Island and looking for housing assistance. The program offers cash assistance as well as grants to eligible individuals and needy families who are at high risk of becoming homeless and suffering short-term housing emergencies. Eligible candidates can receive assistance through this program for up to $1200 to pay for the rent for the first month. The program also provides help to single mothers and low-income Rhode Island residents so that they can cover their security or mortgage payments. If you are seeking immediate housing assistance or facing a temporary housing crisis, then this program will be the right fit for you.


With little income and few resources, single mothers in Rhode Island have been highly vulnerable to poverty. This is the reason why the state of Rhode Island has designed a lot of support programs for them that can assist them with food, housing, childcare, medical assistance, and many more. The above mentioned grants and programs for single mothers in Rhode Island will offer you the necessary financial support to cater to your families.

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