Scholarships For Single Moms In Arizona

Scholarships For Single Moms In Arizona

Single moms who are residents of Arizona have access to a wide array of financial aid, grants, and scholarships to cover their college education costs. Raising children single-handedly is a herculean task for single moms and becoming eligible for scholarships and grants helps them to focus on their educational courses and college experience instead of stressing over their student debt. This guide will throw light on different scholarship opportunities that are available for Arizona single moms that assist them in pursuing higher educational goals.

How Does Arizona Assist Single Moms With Scholarship Programs?

The state of Arizona is known to be a hotbed of higher education and is home to top universities like Northern Arizona University of Arizona and Arizona State University. Many federal programs are designed for low-income students including single moms. The best thing about applying for scholarship programs is that you need not repay the amount and are based on your merit and financial need. Programs in Arizona are funded by government agencies, special interest organizations, private sector sources, and nonprofit organizations that run throughout the state.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms in Arizona?

Following is the list of scholarship programs for single moms in Arizona.

1. Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards

The Live Your Dream Award by the Soroptimist organization assists needy women who are the primary financial supporters of their families. The program offers assistance of up to $16,000 to eligible candidates. Live Your Dream Awards give out assistance to up to $2.8 million through education awards every year to 1700 women globally. The scholarship is open to all women who are the primary caregivers of their children and financial supporters for their families with robust finances struggling to enroll in skills training, vocational training, or an undergraduate program to qualify. The financial award will help you to offset tuition costs and other educational expenses.

2. Arizona Business And Professional Women’s Foundation Scholarships

Single moms residing in Arizona under 25 years of age or above are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. The grant award received through this program is up to $1500. Single-mom students must be new or returning students at a trade school or community college in Arizona. You can find the application on the official website of the Arizona Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. In addition, you can also contact the financial aid office of the school you are attending.

3. Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (AzLEAP)

Single-mom students living in Arizona and having a substantial financial need to pursue higher education can apply for the Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Program. To receive assistance through this program you need to be federal Pell Grant eligible. Also, single students must enroll at any accredited Arizona college or university. Applications for the program can be made through the Free Application For Federal Student Aid. The maximum financial assistance that you can receive through this program is up to $2500.

4. Arizona CPA Foundation High School Scholarship

Single moms who are high school senior students and have enrolled full-time at an accredited Arizona college or university in the fall after graduating apply for this scholarship program and receive assistance up to $500. To receive the scholarship program you need to be an accounting major you also need to prove that you are a resident of Arizona. Interested Arizona students can visit the official website of Arizona City Foundation High School Scholarship to avail more information and apply.

5. ASTA Arizona Chapter Professional Development Scholarship

The ASTA Arizona Chapter Professional Development Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for single mom students who have a minimum of two years of experience when studying in the traveling industry and wish to be a member of the AST Arizona chapter. The program will reimburse you for your cost of continuing education for the Travel Institute Educational Program. You can get more information about the program by visiting the official website of the ASTA Arizona Chapter Professional Development website. Eligible Single mom students receive 12 awards ranging between $1500 to $2500.

6. AWS John C. Lincoln Memorial Scholarship

Single-mom applicants should be residents of Arizona and must pursue a bachelor’s degree in welding, engineering technology, or welding engineering to receive the AWS John C. Lincoln Memorial scholarship provides a grant of up to $3500 to eligible applicants. Eligible candidates have to show global financial need to receive assistance under this program. You must have at least a cumulative 2.5 GPA and must attend an accredited college university in the United States.

7. Flinn Foundation Scholarships

The Flinn Foundation Scholarship in Arizona covers fees, tuition, room and board as well as two trips abroad for 20 high school seniors who are attending Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, or the University of Arizona. Single-mom students who are residents of Arizona and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 can apply for this program. You need to be in the top 5% of the graduating class with 1300 on the SAT or an ACT score of 29.

8. The Lodestar Single Parent Scholarship

A single mom who has a minimum equal share of custody and also pays around half of the child support for kids below 14 years of age qualifies for the Lodestar Single Parents Scholarship in Arizona. The eligibility criteria of the program require you to be a resident of Arizona, attend college full-time, and also demonstrate robust financial need through the application procedure. The scholarship grant award ranges between $18,000 to $26,000 per academic year for eligible candidates.


It’s hardly a secret that solo parenting can be challenging and comes with numerous responsibilities. Despite the numerous workload that comes with child reading a lot of single moms in Arizona are choosing to pursue higher education to grab better-paying job opportunities. The good news is that single moms can access numerous scholarships and grants no matter in which city or country they are living. You just need to research and complete the application process to offset the tuition bill costs.

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