Care Package For Single Mom

Care Package For Single Mom

Single mothers are one of the toughest people on earth. To show your love and appreciation you can give care packages and gifts to single mothers on any occasion. It is no secret that single mothers have a lot on their plate and they have to juggle childcare, work, and household responsibilities single-handedly. It can be difficult for them to shop especially when they are sick, let alone find time for shopping and purchasing gifts. Why not show your love and appreciation for all the struggle and hard work that they do by getting them perfect care packages and thoughtful gifts? This guide will help you to learn about unique, important, and special care packages for single moms. These gifts also form an excellent care package for your single mama friend or colleague when they fall sick with a cold or flu. Whether it is Mother’s Day, holiday, or their birthday the helpful gift options will certainly brighten up their day.

Reasons For Sending Care Package For Single Moms

Care packages are a meaningful and thoughtful way to showcase your love and appreciation for your single mama friend, neighbor, or colleague. These care packages contain unique and special gifts which make others feel loved and special. Care package gift showcases your treasure and value for the relationship that you share with your single mom friend. Sending gift hampers is a heartfelt and affectionate way to share your love and feelings with them. These packages are designed either for a particular celebration or for everyday small moments in life that must be acknowledged. The care package ideas will send your affection and love across the miles even if you cannot meet them or visit them in person. Nothing beats being together however sending care packages to single mothers who are working hard throughout their day can make them feel that they are not alone in their journey.

Care Package Ideas For Single Moms

Following is a list of some perfect care package ideas that you can give to a single mother or for yourself.

1. Healing Food Items

Certain fruits come with the goodness of healing properties and can help single mothers to fight against illness much faster. You can make a sick person feel better by sending them healing foods in your care package. Consider adding nourishing and healthy food items so that they can recover faster. For instance, you can add hot tea that has a lot of antifungal antiviral and antibacterial properties. You can also toss some fresh lemons which are rich in vitamin C. Next, you can add homemade chicken broth or soup that is packed with minerals, vitamins, and protein and is a good source of fluids. Coconut water is a refreshing and excellent way to stay hydrated when a person is sick with a fever. Honey is also rich in antioxidants and can be served with warm milk or tea. Oatmeal and bananas are excellent sources of nutrients and rich calories and can relieve diarrhea and strengthen the immune system. You can consider giving these food items in your care package.

2. Cozy Blanket, Pillows, And Fuzzy Socks

What’s the perfect care package for the sick single mom other than cozy blankets and fuzzy socks? If you know a single mama friend who is sick with flu or cold then consider giving them care packages with cozy blankets and fuzzy socks. It may also contain bath bombs, healing bracelets, and many more. These gift items will encourage single mothers to fight through tough times and will lift their spirits. Blankets and cozy socks also form a good sympathy gift and you can accompany the gift with a greeting card and pen down some words that add personal touch. A warm pillow and a blanket will give sick single mothers comfort when they decide to sleep at the end of the day. Warm blankets and pillows are a timely gift for families and friends who are going through a hard time or health problems. Blankets are a wonderful sick care package idea.

3. Recovery Gift Box Including Tea And Honey

If you’re looking to assist a single mom who requires affection and healing then you can give them a set of tea and honey to feel better. A recovery gift box containing tea and honey will give them an uplifting experience.  Also, a premium organic tea sachet with raw honey forms a good flu care package for single sick mothers and even good corporate gifts. Drinking beverages helps in integrating the mind and body and you can also accompany healthy snacks with tea and honey.

4. Comforting Meal Delivery

Nobody likes to cook when they are sick with a cold, flu, or fever. This situation is more difficult for single mothers as they have to cook food for themselves as well as their children even when she is feeling sick. Comforting meal delivery will be a good option for sick single mothers. You can send her a gift card for her preferred meal delivery service or send her a comforting meal of rolls, cookies, and soup which she can share with her children and enjoy for a few days.

5. Bath Kit

Bath supplies or kit adds a nice touch to send along as a gift and encourage single mothers to take a soothing and long bath. You can add soaps, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and loofahs into a basket and make an excellency care package for your single mama friend. If you’re living far away then you can purchase gift kits online on Amazon that will be delivered to your doorstep. Bath kits and supplies will encourage her to take time and be scared for herself when she’s not feeling well.

6. Books

While organizing a perfect care package for single mothers you can include interesting notebooks and books. This will help them to utilize their time when they are in bed. Do not forget to include pens, notebooks, and pencils in your care package. Books are also an affordable option. Listening to good stories or reading books will help single mothers to spend their time when she is feeling sick.  When their body is healing they can occupy their mind by reading good books and can refresh themselves. You can either go to the library or bookstore to get a good collection of books as per her taste or surprise her with an audiobook or digital book of her choice in the mail. You can also consider giving light reading books like short stories and magazines.

7. First Aid

You can consider adding first aid to a single mother’s care package to give her much-needed relief. For instance, you can add ointments, nasal irrigation devices, facial tissues, hot or cold packs for sore muscles, etc. The first aid items can be accompanied by a handwritten note to showcase your sick family member or friend or loved one that you care for them.

8. Assorted Nuts and Dried Fruits Snack Box

A perfect care package for single mothers can include assorted nuts and dried fruits. These fruits and nuts are nutritious and tasty treats that your sick friend will love eating. The snack box is packed with health benefits and rich nutrients. The snacks can include toasted almonds, dried pear, royal dates, raisins, and many more items. Nuts and dried fruits are delicious and healthy treats that are filled with vitamin C, minerals, and fiber, therefore a person who wants to recover faster will find this care package helpful. Dried fruits are also one of the best alternatives to fruit sweets especially if a single mom has a sweet tooth.

9. Deck Of Cards And Puzzle Books

Single mothers who are not feeling well and have to stay indoors because of migraine, sore throat or post-surgery need good entertainment options to feel refreshed. You can add a deck of cards and puzzle books which will help them to spend their ideal time. Consider adding a pack of pocket tissues and lip balm for self-care. You can add moisturizing face masks which will be handy and will help single mothers to rejuvenate their skin. Alternatively, you can also add positive printed messages in the box to encourage them and add a personalized touch to the self-care package.

10. Grooming Kit

If you know a single mom who is being hospitalized for a long time then you can add personal care products to your care package. For instance, you can add skincare sets, wash towels, and lip balms which form a good hospital care package. Grooming kits last for a long time and will help your sick single mom to take care of their body even when she’s going through a difficult time. If you’re looking to give single mothers something different then a grooming kit will be a good option for them. Hand sanitizer or liquid hand wash are good and thoughtful items that you can add to your care package for single mothers. Choose antibacterial hand sanitizers or hand wash.


Nothing can fight illness faster than a unique and loved delivery from close once. While flowers and cards have been traditional gift ideas, making a creative and unique care package for single mothers will be a more special and thoughtful gift. Care packages provide nourishment that can help single mothers feel better. No matter whether you are a single mother friend or family member who is feeling sick or if you want to give them something special on their birthdays the above-mentioned ideas will help you to get started. From soothing hot tea and honey to convenient heat-and-eat meals including sweet and savory snacks there are many things that you can add to your single mom care package ideas. If you are aware of a single mom friend or a long-distance loved one who is battling through sickness or recovering from severe illness and injury you can show them your love and care by giving themselves self-care kits.

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